Secrets to lasting change
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Secrets to lasting change



Secrets to lasting change by M.J Ryan

Secrets to lasting change by M.J Ryan



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Secrets to lasting change Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution: The Secrets to Lasting Change M.J. Ryan Presents
  • 2. It’s not you, it’s your brain Why is Change So Hard?
  • 3. Your Two Brains Thinking Brain: Neocortex Feeling Brain: Limbic System
  • 4. Your brain is wired to do what you are already doing. NeoCortex How did I get here?
  • 5. Creating New Pathways The brain cells that fire together wire together so you’ve got to PRACTICE--a lot!
  • 6. Your Emotional Brain The mammalian brain only tracks safety/danger, pain/pleasure. Is this fun? Is this easy?
  • 7. Focus People!
    • Pick 1 thing
    • Start small so you can experience success
  • 8. D.I.P. for Change
    • Desire:
    • I WANT to do it.
    • Intent:
    • I am going to do it NO MATTER WHAT.
    • Persistence:
    • I am going to keep on doing it.
  • 9. Create a SMART Goal
    • Time-Bound
    • Relevant
    • Achievable
    • Measurable
    • Specific
  • 10. What’s your feeling reason for this change? Remember the Bunny
  • 11. Keeping Your Promise to Yourself Create a reminder system. You WILL forget! Don’t turn goof ups into give ups. Strive for persistence, not perfection.
  • 12. Getting Support The question is not do you need support, but what kind of support do you need? Announce what you are working on and ask others to look for it.
  • 13. It IS going to feel awkward, weird or uncomfortable at first! When You Try Something
  • 14. Think Like a Baby Track Success, Discard Failure
  • 15. Success = Practice - Interference ITI- Isn’t That Interesting Success Formula
  • 16.  When Off Course, Apply the 4As Assess Adjust Act quickly Admire yourself for restarting
  • 17. Look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go. Learn from Athletes
  • 18. Celebrate Success!