Minutes 3rd district 308-a2 cab mtg 06 mar2010 [1]


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Minutes 3rd district 308-a2 cab mtg 06 mar2010 [1]

  1. 1. Minutes of the 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting for FY 2009-2010 Held on the 6th March 2010 at 2:00pm at Star City Convention & Event Centre, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu Present: 1 DG Karen Koh Eng Yan 21 ZC William Saw Khay Beng 2 IPDG Sim Boon Chuan 22 DC Shirley Pang 3 1st VDG Augustine Ngu 23 DC Paul Chiu Hung Siong 4 2nd VDG Dr Tan Tsu Kun 24 DC Bong Bong Kho 5 PDG /DC Tan Soh Har 25 DC Connie Loh 6 Cabinet Secretary Mary Masudal 26 DC Robert Ong 7 RC Patricia Ting 27 DC Tan Siaw Chuan 8 RC Hii Teck Yun 28 DC Sheila Adenan 9 RC Teo Ho Hin 29 DC Eric Yee Kuok Eng 10 RC Chong Kiew Loi 30 DC Albert Tiang 11 RC Judy Ngui 31 DC Wong Chii Sing 12 RC Jackie Loo Oi Chin 32 DC Francis Chau 13 ZC Peter Ong 33 DC Cecil Adenan 14 ZC Evelyn A Biju 34 DC Pele Quek Yee On 15 ZC Steven Chieng Ching Ung 35 DC Peter Goh Yew Soon 16 ZC Richard Hii Ming Ting 36 DC Chieng Eu Hea 17 ZC Kho Tiong Mee 37 DC Dr Molly Elizabeth Mathew 18 ZC Kung Kuok Yiew 38 DC Chan Suk Ting 19 ZC Doreen Jominol 39 DC Hjh Juita Binti Hj Drap 20 ZC Andrew Pang VF 40 DC Mary Ding Absent with Apologies 1 PDG Mary Law 13 DC Albert Tang Yew Liong 2 CT Yee Kai Man 14 DC Dr Gan K S 3 RC Eric Tan Chung Tak 15 DC Harry lee Tian Song 4 ZC Chai Si Kar 16 DC Lily Siah 5 ZC Robin Kho Hua Kok 17 DC Dr Lee Mun Seng 6 ZC Ung Sing Tai 18 DC Alex Cheong Yuen Fatt 7 ZC John Hii Yii Huong 19 DC Michael Lim Seng Gyup 8 ZC Simon Ting Sii Hing 20 DC Melvin Disimon 9 ZC Glenda Liew 21 DC Stanley Chin Yat Min 10 ZC Chee Su Ken 22 DC Dr Mark Tan Min Yaw 11 ZC Francis Pang Kin Yeap 23 DC Grace Wong 12 DC Clarence Ting Ing Horth 24 DC Margaret Lim In Attendance 1. Council Chairperson Simon Koh Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 1
  2. 2. Minutes 1. Meeting Call to Order DG Karen Koh called the Meeting to order at 2:05pm. 2. Roll Call CS Mary Masudal conducted the roll call. 3. Opening Remarks by District Governor Karen Koh 3.1 DG Karen wished all District Cabinet Officer a belated Happy Chinese Year, good health and prosperity on this lunar year of Golden Tiger. She welcomed and thanked CC Simon and all Cabinet Officers for their attendance. She reported that District's performance for the past 9 months was remarkable. We have surplus district target of 10% growth in membership. We were among the top 50 Districts in the world in terms of membership growth in October 2009. We maintained the same record at the close of December 2009. Our Membership in February, 2010 stood as 2,059, with total net gain of 308. She also thanked all Cabinet Officers for working and serving together as a team. 3.2 DG Karen invited CC Simon to give his words of wisdom to the District Cabinet. 3.3 CC Simon wished all a belated Lunar New Year. He congratulated and commended DG Karen and her team for their outstanding performance for the past months, in making A2 the top district in MD 308, as well among the top 50 Districts in the world in terms of membership growth. 3.4 He highlighted the various updates and activities: (1) 48th MD 308 Lions Convention will be held in Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore from 29/4 through 2/5/2010. He urged for support and early registration. (2) CC Simon informed that Convention Call was out on 19/2/2010 and posted to the MD website. (3) The next MD/Sub-District Convention after Singapore is Ipoh. (4) POA's Retreat was held in Berjaya Hills Resort, KL from 10-12/10/2009. Some 40 POAs from all 4 Sub-Districts attended. Various topics and issues were brought up and discussed for future development of Lions movement in our Multiple District. One of the topics discussed was Campaigning Guidelines for District's leadership, which he hoped the respective sub- district shall table it for adoption at their District Cabinet Meeting. (5) CC Simon stressed that contest is a democratic process; however, it is important to close rank after the contest. At the closing ceremony of the MD Convention in Singapore, all losing candidates will be invited to give an address, replacing the address of the spouse of Dge/VDGe (6) He informed that thus far clubs cancelled were A1 = 1, A2 = 1, B1 = 3 and B2 Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 2
