Mystery Jets- Young Love.


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Mystery Jets- Young Love.

  1. 1. The Mystery Jets- <br />Young Love.<br />
  2. 2. Before the music even begins, we are shown the title of the song being brushed away by a man in a white coat. This is shot from above so that we are able to read the words and to add more mystery to the what is happening- we have to identify that this is a man sweeping the floor. This shot also establishes what we are to expect from the video and suggests that this man brushing up will appear throughout the video. This video fits in with that in which we wish to create in the sense that it is of the indie genre and is rather abstract. <br />
  3. 3. We see a a clip of a single man walking across the frame- seemingly setting up equipment for the band. This clip establishes the scene as being shot from above, as otherwise we may not appreciate what is happening as later the band lay on the floor and so they may look as if they are being filmed straight on. The band then glide in from the bottom of the screen one-by-one. This shows us that they are being swept along by men with brushes, just as the title was brushed across the screen. The bands are playing their instruments and there are amplifiers dotted around. This is typical of a video in an indie genre. <br />
  4. 4. All the band members appear on the screen separately. This introduces us to them all so that we feel we become more attached to them. They are all filmed with their instruments in order to portray the sense that this is an indie video. There are also men in white coats and masks in some of the clips. They appear to be holding the instruments in place (e.g. The drums.) This gives the band members the sense of free spirit as they are able to float around at will, being brushed up and down by the men in white coats.<br />
  5. 5. The men in white coats are constantly present throughout the video. In these clips they are seen removing the guitarist’s instrument, before the guitarist is seen flapping his arms. This signifies freedom as it is a bird-like movement. The lyrics are then written on the screen for us<br />to see. The lyrics do not link in with the actor’s movements but the lyrics being on the screen helps us to focus on what the song is about. The words and the band’s clothes are very colourful- reflective of an indie genre video. During the time in which the guitarist is seen alongside the lyrics, the other band members slide in an out of the screen from the side. This ensures that we are focused on all of the members, in a quirky and different way.<br />
  6. 6. The stills above are from the clips in which one band member acts out the lyrics using his hands. For example, when the lyrics say “Is that you on the train?” the band member uses his hands to act out a train going along a trap. At another time the lyrics say “You wrote you’re number on my hand but it came off in the rain.” At this point the band member acts out a number being written on his hand and then pretends his fingers are water washing it away. This emphasizes the lyrics and reinforces the desired meaning. <br />
  7. 7. The above stills are from clips of the band sliding up and down coloured stripes. The clips are very colourful. This is typical of a video of an indie genre, as colour is often used in these sorts of videos, making it bright and playful. The band are pictured jumping, pretending to pull themselves up and dancing. This shows a childish nature to the band and helps the audience to have a positive attitude towards them.<br />
  8. 8. We are then introduced to the other artist featuring in the song. The shots are shot from above, in an aerial view and so are in keeping with the rest of the video. She appears to be laying on a bed made of grass and is wearing a t-shirt saying “reproduced.” We could suggest that this is a statement about modern music and reconstituted bands. The grass bed and the pillows are modern and out of the ordinary- in fitting with the indie genre. The artist’s name is written around her. This means that the audience are aware of who she is and can research her in the future. <br />