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On demand web services for users of Munich´s public transport system
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On demand web services for users of Munich´s public transport system

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Mobility is a vital part of human life. Mobility needs apparent in different ways by e.g. individual traffic, local public means of transport, or mixed systems like going by train combined with......

Mobility is a vital part of human life. Mobility needs apparent in different ways by e.g. individual traffic, local public means of transport, or mixed systems like going by train combined with  bike- or car-sharing.
Individual traffic in particular causes major environment problems and problems of traffic congestion especially in urban areas. Strengthening public transport is often favored, but this preference is not reflected in the number of local transport users. There is space for more effectiveness!

This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that a central problem involved in local public transport usage is its complexity. The need is to improve the amount of real time information and to transform it into a accessibly on demand service.

Chris Bleuel presents solutions and strategies including real time information and ticketing for a mobile support system of Munich‘s local public transport system. The presentation shows transfer solutions between public static information and personalised and on demand information.

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  • 1. MVG / MobileWeb Chris Bleuel / Fuen erken Design AG IIID Traffic & Transport Expert Form 2010 / Fuen erken Design AG
  • 2. MVG and Fuenfwerken Since its foundation 10 years ago, fuen erken has supported and accompanied the "Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft"more than succesfully. We are now going to show you current highlights of our collaboration which helped the MVG to get ready and prepare for the digital age. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 3. Traffic & Transport, Information and Mobile Devices The transfer of public static information into an personalised on demand service is a challenge. User behaviour is changing fast and is becoming more and more complex. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 4. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 5. Elements of User Experience The complexity of design problems requires communities rather than individuals to address, frame, and solve them. Gerhard Fisher– keynote OZCHI 2004 Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb 29
  • 6. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 7. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 8. Online Strategy User Experience is a focus, a thread that runs through all of our disciplines, and which no discipline owns or controls. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 9. Project Management concrete design technological content production implementation abstract design technology content stratey strategy site strategy User Research Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 10. Project Management Visual Designer concrete design Developer Content Provider technological content production implementation Information Architect abstract design Content Strategist technology content stratey strategy Business Strategist Brand Strategist site strategy User Research Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 11. Prozess Process Strategie entwickeln Analyse Grobkonzept Zeit- und Usability Usability repetitive Budgetmanagement & for für and carriers User & Feinkonzept Qualitätssicherung users Betreiber Testing & Visuelle Optimierung Umsetzung Technische Umsetzung Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 12. One Brand - One Experience User experiences are your everyday experiences - daily contact with the MVG surrounds all aspects of identification and acceptance. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb 53
  • 13. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 14. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 15. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 16. Navigation Form must play within the general realm of the familiar for easily understood functions.” Thomas Vander Wal Principal, InfoCloud Solutions Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb 18 56
  • 17. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 18. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 19. Content 95% of web users do not read 80% of the content! Nick Finck & Raina Van Cleave / SXSW Interactive 2010 This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t important, it means it’s more Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb 21
  • 20. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 21. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 22. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 23. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 24. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 25. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 26. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 27. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 28. Personalised and On Demand Information
  • 29. Standardised principle for all MVG Services & Content – “Shelf System” Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 30. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 31. The Guiding Principles _ Independent MVG services for all target groups users of mobile devices _ Integration of existing platforms and services (MVG Live, Zoom, etc) _ Optimisation for mobile devices Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 32. Strategy 1. First time provision of all MVG Services for different mobile devices 2. Different User Context: Independent Information and Location Based Services 3. Consolidation of all location based informationen (MVG Live, Zoom, Connections and Routes, Surrounding Area) 4. Integration of external services (Airport, DB, Content, ...) 5. Add-on options via “Shelf-System” Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 33. MVG Verbindungen Abfahrtszeiten Kosten Störungen Navigation Personalisierung Text stationär mobil
  • 34. MVG Onlineservices MVG Mobil MVG live MVG Kundenportal MVG Zoom Endgerät MVG mobile Onlineservices / Haltestelle Text MVG mobile Onlineservices / standortunabhängig MVG MVG live von Verbindungen nach Tickets Linien Linien Dashboard Umgebungsplan Endgerät MVG Services MVG Services Die Information können durch abfotografieren des QR-Codes an der Haltestelle abgefragt werden
  • 35. Independent Information Access is for Everyone Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 36. Brand Area Route Shelf System Dashboard
  • 37. Location Based Services Learn from Failure Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 38. Brand Area Station Shelf System Text Dashboard
  • 39. Further Interface Connections Understand the Goal Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 40. Brand Area Station Shelf System Text Related Interfaces Dashboard
  • 41. Text
  • 42. =http://img.informer.com/icons/png/ qr-code-editor.software.informer.com/ TFXfE=&h=32&w=32&sz=1&hl=de&start=32&zoom ui1wLAM:&tbnh=32&tbnw=32&prev=/images%3Fq %3D20%26um%3D1%26hl%3Dde%26client 3Dorg.mozilla:de:official%26ndsp%3D20%26tbs Text
  • 43. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 44. Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 45. Main Functions _ Routeing _ Location Based Informations _ On Demand Services _ Next Interface Connections _ Obstruction Of Traffic _ Maps _ Ticketing _ MVG Marketing Activities Fuen erken / MVG MobileWeb
  • 46. Thank You!
  • 47. Chris Bleuel Head of Fuenfwerken Interactive Fuenfwerken Design AG Gartenstrasse 3 fuenfwerken.com D-10115 Berlin fuenfwerken.com/lab T +49 30 28 30 91 -0 | F -55 Twitter: 33ff00 chris.bleuel@fuenfweken.com Facebook: chris.bleuel © 2010 Fuenfwerken Design AG. Alle Rechte vorbehalten Alle Inhalte dieses Dokumentes sind urheberrechtlich bzw. durch Gesetzte zum Schutz geistigen Eigentums sowie die Vorgaben internationaler Abkommen geschützt.