  3. 3. = 2. He urged DG Karen and all District Cabinet to look into retention, especially in the month of April – July 2010, of which clubs will normally have their spring cleaning and called for no negative in membership at the end of the fiscal year. (7) He highlighted that A2 has 24 clubs out of 76, where membership is 20 and below in January 2010. He urged all District Cabinet, in particular the MERL Team to look into strengthening these clubs. (8) He informed that District 308-B1 and B2 will go for re-districting to 4 sub- districts, which will be tabled for adoption at the coming convention in Singapore. (9) 49th OSEAL Forum will be held in Taiwan in November 2010. (10) CC Simon thanked DG Karen and the District Cabinet for invitation to address the 3rd District Cabinet Meeting. On behalf of LCI, he awarded both DC Extension Tan Siaw Chuan and Sheila Adenan an IP's pin for their remarkable achievement for 5 clubs extension, before he took an early departure from the meeting. 3.5 DG Karen on behalf of all District Cabinet again thanked CC Simon for his attendance, words of wisdom and advices. 4. Adopted of Agenda 4.1 DG Karen proposed to include following items under AOB: 8.1 Campaigning Guidelines 8.2 Re-districting of District 308-B1 and 308-B2 8.3 Submission of District Awards Assessment forms 4.2 The agenda was proposed adoption by ZC Peter Ong and seconded by DC Chieng Eu Hea. 5. Confirmation of Previous Minutes Minutes of the 2nd District Cabinet Meeting was confirmed as a correct recording as proposed by DC Peter Goh and seconded by DC Paul Chiu. 6. Reports and Comments by Cabinet Officers 6.1 Region 1 Chairperson Eric Tan Written report submitted, which he highlighted the followings: (1) 2nd half yearly LCI Dues = most clubs have settled. (2) District Dues = most clubs have settled (3) Upcoming projects to be organized/held in R1 1. Vision & Health Screening on 11/4/2010 2. District Train-The-Trainers from 26-28/3/2010 (4) All 3 Zones had had their 2nd DG Advisory Committee Meeting and the 3rd Meeting will be held in March. 6.2 Region 2 Chairperson Patricia Ting Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 3
  4. 4. R2C submitted written report, which she highlighted: (1) Clubs are strong in administration, compliance to on-time submission of LCI/District reports. (2) Majority of clubs are active and have completed most if not all of the projects and activities as set out in the district awards criteria. (3) Upcoming project is the R2 Leo Camp from 13-15/3/2010 (4) All the 3 Zones had held their 3rd DG Advisory Committee meeting. 6.3 Region 3 Chairperson Hii Teck Yun R3C reported as per his written report that: (1) Most clubs submitted WMMR and District MAR on-time. (2) Membership maintained with no negative drop (3) Zone 8 had had their 3rd DG Advisory Committee Meeting (4) Zone 7 clubs have jointly organized the Cleft Lip project in collaboration with McDonald's for 11 year-old Miss Lina, for her 1st surgery done in KL 6.4 Region 4 Chairperson Teo Ho Hing R4C submitted written report and he highlighted that: (1) Membership Growth – Zone 10 – Maintained Zone 11 – gained 30 (2) All clubs submitted their WMMR and District MAR and are financially sound. (3) All clubs are active and have carried out services projects and activities; fund raising and orientation/seminar workshop for potential, new and existing members. 6.5 Region 5 Chairperson Chong Kiew Loi R5C submitted written report, and he also highlighted that: (1) Zone 12 and 13 had held their 3rd DG Advisory Committee meeting (2) Inter-Region visit of Region 2 to Region 5 & 6 was a success, with surplus RM1,260.20 to be donated to Lions Ambulance Service Society. (3) 1 club extensions LC Tuaran, sponsored by LC KK Mandarin (4) 1 Leo Club of SM Lok Yuk, Likas is to be formed by LC KK Hos before end of fiscal year. (5) All clubs are active except LC Kudat Emerald and LC KK Downtown. (6) Upcoming activity to be jointly organized with Region 6 on 19/6/2010 – Honour DG Night, 6.6 Region 6 Chairperson Judy Ngui R6C Judy submitted written report and she also highlighted: (1) Total membership growth: 68 (2) 2 club extension – LC Sipitang and LC KK Asia City (3) All clubs have completed most of the projects/activities as set out in District Awards Criteria. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 4
