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Mobile Monday Amsterdam - business model canvas
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Mobile Monday Amsterdam - business model canvas


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Prachtig om het business canvas toegepast te zien op een event waar ik vaak kom, klasse en keep up the good work, MoMo!
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  • 1. business model canvas
  • 2. What is Mobile Monday Amsterdam
  • 3. CC - @jeeem -
  • 4. “A bi-montly event in Amsterdam that connects and inspires pioneers in the mobile industry.”
  • 5.
  • 6. about /me Chairman / Mobile Monday Amsterdam Co-founder / 31Volts [service design] @marcfonteijn
  • 7. Mobile Monday Amsterdam raises some eyebrows
  • 8. we have world class speakers but the entrance is free
  • 9. why does our business model work and how can it be improved
  • 10. in order to figure that out, I sketched the model on a canvas* * the awesome Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder
  • 11. what started with...
  • 12. resulted in...
  • 13. let’s walk through the business model components
  • 14. Mobile Monday Amsterdam business model canvas overview
  • 15. Customers (1) “mobile” inspiration that is worth sharing & the audience meeting other mobile pioneers
  • 16. Customers (2) we can’t offer money so we offer “Amsterdam” the speakers
  • 17. Customers (3) creating brand awareness for sponsors the sponsors through all the communication channels
  • 18. Key activities organizing a great event is the one and event organization only activity of Mobile Monday Amsterdam
  • 19. Key resources a team that can organize, a lot of vollunteers that help in one way or the other and the Mobile Monday Amsterdam team, social capital & brand brand which has become a label of approval
  • 20. Customer relationships you get a Mobile Monday Amsterdam “membership card” by joining the event at
  • 21. Channels the live event and social media are the event & social media most important channels to reach the audience
  • 22. Partners anyone that helps our content media reach a broader audience
  • 23. Revenue stream sponsorship in hard cash & cash & resources through resources
  • 24. Cost structure getting the speakers to Amsterdam, giving them food & flights, hotels & venue shelter, making sure we have a place to host the event
  • 25. the magic ingredient in this model is passion
  • 26. social capital is the oil that makes the engine run
  • 27. but it’s a pretty traditional “attention triangle” business model
  • 28. you need all 3 “customers” to make the model work
  • 29. how could we innovate
  • 30. some scenarios
  • 31. ? 1. translate key resources eg. affiliate the brand with other activities or in new value propositions use the organization skills for other events
  • 32. 2. make the customer a model where people buy-in to be part of a relationship bi-directional community that creates something special
  • 33. ? 3. monetize current keeping the entrence to the event free at all times, customers new ways merchandising is an example
  • 34. Share your ideas! what are examples of other “attention triangle” models that succesfully innovated their model?
  • 35. download the model at
  • 36. get in touch @marcfonteijn /