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  • G24 advanced portfolio 2

    1. 1. G24 Advanced Portfolio<br />Evaluation<br />‘Babies Having Babies’<br />By Chanel Akinwande<br />
    2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />
    3. 3.
    4. 4. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?<br />Script for the voiceover<br />Our main task was a reality based documentary which combined with the radio trailer and newspaper ad I created. The combination of my task came together effectively this was through the consistency and the reality of the subject matter. Our subject matter was teenage pregnancy which we aim to maintain throughout our task. On my ancillary task newspaper ad, it connate teenage pregnancy; as a pregnant young girl is looking at the mirror staring in to her image. I felt like this would be effective as it shows the reality of teenage pregnancy and what they could potentially experience. Our main task was a documentary about how society views teenage pregnancy, its shows real life pregnant teenager sharing her experience . This allows the viewers to also share part of the pregnant teen experience. Our documentary  and ancillary task dramatise the issue of teenage pregnancy, these are issues complex modern societies deal with. We wanted to raise awareness of these teenage pregnancy by creating a visual document, which is similar to Grierson's (media theorists) theories..<br />We used the pregnant teenager from the newspaper ad in the documentary, we felt this would be effective as the image is of a young girl, who is obviously pregnant and is not happy, i believe the newspaper ad is sympathetic, and i believe the audience would want to know her story, Which is told in the documentary. On the newspaper ad, radio trailer and documentary they talk about what the documentary aims to find out, how society views teenage pregnancy. The radio trailer mentions the question, it is written on the newspaper and some of the interviews answer the question, this was done to inform the audience what the documentary was about. The documentary clips was all based around it expected surroundings, for example pregnancy teen advisor was based in her office is shows this documentary is not staged that is real, this also happens in the newspaper ad, it is in the teenager room which is visible<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTDoA2hMvOI<br />
    5. 5. What have you learned from your audience feedback?<br />
    6. 6. Planning /Photoshop <br />We first began our ideas on paper, then we transferred our them onto Microsoft Word – a word processing software that allows the construction and distribution of printable material. Then we started to research about documentaries and teenage pregnancy, we gathered some information and made a presentation. I then placed it on blogger.<br />Photoshop was the software used to edit my Newspaper advertisement. With Photoshop i created many layers to out together the final newspaper ad. I used Photoshop is alter the lightening, adjust to black and white, add important details and crop the image. Photoshop enabled me to dramatise my image for it to have an effective effect.<br />
    7. 7. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?<br />IMac<br />I used apple Mac when constructing and editing my documentary, radio trailer and part of my evaluation. <br /> Apple Macs are industry standard computers which work incredibly fast.<br />
    8. 8. Final cut pro<br />Final cut pro was the actual software I used to edit our documentary and my radio trailer. Final cut pro enabled me to log and capture our footage, cut and paste clips to my timeline, move the clips around to their appropriate place, add video transitions to produce a professional documentary and add audio. Final cut pro is again industry standard software which is used by film makers and professional editors.<br />
    9. 9. Equipment <br />Tripod - The use of a tripod is very essential as when filming there needs to be a stable/steady balance and also helpful in achieving precise framing of the image or when more than one image is being made of the same scene.  <br />PD170 Video camera – We used a PD170, it produces high quality sound and also produces video to a high definition standard.<br />Tie and Clip Microphone - The tie clip microphone is ideal for hands-free or discreet recording. This was always used in our interviews<br />Headphones - Headphones was used to pick up the sound within the scenes but with more detail than what the video camera picks up. This ensured us that our sound was good enough to be used in the documentary.<br />Paglight - Paglight is used to brighten the surrounding in when a scene is too dark.<br />XLR Cable - XLR plugs and sockets was used mostly in recording interviews.<br />
    10. 10. Online websites<br />Almost 70% of youths use Facebook, in order to reach our target audience part of our we decided to create a Facebook page. The Facebook page told our viewers what our documentary is about and when it will be aired.However our Facebook page is only limited to people who have Facebook, so we changed the settings and made it available to non- Facebook users and Facebook users.<br />We used internet explorer to conduct all our research about documentaries in general , our specific subject matter and research in our target audience. <br />Blogger allows us to create a blog. Our blog was used to put up our pre production work, documentary, and our ancillary task. Blogger was also used as a electronic survey, we used a gadget called a poll to get viewers to answer our pre-production questions. <br />We used YouTube to upload our documentary and part of my ancillary task. We believed YouTube is a great site to reach our target audience 16 – 34, as they are more likely to be very technologically literate at using such technologies as YouTube. <br />