  5. 5. (4) Zone 15 and Zone 16 had held the 3rd DG’s Advisory Committee meeting, and the 4th DG’s Advisory Committee will be a fellowship scheduled in April before the Lions Convention. 6.7 Region 7 Chairperson Jackie Loo R7C submitted written report. She also highlighted: (1) District Dues – fully settled by all clubs, except there may have some balance for district entrance fees for new members. (2) Zone 17 registered 18 to Lions Convention (3) 3MJF donations from Zone 17 clubs (4) All clubs in Zone 16 and 17 are active, and numerous service projects and activities were carried out, as well, ongoing. (5) Overall R7 achieved membership growth in R7 (6) LCI approved 1 new charter club on 22/2/2010 in Zone 16, LC Lahad Datu Palm City with 17 new members and 3 transferred; sponsored by LC Lahad Datu. Charter Night on 20/3/2010. (7) She further reported that additional 6 new charters have been recruited to LC Lahad Datu Palm City. 6.8 Zone 1 Chairperson Peter Ong (1) Z1C Peter submitted written report, which he highlighted: (2) All key officers of the clubs including Leo Advisors attended the 3rd DG’s Advisory Committee Meeting. The 4th meeting will be in May 2010. (3) Most clubs have achieved 60% of their annual plan of action and have fulfilled most of the criteria for District Awards. (4) LCI dues fully paid by all clubs except LC Kuching Kota Samarahan. (5) District Dues – fully settled by all clubs. (6) 4 MJF and 3 DF contributions (7) Clubs will held their election of office bearers 2010-2011 in March 6.9 Zone 2 Chairperson Chai Si Kar ZC Chai was not present to report. His written report highlighted: (1) Clubs membership – maintained (2) LCI/District Dues – all clubs have paid, except LC Kuching Allamanda (3) LC Bau plans to form 1 Leo Club (4) 2 Clubs twinning – LC Bau with LC Keningau and LC Kuching Ixora with club in China. 6.10 Zone 3 Chairperson Robin Kho Z3C Robin submitted written report which highlighted: (1) All clubs are active and complied with their club's annual plan of action, except LC Kuching Cosmopolitan (2) All clubs submitted WMMR and district MAR, except LC Kuching Cosmopolitan which reporting is not consistent. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 5
  6. 6. (3) Overall achieved gain in membership 6.11 Zone 4 Chairperson Ung Sing Tai Z4C Ung was not present to report. His written highlighted: (1) 2nd half LCI Dues – all paid [2] All clubs submitted their WMMR, AAR and district MAR [3] Total membership gain: 8 [4] All key officers attended the 3rd DG's Advisory Committee meeting except LC Sibu Central. [5] PU-101 – all clubs submitted except LC Sibu Central [6] Convention – OSEAL Forum 2 registered, MD Convention 13 registered, LCI Sydney Convention 7 registered [7] Overall, clubs in Zone 4 are active. 6.12 Zone 5 Chairperson Evelyn Biju Z5C Evelyn submitted written report, which she also highlighted: [1] LCI/District Dues – all 5 clubs have settled [2] Semi-Annual Statement of Account – all clubs submitted except the new charter LC Sungei Merah. [3] All clubs submitted WMMR, AAR and MAR on time, except LC Sibu Berjaya. [4] PU-101 – 3 clubs have submitted [5] 2 MJF and 2 DF contributions to date [6] 3 clubs donated total RM5,000.00 to LCI Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. [7] 3rd DG's Advisory Committee meeting was well attended by all 5 clubs [8] LC Kapit will form 1 Club Branch, Song Branch of LC Kapit with 10 new members. [9] MD 308 Lions Convention 43 registered, LCI Sydney convention 6 registered. 6.13 Zone 6 Chairperson Steven Chieng Z6C Steven submitted written report. He highlighted [1] Total membership gained: 6 [2] PU-101 all clubs submitted [3] All clubs are active, have conducted monthly BOD and regular meetings; carried out service projects and activities. [4] Have conducted the 3rd DG's Advisory Committee meeting [5] 17 registered for 48th MD 308 Lions Convention 6.14 Zone 7 Chairperson Richard Hii Ming Ting Z7C Richard submitted written report. He highlighted [1] LCI Dues – 2 clubs settled. LC Bintulu and LC Bintulu Kidurong have yet to pay the 2nd half dues. [2] All 4 clubs have submitted WMMR and District MAR regularly. [3] Total membership gained: 8 [4] All 4 clubs had elected new BOD 2010-2011, but yet to submit PU-101 Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 6
