Twit Bots made in Japan
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Twit Bots made in Japan



About TwitBots made by Japanese people.

About TwitBots made by Japanese people.

Presented at #TwittBkk2 on 7/Feb/2009 at Bug & Bee on Silom.



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Twit Bots made in Japan Twit Bots made in Japan Presentation Transcript

  • 和製ボット TwitBots made in JAPAN #TwittBkk2: FailWhale Meeting at Bug & Bee on 7 Feb 2009 by @31o5
  • There are many TwitBots.
  • but today I want to introduce some TwitBots made by Japanese. View slide
  • Because I am a Japanse, and many of Japanese technical people are sometimes away from rest of the world because of the language :( View slide
  • and also it's very difficult to get involved in Japanese market if you are non-Japanese. i just want to connect the world kha :)
  • OK... let me start :)
  • Many of Japanese words have た(TA) the end of the words.
  • For example... 食べた(tabe-TA) = eaten 作った(tsuku-TTA) = made 髪切った(kami ki-TTA) = had hair cut 起きた(oki-TA) = woke up
  • so it's easy to make @something-tter
  • @harahetter @harahetters はらへったー(harahetter) = hungry idea by @yukio_andoh made by @motonagajiro
  • @harahetter @harahetters When you feel hungry or when you eat something, reply @harahetter, then people following @harahetters receive the updates. @harahetters makes me more hungry though...
  • OK, you were hungry, but now you've eaten.
  • @tabetter 食べた(tabeta) = i ate To keep record what you eat.
  • @tabetter @tabetter pickups follower's tweet about meal and reply back quot;enjoy it :)quot; to the follower. someone made this to keep his meal record.
  • @kamikitter 髪切った(kamikitta)? = did you have haircut? This is favorite phrase of TAMORI (famous presenter of TV show called quot;Waratte-Iitomoquot;), he says this everyday (actually 5 days a week)
  • seems it pick up people to @ randomly. it's been upgraded these days. @kamikitter speaks more like real TAMORI. You can see the code at the URL.
  • @wakatter わかった(wakatta) = I understand Picking up follower's tweets and reply back as quot;You say xxxx, I do understandquot;.
  • @tsukutter 作った(tsukutta) = I made it! made by @ina_ani
  • When you made something, tweet to @tsukutter. Use this to make your products popular :)
  • There must be more xxx-tter... but for now, let's move to the next
  • You can use TwitBot to promote your webservices/websites, and it's great if it's useful for users :)
  • Many news websites automatically tweet updated news, many people send blog updates to twitter.
  • But it's still ONE-WAY.
  • It's better if you can get data via twitter. or share the data with others.
  • @tabebot 食べる(taberu) = eat by is a social website about restaurant. @tabebot helps you to find where/what to eat.
  • tweet @tabebot AREA+Category
  • @tabebot will suggest where to eat, also give you the url of the restaurant information (which is on their website).
  • Restaurant information page is very ifnormative.
  • @pricedown @pricedown let you know when the price gets down on You can register products on http://ckworks. jp/amatomo/
  • also gives you url :)
  • @moku2 もくもく会(MOKMOK-KAI) = study meeting by @pha
  • When you hold MOKMOK-KAI, you can update the MOKMOK Calendar.
  • @moku2 tweets today's MOKMOK-KAI information. Actually I have setup MOKMOK- KAI sometimes in bangkok :)
  • There are some TwitBots just for fun :p
  • @doppelkun @doppelkun = doppelganger by @pha and @mirakui
  • @doppelkun Every night, 0:00 in Tokyo time, @doppelkun become a doppelganger of someone who follows @doppelkun.
  • When the one who got @doppelkun tweets...
  • @doppelkun re-tweets the one's tweets for 24 hours.
  • @fuba_recorder ask @fuba_recorder to record TV program you want to watch. it goes to search the list of TV program and record the program on HD Recorder.
  • @fuba_recorder will let you know that the program is recorded.
  • @fuba_recorder BUT...
  • @fuba_recorder The one who watch the recorded TV show is @fuba not you :p
  • Programing LANGUAGE is a LANGUAGE, many of programmers loves natural languages as well.
  • So they like to play with text data.
  • @shisya00 死者(shisya) = the dead by @pha text source : news
  • Actor. 5/Feb, brain tumor. 76 years old. @shisya00 tweets information about someone's death, but without the name.
  • @asshuku 圧縮(asshuku) = Compression 新聞(shinbun) = newspaper by @pha text source : news
  • @asshuku Decompose news of the day into words, then pickup some words and connect based on Markov chain methods.
  • So you can know the news of the day in one sentence, it includes keywords of the day. sometimes (or most of the times) it's a mess, but fun :)
  • Markov chain?
  • well....
  • I can't explain well...orz
  • help me, Wikipedia! In mathematics, a Markov chain, named after Andrey Markov, is a stochastic process with the Markov property. Having the Markov property means that, given the present state , future states are independent of the past states. In other words, the description of the present state fully captures all the information that could influence the future evolution of the process. Future states will be reached through a probabilistic process instead of a deterministic one. At each step the system may change its state from the current state to another state, or remain in the same state, according to a certain probability distribution. The changes of state are called transitions, and the probabilities associated with various state-changes are called transition probabilities. An example of a Markov chain is a simple random walk where the state space is a set of vertices of a graph and the transition steps involve moving to any of the neighbors of the current vertex with equal probability (regardless of the history of the walk).
  • well... there are some more using Malkov chain...
  • @kyoujin 狂人(kyoujin) = crazy man by @negipo text source : blog
  • @kyoujin Decompose entries of kyoujin's blkog (http://polog. org) into words, then pickup some words, connect and make a sentence based on Markov chain methods.
  • @kyoujin tweets every one hour. it's kind of cute :)
  • @yumeno 夢野久作(Kyusaku Yumeno) = a famous writer by @negipo text source : novel 『少女地獄(hell of girls)』
  • @yumeno Decompose Yumeno's novel called quot;少女地獄 (hell of girls)quot; into words, then pickup some words, connect and make a sentence based on Markov chain methods.
  • same as @kyoujin, but @yumeno's original source is kind of crazy novel, so @yumeno tweets are more crazier :D fun.
  • well... these depend on Japanese language too much...
  • let me introduce a very simple Twitbot for twitter addicts.
  • @jihou 時報(jihou) = time tone by @msng
  • just to tell the time. Twitter addicts read twitter timeline more than clock. quot;It's 23:00 nowquot;
  • Are you addicted?
  • maybe i am....
  • Anyway, let's tweet :D
  • Khoop khun kha :D arigatou gozai mashita.