The rules of marketing have changed
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The rules of marketing have changed



The rules of marketing have changed. Nobody is sitting wating for your email, direct mail, advert or phone call. So what do you do? Get found, convert, devise differentiators, stand out from the ...

The rules of marketing have changed. Nobody is sitting wating for your email, direct mail, advert or phone call. So what do you do? Get found, convert, devise differentiators, stand out from the crowd. Find a new way to market you company



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The rules of marketing have changed The rules of marketing have changed Presentation Transcript

  • Why do you need a lead generation strategy?
    - The rules have changed
    Traditional marketing, such as advertising, direct mail and telemarketing are now becoming less effective.
    Customers are becoming more sophisticated at blocking sales messages and can evaluate the products and services they need, on their own.
    Your business needs to find new ways to:
    • Get found
    • Stand out
    • Engage
    • Influence
    • Sell more
  • How do you execute a lead generation strategy?
    Step 1 –customer insight
    Get Found
    Sell More
    Social Media
    Content marketing
    Email marketing
    Mobile marketing
    Know your customers buying process
    Track responses to outbound marketing
    Analysis of user behaviour & preferences
    Deliver rich, relevant & personalised content
    Engage via Social Networks
    Integrate e-commerce
    Measure responses and track ROI
  • Monitor and report on how & where customers found your web assets to focus marketing campaign activity
    Optimize your web assets for SEO via key terms used by your target audience
    Step 2 – get found with SEO
  • Step 3 – build your social profile
    Social media is an extremely powerful web selling tool - just as long as you don’t use it to sell.
    Your prospects use media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with one another. They want to have conversations about the things they’re professionally interested in.
    You need to be part of those conversations. We make it happen
    So when your prospects are interested in buying products or services from your industry, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds. You’ll be a trusted, approachable and well-respected resource they already have a relationship with.
    So they’re much more likely to come to you.
  • Step 3 – build your social profile
    Social Media
  • Step 4 – create remarkable content
    If you say remarkable things, people will make remarks about you.
    You’ll become well known.
    And in a crowded marketplace, that’s a good thing to be.
    We’ll create blogs for you that your prospects will talk about – because we’ll address the issues they’re most worried about.
    Blog posts, emails, web landing pages, press releases, white papers, hints and tips, how-to guides, stories, pictures, video, audio, comments, chat, webinars, PowerPoint slides, cartoons, competitions, photos……and more.
  • Automatically connect with external channels & feeds; RSS, Twitter, FB & You Tube etc.
    Create & manage blogs for each product/campaign to drive Content Marketing strategies into social & web channels
    Connect your content to your audience
  • Step 5 – personalise
    The more you know about your prospects, the more you can match your offerings to their personal interests, concerns and buying cycles. That in turn means more sales.
    With powerful data gathering and crunching, you can be very precise about this. 360 Connect enables you to track which page on your website initially attracted your prospect; which pages they visited subsequently; how long they spent on your site; and whether they returned.
    They respond to your offer by visiting a landing page – again, personalised to their interests.
    That’s why conversion rates are very high. It’s a hugely effective means of marketing – and it delivers trackable ROI.
  • Personalised promotions
  • Personalised promotions
  • Step 6 – integrate everything
    One of the biggest and most expensive problems in sales and marketing is information silos. 360 Connect eliminates them all.
    Instead, multi-channel lead generation and lead nurturing mean that every lead is followed up in the most suitable way.
    Email campaigns are tracked using user open and click receipts, so we know exactly when the prospect read your offer.
    We combine this with data from personalised landing pages. If they visited, yet didn’t buy, we can find out the reason using telemarketing.
    Our highly experienced telemarketers qualify interest and can either close the sale, pass it back to your sales team, or nurture the contact using email, callbacks and social media.
  • Automatically connect with external channels & feeds; RSS, Twitter, FB & You Tube and feed into 360 Connect.
    Create & manage tailored, campaign-driven landing pages/Microsites to capture & track activity & interest from marketing effort
    Integrate web and social media
  • Email user open & click receipts are tracked and alert 360 telemarketers to call for lead generation or drives sales
    Integrate email & telemarketing
  • Analyse traffic from 1st visit to win to prove marketing ROI, so that you can spend your marketing £’s wisely
    Monitor how customers find you, where they came from and what they viewed
    Insight into your competitor’s web success, so you know what they are doing well
    Step 7 – Real-time analytics - ROI
  • Step 7 – Real-time analytics - ROI
    A key advantage of 360 Connect is that you can prove it works.
    Many marketing platforms are ‘hit and hope’. You devise a campaign... throw money at it... and hope customers come running.
    But 360 Connect uses powerful real-time analytics to continually analyse results. As your campaign develops, it crunches more and more data. That means you can continually fine-tune every element, from an email’s opening offer, to a landing page’s conversion rate.
    If something’s not working, you can fix it – fast.
    And if one element consistently pulls sales, you can immediately roll it out to other areas.
    Are your conversations on LinkedIn attracting people to your site? You can show exactly which threads attract prospects – and set up similar questions.
  • Why work with 360?
    Sell more to more people more often – for both direct and in-direct markets.
    We wrap our multi-channel marketing services around our 360 Connect platform to deliver unrivalled return on your marketing investment.
    This offers you:
    • Joined up thinking not disparate, disconnected marketing and buying processes that are expensive to manage and offer less scope for return.
    • A truly integrated and automated marketing and sales process within a single multi-channel marketing strategy
    • Maximising the opportunity from online marketing – SEO/PPC/Social/Email with Integrated Marketing campaign management and telemarketing
  • Some of our clients