  7. 7. [5] Overall, all 4 clubs are active and have carried out regular service projects and activities. 6.15 Zone 8 Chairperson John Hii Z8C John Hii was not present to report. 6.16 Zone 9 Chairperson Simon Ting Z9C Simon Ting was not present, however, written report was submitted and highlighted: [1] 2nd half LCI Dues – only 1 club paid [2] WMMR and MAR all clubs submitted except LC Batu Niah [3] Total membership gained: 18 [4] Except LC Batu Niah, all clubs conducted their BOD/general meeting, attended 3rd DG's Advisory Committee Meeting, actively involved in joint projects and actives at zone level 6.17 Zone 10 Chairperson Kho Tiong Mee Z10C Kho submitted written report and highlighted [1] All the 4 clubs have submitted 1st half Statement of Account, WMMR and MAR [2] Have organized joint service project and fund raising projects at zone level. [3] 4 delegates attended OSEAL forum in Pattaya. [4] Membership in Zone 10 maintained [5] Overall clubs are active and healthy. [6] 1 Leo Club, SMK Limbang is active and strong both in projects and club administration 6.18 Zone 11 Chairperson Kung Kuok Yiew Z11C Kung submitted written report and highlighted [1] All 4 clubs submitted WMMR to LCI and MAR to district regularly. [2] Clubs have settled their 2nd half LCI Dues. [3] Completed projects – H1N1 Awareness campaign, Lions in Action Rally 2009, Diabetes Awareness. [4] Overall membership gained for LC Labuan + 2, LC Labuan + 24, LC Belait + 3 and LC Bandar Sri Begawan – 2 [5] 6 MJF donations from LC Labuan Mandarin. 6.19 Zone 12 Chairperson Glenda Liew Z12C Glenda was not present to report. Her written report highlighted: [1] LCI & District Dues fully settled by all clubs, except LC Ranau and LC Kota Belud. [2] WMMR & MAR all submitted except LC Kota Belud slightly late. [3] Conducted 3rd DG Advisory Committee Meeting, with LC KK Damai and KK Sutera well represented by all 3 key officers. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 7
  8. 8. [4] Membership: LC KK Sutera gained 20%, others maintained [5] Leadership practices: all 4 clubs except LC Ranau had attended MERL Conference. LC KK Mandarin and KK Sutera had organized orientation. [6] Clubs have organized fund raising projects, service activities, individually or jointly. LC KK Mandarin donating a dialysis machine to Sabah Kidney Society costing RM 50,000. [7] OSEAL Forum 10 delegates, MD Convention – 14 registered [8] Overall, 3 clubs LC KK Mandarin, KK Damai and KK Sutera are active and financially sound. 6.20 Zone 13 Chairperson Doreen Jominol Z13C Doreen submitted written report and highlighted [1] Conducted 3rd DG's Advisory Committee meeting [2] Only 3 clubs LC KK Penampang, KK Host and Penampang Hongkod submitted MMR and MAR. [3] District Dues – all paid except LC Kudat Emerald [4] LCI Dues – all fully paid, except LC Kudat Emerald and LC KK Downtown [5] MJF – 1, District Fellows 2 contributions. 6.21 Zone 14 Chairperson Andrew Pang Z14C Andrew submitted written report and highlighted [1] All 5 clubs have held monthly BOD and regular meetings, submitted MMR and MAR on time, PU-101 reported to LCI, LCI and district dues duly settled. [2] All 3 DG's Advisory Committee Meetings were attended by key Officers of the clubs. The 4th meeting will be on 11/4/2010 in Sipitang. [3] Membership growth – 3 clubs. Maintained – 2 clubs. [4] Orientation – organized by LC KK Central, LC KK city opened for all Lions in R5 and R6. [5] Overall, all 5 clubs are active and worked closely with each other. 6.22 Zone 15 Chairperson Chee Su Ken Z15C Chee was not present to report. His written report highlighted [1] LCI dues - fully paid except LC Tenom Mandarin [2] District dues – All 4 Clubs have fully paid up. [3] MMR & MAR – All the 4 Clubs submitted on time. [4] 2nd DG’s Advisory Meeting – Well attended by the 4 Clubs [5] 3d DG’s Advisory Meeting will be held end of March, 2010. [6] All 4 clubs are active, and work closely as a team. 6.23 Zone 16 Chairperson Francis Pang Z16C Francis was not present. His written report highlighted [1] District Dues – all 4 clubs duly paid [2] LCI 2nd half dues – yet to settle [3] WMMR and MAR – all submitted monthly. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 8
  9. 9. [4] all 4 clubs conducted monthly BOD and regular meetings and carried out meaningful service projects and activities [5] 3rd DG's Advisory Committee meeting held in January 2010 in Lahad Datu was well represented by all clubs. 