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360i's SXSW BrandLand: Pre-Conference Guide


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360i's SXSW BrandLand: Pre-Conference Guide

  1. Meet the Guides Jamison Antoine Community Manager @withthecomb David Berkowitz VP of Emerging Media @dberkowitz Stevie Dove Senior Social Strategist @steviedove Layne Harris Technical Director @hellroyYour Pre-Conference Guide to SXSW Interactive 2012 Nicole HeringFor ongoing coverage, visit the SXSW BrandLand blog where 360i’s team of Social Marketing Strategistguides share their experiences in Austin and report on the learnings that are @nicoleheringmost pertinent to brand marketers. We’ll provide a filter to the madness andnavigate through the noise - so you don’t have to. Whether you are making Katie Perrythe trek to Texas or following from your home, we hope you’ll join us on Marketing Managerour journey. Visit to learn more. @katieeperry Colette Quatrine Account Supervisor @CQ_Colette Follow us at #BrandLand
  2. Austin Hot List4 trends that should be on every marketer’s SXSW 2012 radar01 Social Serendipity 02 ABCs of APIs 03 Curation Nation 04 Mobile Downsizing Previous years at SXSW It wasn’t long ago that SXSW attendees are the Who needs cash or proved to be a test case only a programmer consummate oversharers credit cards, or laptops, for applications like or hardcore techie and overconsumers. That or hotel keys, or pens, or Foursquare that allow would know what an means they’re the perfect cameras? While manyfriends to easily find each other, see API is. Now the acronym (which audience for anything that will save techies will roam Austinwhich places are popular, and get stands for “application programming time, energy, and attention resources with oversized bags, smartphonesrecommendations. New apps like interface”) is going mainstream to use social filters that narrow down are becoming powerful andSonar, Banjo and Highlight will help as just about every social service what sessions to attend, what parties pervasive enough that people willpeople discover friends of friends – gains scale by opening up its to hit, which restaurants to eat at, get to minimize what they carryusually people one hasn’t met. core functionality so that other which blogs and media sources around with them. Of course, with applications can be built on it. to read for event coverage, which everyone relying more on their personalities to follow, which photos mobile devices, battery power won’t to view, and everything else. Most keep up. information attendees access will likely by filtered by some other source first – and that source will usually be someone they know, who is directly or indirectly contributing. © 2012 360i / / #BrandLand
  3. Which type of SXSW-er are you? SXSW Interactive attracts a range of personalities that experience the festival in vastly different ways. Fall into one of these categories? Our grid below will help you navigate the week. Power Shell-shocked Geek Foodie Socialite Creative Networker OnlookerYour Bite Wahoo’s Fish Taco Uchi Lambert’s Guero’s Salt Lick Fogo de Chao Lobby Lounge at theYour Bar Stubb’s Haddington’s Driskill Hotel The Jackalope The Mohawk Four Seasons Nothing; everyoneYour Ride Karaoke bus Taxi Pedi cab Limo Your own two feet comes to you 30 miles outside AustinYour Digs Hilton Austin The W Driskill Hotel A friend’s couch Hilton Austin (you booked too late!)Your Robert Scoble NIchelle Stephens Dennis Crowley John Winsor Dave McClure Hugh ForrestLeader (@scobleizer) (@niche) (@dens) (@jtwinsor) (@davemcclure) (@hugh_w_forrest)App of Sonar FoodSpotting Pinterest Tumblr LinkedIn TwitterChoiceCan’t →→ Vote4Geeks: Why →→ Food Trucks Share →→ The View from In- →→ Transmedia Story- →→ Tech Detox: Can →→ How to Read theMiss Techies Should Run Social Media Tips side Rainn Wilson’s telling You Survive a Day WorldSessions for Office Brainstem without Technol- →→ Reprogram Your →→ Next Stage: Cin- ogy? →→ Expanding Our →→ FutureShop: Virtual Yard, Then Eat It →→ Anything You Can ematic Storytelling Intelligence without QR Stores, NFC Re- Do, I Can Do Back- and Journalism →→ Tapping into Amer- Limit ceipts & More →→ My Robotic Kitchen wards in Heels ica’s Secret Sauce: Planned This Din- →→ Psychology of Nar- Entrepreneurs →→ Making the Real →→ Big Data + Social ner Party →→ Vetting in the Age of cissism and How It World Easier to Use Graph Social Media: Who Affects Brands →→ Get Lucky: Create Do You Trust? Serendipity to Spur InnovationSh*t You “You can only get this “I know it’s not authen- “I don’t need an invite to “I wanted to hit the “Meet me in the south- “Don’t tell my boss, but ISay app if you root your tic, but I prefer my Frito the Foursquare party. Wieden keynote but I west corner of the haven’t had this much phone.” pie with goat cheese.” I’ll just text Dennis don’t do sessions before Hilton lobby 20 feet fun since college.” when I get there.” noon.” from the sofas. It’s the spot with the best WiFi reception.” © 2012 360i / / #BrandLand
  4. Your Survival Kit Beyond the everyday travel essentials, here are a few more items you’ll want to pack to make it through a week in Austin. Portable USB chargers: 3-in-1 outlet adapters: You’ll want to carry one or two pocket-sized These turn one three-prong outlet into three. When battery packs with USB sockets that can be used all available outlets are taken (and they will be), this to plug in your iPhone or Android device on the $5 gadget seems miraculous. go. Alternatively, you can get cases that double as backup batteries. Bring as much extra power as you can afford and can fit in your pockets. Reservations: Anything that will help you catch some Z’s: Schedules in Austin can be hard to predict, but pick Whether it’s a sleep mask, ear plugs, a sound a spot or two that you’re hearing ab out and make a machine, or any other sleep aid, bring what you can reservation or two so you can at least have one meal to get some quality sleep. If you try to experience that’s not from a food truck or vending machine. everything at SXSW, you will wind up clocking post- Hint: SeamlessWeb works well for a number of midnight hours that you might not have seen since Austin hot spots (though as usual, some favorites college. That means you will also want to minimize won’t be on the list). any early morning phone calls or meetings. Additional Resources: Lanyrd guide to SXSW, Plancast, SXSW Go (official mobile app), Unofficial Guide, Conference Map via Austin360© 2012 360i / / #BrandLand