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Filming Day One Ppt

  1. 1. Filming- Day One. On Sunday the 18th of October, our group and our actors met up at Tooting Broadway station at 12:30pm. On our way to the station, Peter and I found a Cafe that we believed to be perfect for our filming, so we planned to revisit this establishment later. However, when we reached the cafe, due to it being a Sunday, it was closed. We also did not have a pig mask to hand as we were unable to get hold of one. This means that the scenes that we could film were limited. We filmed shots of the actress walking down the street, the bus going passed her, and her being evicted from her house. We also filmed the cheating scenes and the clips of glass and pottery shattering. In order to overcome this we planned to film on Tuesday the 20th of October, but it rained and so we would have had problems with extraneous variables. We have now chosen to continue filming on Friday the 23rd of October, at 3:05, meeting at Welham road, Tooting. I took photographs of our location and filming throughout Sunday the 18th.
  2. 2. Peter posing in front of the wall we are planing to use for the "I wish" signs. We later had a discussion about this wall would be suitable due to the grates dotted over it. We plan to find a wall without grates, so that it does not detract from our video. We have made the “I WISH” signs, using cardboard and marker pen.
  3. 3. These three shots represent the bus scene we are hoping to create. We want a shot of the bus going straight passed as the main actress hails it. We plan on doing this by hailing a bus and a bus stop that it is not designated to stop at.
  4. 4. The landlord scene. The plastic bag was used as a prop- to represent the actress’ possessions being placed outside her residence. We used a tripod in order to ensure the clips were steady. We are in the process of producing an eviction notice.
  5. 5. James Rath as the landlord. He is wearing a mouse mask. This represents the lack of bravery seen in his character in the video.
  6. 6. The masks. We made the masks by printing a layout off the internet, using colouring pencils to enhance the colour, and using elastic string to fasten them around the actors’ heads.
  7. 7. The cheating scenes. We filmed from both sides of the door separately, to enable us to edit effectively so that it looks as if the actor is closing the door.