6.24 Zone 17 Chairperson William Saw Z17C William submitted report and highlighted: [1] District & LCI Dues – all 4 clubs have duly paid up. [2] WMMR, MAR, semi-annual Statement of Account, PU-101, – all 4submitted. [3] MD Lions Convention in Singapore – 18 registered [4] LCIF contributions – 2 [5] Membership gained: lC Tawau Host – 10%, LC Tawau Cosmo 5%, LC Tawau Central 63% and LC Tawau Mandarin – 10% Comments by DG Karen [1] She commented overall excellent performance from all clubs. [2] She acknowledged the cooperation and team work of RC, ZC together with other DCs and Lions in the District in their effort to grow in membership and congratulated R2C, R5C, R6C, R7C, Z5C, Z12, Z14C and Z16C achievements in club extension. [3] She advised R5C and Z13C to pay close attention and extend assistance to LC Kudat Emerald. [4] She extended apology to R7C and Z17C for not being able to attend the Joint Anniversary and induction night of the 4 clubs in April. However, she has assigned 2nd VDG Dr. Tan to represent her. 6.25 District Chairperson Activities/Bulletin – Shirley Pang DC Shirley submitted written report. She highlighted [1] 2nd issue of District Link has already been sent to all clubs and 3rd issue will be published in April 2010. [2] Many Lions and Leo Clubs have designed their web blogs which are linked to district website. DG Karen commented DC Shirley as committed, dedicated and responsible Lion. DG informed that the 2nd issue of District link for Region 1 was sent out by land transport before the CNY, to R1C Eric Tan for distribution, of which the bulletin should have reached Kuching by now. 6.26 District Chairperson Convention & Protocol Clarence Ting DC Clarence was not present. DG Karen reported on his behalf. [1] As at January 2010, 173 from A2 registered for Singapore Convention. She urged RC/ZC to encourage registrations from clubs under them. [2] She advised the lists of Lions appointed as the District 308-A2 Convention Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 9
  10. 10. Committee, which will be posted to the District website. [3] She advised the respective clubs to furnish names of the deceased Lions to CS Mary for onwards submission to the COC, and club members are advised to be present for the necrology ceremony on the last day of Convention. 6.27 District Chairperson Constitution & By-Laws Albert Tang DC Albert was not present to report. 6.28 District Chairperson Cultural & Community/Peace Poster Contest Bong Boon Kho & Connie Loh [1] PDG Dr. William Voon is organizing Cultural Asia on 28-29/5/2010 in Kuching, and had extended invitation to DC Bong Boon Kho to arrange participation of cultural dance troupe from Sabah. [2] Received reports from clubs on various Cultural Activities & Festivals – Hari Gawai, Moon Cake Festival, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. 6.29 District Chairperson Dr. Gan Kean Siong DC Dr Gan was not present to report. 6.30 District Chairperson Environmental Service Dr. Robert Ong & Harry Lee DC Harry submitted written report. DC Dr. Robert reported: [1] Lions Environmental Photo Contest was held on 16/1/2010. Total 54 entries were received. 8 winning photos were sent for contest at MD level. [2] Various environment projects were carried out by clubs: 1. Joint Cleanliness Campaign (Anti Chikugunya) with Meradong Council and other Associations 2. Joint project in relation to Anti-Dengue Event at Federation Health Department, Sibu. 3. Jointly sponsored Health food and mosquitoes coils and 1,000 pcs recycle bags to participants with Local Supermarkets. 4. Tree Planting Project – donated 21 trees to SJK (C) Su Lee, Sarikei 5. Handing over used newspapers & cans to Sibu Kidney Foundation & distributing Environmental Bags to the Public 6. Making of enzyme & Launching of the Leos Garden in SMK Bintulu. DG Karen congratulated both DCs for organizing the 1st District Environmental Photo Contest with success. She informed that of the 4 sub-districts in MD, only A2 sent in photos for all 5 categories, B1 submitted 1 photo while A1 and B2 did not participate. Photo of ZC Francis Pang was judged the winning photo for contest at Lions Sydney Convention. 6.31 District Chairperson Extension Tan Siaw Chuan and Sheila Adenan DC Tan Siaw Chuan & Sheila submitted written reports, and highlighted: [1] 4 new clubs formed in Sabah, namely Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 10
  11. 11. 1. LC Sipitang – Sponsored by LC KK Central 2. LC Tuaran – sponsored by LC KK Mandarin 3. LC KK Asia City – sponsored by LC KK Metro 4. LC Lahad Datu Palm City – sponsored by LC Lahad Datu [2] 1 new club formed in Sarawak, i.e. LC Sungei Merah sponsored by LC Sibu Pahlawan. [3] DC Tan advised 1 new club in the pipeline to be chartered soon. [4] DC Tan attributed that credit for club extensions should go to DG Karen for her leadership and persistency in moving everyone to grow in club Extension. [5] DC Sheila is working on 1 club branch, Song to be sponsored by LC Kapit [6] DC Sheila advised she is yet to hear from Region 1 on progress of 1 new charter. DG Karen thanked both DC Tan and Sheila for their outstanding achievement in reaching the District target of 5 new clubs. She hoped District may achieve her revised target of 7 by the end of the fiscal year. 6.32 District Chairperson Women's Membership Development Grace Wong & Hjh Juita Binti Hj Drap DC Grace was not present to report, however, written report was submitted, while DC Juitra made her verbal report: [1] She is still working on the proposed Seminar & Motivational workshop 6.33 District Chairperson Hearing & Speech Action with the Deaf Lily Siah & Eric Yee DC Lily submitted written report and highlighted: [1] She will continue to work closely with Labuan School for the Deaf and other Centre in Sabah. [2] DC Eric has received no hearing activities reports from Clubs for the month of November 2010 – February, 2010. [3] DC Eric advised the formation of Society for the Deal [Central Region] is still pending for ROS approval. DG Karen advised DC Eric to seek assistance from IPDG BC Sim who is also the Chairman of the Sarawak Society for the Deaf. 6.34 District Chairperson Information Technology Dr Lee Mun Seng DC Dr. Lee was not present to report. 6.35 District Chairperson Leadership Development Alex Cheong & Michael Lim Both DC Alex and Michael were not present to report; however, written report from DC Alex was submitted. DG Karen informed that: [1] Both DCs have during the past months, assisted and coordinated orientations workshops for Lions and Leo Clubs. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 11
  12. 12. [2] District Train-The-Trainers workshop 2010 will be organized from 26- 28/3/2010 at Harbour View Hotel, Kuching, for District and non-district trainers at registration fees of RM 120 per participant. DC Michael will facilitate the 3D2N workshop. 2 participants, one for English and one for Chinese session will be selected to represent District 308-A2 for the 1st MD District Trainer Presentation contest on 30/4/2010 at the MD Lions Convention in Singapore. [3] District approved RM4, 000 for organizing the District Train-The-Trainers workshop. 6.36 District Chairperson Leo Club/Campus Club Melvin Dismond & Albert Tiang DC Melvin was not present to report. DC Albert advised that: [1] He will encourage Leos to participating in the District Leo Forum from 5- 7/6/2010 in Keningau. [2] Leadership by example, He has submitted his registration form to the Leo Forum. 6.37 District Chairperson Lions Service for Children/Lions Quest Stanley Chin & Wong Chii Seng DC Stanley was not present to report. DC Wong Chii Seng submitted written and he highlighted: [1] Clubs generally have done well on carrying out projects and activities benefiting the children. [2] The first District Cleft Lip project for Lina Anak Embul, 11 years old girl. Her corrective surgery was successfully done on 2nd December, 2009 at Hospital Pantai in KL. [3] Zone 7 Lions enrolled Lina Anak Embul into SK Kem Batu 18, Bintulu for her first experience of school life. [4] 2nd application for sponsorship of Cleft Lip received from LC Kuching Host, which has already forwarded to McDonald’s for consideration and approval. DG Karen commended DC Wong for the great job done and especially for his kindness and sacrifice in picking Lina every week-end from her hostel 18 miles away to attend tuitions and sending her back. Although she has never been to school, she has to be enrolled in year six in compliance to school children of her age; therefore she has a lot to catch up on her school lessons. 6.38 District Chairperson Lions Alert/ District Foundation Paul Chiu Hung Siong [1] DC Paul advised he has yet to receive the name lists of District Fellow contributions from CT Yee Kai Man. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 12
  13. 13. DG Karen informed that to-date total donations RM18, 000 were received from generous Lions members in our District. She further added that District Foundation Disaster Funds of RM2, 000 each were approved to LC Kota Belud, LC Kota Kinabalu Mandarin, LC Sandakan, LC Lahad Datu Mandarin, and LC Sarikei. However, only RM2, 000 was paid out to LC Kota Belud for flood victims in Kota Belud, while the rest of the clubs sorted out the funds at club level. 6.38 District Chairperson Membership/Friends of Lions Francis Chau & Cecil Adenan Both DC Francis and Cecil submitted their written reports and highlighted: [1] Total membership on 1/7/2009 = 1,751 [2] Total members on 28/2/2010 Brunei, sabah, FT Labuan 875 Sarawak 1184 Total 2059 [3] Net gain: 308 members, which is the highest growth in MD 308 and among the top worldwide. [4] DC Francis congratulated DG Karen for her splendid efforts in achieving impressive result and also to all clubs and cabinet officers concerned that have played a role in the Membership Growth program. He looked forward to greater growth in membership in the remaining months of the fiscal year and hope there will be no drop till end of fiscal year. [5] DC Cecil reported Sarawak has achieved 12% growth at close February 2010 and has exceeded the 10% target. However, he looks forward towards further growth and strong retention effort and added that the importance of continuous growth is to ‘cushion’ the impact in the event of membership drop at the end of fiscal year. [6] DC Cecil said his visit to Region 3 & 4 was delayed due to work commitment and will make the visit before Convention. He stressed he is more concern on informing clubs through clubs Secretaries and Presidents to keep on sponsoring and to avoid negative growth figure by end of fiscal year [7] He reported the following clubs Membership Health Assessment as at January 2010 in Sarawak 1. Club membership below 15 – LC of Mukah with 11 members 2. Club Membership net loss 20% - LC of Kuching Sentosa 3. Clubs with remarkable growth – 8 Clubs in Sibu & Kuching [8] He has no statistic on Friends of Lions. [9] DC Dr. Robert informed LC Sandakan Selingan will have 5 new members in March 2010. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 13
  14. 14. DG Karen commended the excellent performance of both DC Francis and Cecil. She commended the following clubs for achieving outstanding membership growth: 1. Labuan Mandarin + 24 [120%] 2. LC Tawau Central +12 [63%] 3. LC Kuching City + 7 [41%] 4. LC KK Metro + 7 [46%] 5. LC Miri Mandarin +16 [17%] 6. LC Serian + 6 [32%] She expressed special gratitude and thanks to ZC Kung Kuok Yew and DC Paul Chiu for their effort in Move to Grow in membership. She urged all Cabinet Officers to continue with their good work. 6.39 District Chairperson Public Relations & Media Pele Quek & Peter Goh Both DC Pele & Peter Goh reported that: [1] We have wide coverage of Lions activities both in Sabah and Sarawak [2] DC Pele informed that he is elected the Charter President of the new club LC Lahad Datu Palm City, sponsored by LC Lahad Datu. He extended invitation to all to attending the Charter Night of LC Lahad Datu Palm City on 20/3/2010 DG Karen congratulated DC Pele as Charter President of the new charter. She’s pleased that most Lions activities and projects are covered by media. 6.40 District Chairperson Retention Chieng Eu Hea [1] DC Chieng advised all to work for the remaining months so that the District will stay as among the top Districts in the world in terms of membership growth. He emphasized that Retention is a continuous job. 6.41 District Chairperson Sight Conservation & Work with the Blind Dr Molly Elizabeth Mathew and Dr. Mark Tan DC Dr. Mark was not present to report. DC Dr. Molly submitted written report which she highlighted: [1] Lions in Action Rally – 65 people were screened at Keningau joint project for Diabetes and Glaucoma awareness public screening. [2] The Special Olympic Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes [SOLCIOE] project took place during the State games for Special Olympic in Sandakan on 15/11/2009. Around 134 Athletes were screened in the disciplines of Opening Eyes, Special Smiles [Dental], Fun Fitness and Medfest [general screening]. She called all to support SOLCIOE project. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 14
  15. 15. [3] The World Glaucoma Day is on 12/3/2010. A Public Forum & Free Screening will be held in Kota Kinabalu on 20/3/2010, joint initiative by Eye Dept QEH and the Lions. Minister from Sabah will be invited to launch this event. [4] DC Dr Molly called on clubs to do Vision Screening at Schools as encouraged by LCI and commended new club - LC of Sipitang for doing this project for their Primary schools this month. She received no reports from other clubs. [5] She encouraged all clubs to donate reading glasses to rural folks and reminded all to take note World Sight Day is in October and World Diabetic Day in November. DG Karen commended DC Dr. Molly as always the best. She informed DC Dr. Molly that a Sign Board for the Child Friendly Eye Care Hospital, joint project of LCIF and WHO is received from LCIF, whereby the later has advised CC Simon to represent LCIF in putting up the signage at Eye Clinic, QEH. DG Karen also reminded DC Dr. Molly to coordinate with Doctors in Eye Clinic, QEH to conduct a Train-The-Trainers on Vision Screening for our Leos at the forthcoming Leo Forum in Keningau, so that the Leos would be able to learn and thereafter, carrying out sightfirst project in school. 6.42 District Chairperson Youth/Special Olympics Chan Suk Ting DC Chan Suk Ting made her verbal report: [1] Clubs in the District have carried on various Youth’s activities & Special Olympics events. She thanked all RCs & ZCs for their contributions. [2] Lions Sport day with the Special Olympics jointly organized by Region 5 and 6 in conjunction with Region 2 visit was a great success. DG Karen informed that for item 6.42.2, parents of the Special Olympics have requested the Lions to make this an annual event in the Lions calendar. 6.43 District Chairperson Youth Camp & Exchange Margaret Lim & Mary Ding Both DC Margaret and Mary submitted written reports which highlighted: [1] Activities Implemented – 1. Inbound – 13 YE from Japan, 12 YE from Taiwan and 4 YE from Singapore, 4 Guangzhou, China 2. Outbound – 24 YE to Taiwan, 4 YE to Singapore, 18 YE to Japan and 7 YE to Guangzhou, China [2] They thanked the fellow district cabinet officers, in particular RC Judy Ngui, fellow Lions and the YE coordinators for support and assistance rendered in this youth activity program [3] They further commented that most youth exchanges were communicative Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 15
  16. 16. and responsive to correspondence, showing maturity of the Youth Exchangees in our District. [4] DC Mary commented that only 4 YE to Singapore instead of 10, as the youth prefer to visit Taiwan and Japan, as Singapore is too near and many have been there. DG Karen thanked both DC Mary and Margaret for their commitment and a job well done. She commented that there is a quota for outbound YE to Taiwan, and certainly there will be disappointments. The respective YE Coordinator, therefore, should not encourage or assist in arranging youth to making their personal holiday trip to coincide with the YE’s visit to Taiwan, thereby taking advantage and be part of the Exchange program. She referred to such cases from Miri in FY 2008-2009 and from Kuching this fiscal year. DG also thanked 1st & 2nd VDGs and all YE coordinators for their contributions and support. 6.44 District Chairperson LCIF Coordinator/District International Relations PDG Tan Soh Har [1] PDG Soh Har thanked all Lions for contributing generously to MJF. [2] Total 28 donors received and expect more contributions. [3] She thanked Lions and clubs in the district for donating generously to Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund. DG Karen informed total donations RM40,000 collected from individual, clubs and District 308-A2 to Haiti. She also thanked Zone 10 for organizing fund raising project in aid of Haiti victims. DG Karen advised contributions to LCIF towards Haiti is a “restricted Fund”, therefore, MJF is not credited 6.44 Cabinet Treasurer Yee Kai Man CT Yee Kai Man was not present to report. DG Karen presented District Budget Income 2010. [1] Date of budgeted income & Expenditure should read as 15/2/2010 instead of 15/2/2009. [2] Statement of Account as at 15/2/2010 Total Income = RM 156,491.00 Total Expenditure =RN 68,540.51 Total surplus = RM 87,950.49 [3] CT has sent out LCI Aging Account for January 2010 to all clubs. Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 16
  17. 17. [4] DG Karen advised should there be any dispute on accounts with LCI, club should settle the amount to avoiding being placed under status quo. Club may sort out the dispute with LCI thereafter. [5] DG Karen informed that clubs under status quos: 1. LC Kuching Cosmopolitan 2. LC Kuching North [released from financial suspension in Mar 10] 3. LC Miri Central [released from financial suspension in Mar 10] [6] DG also reminded all clubs to settle outstanding account to LCI before the convention, to be eligible to vote as a member in good standing 7. Application For LCIF Standard Grants 1. DG Karen informed that District 308-A2 is eligible to application of 2 LCIF Standard Grants of maximum USD 75,000 each. Criteria for application of such LCIF Grant are: 1. Participation of more than 1 club 2. Main role of clubs is to participate and be in the working committee 3. Endorsement by District Cabinet 2. She confirmed receipt of 2 applications for LCIF Standard Grant. They are: [1] Lions Ambulance Services from 12 participating clubs in Kota Kinabalu for purchase of 1 unit fully equipped Ambulance amounting USD46,000.00 [RM160,000.00]. The participating clubs are: Lions Club of Beaufort, Kota Kinabalu Central, Kota Kinabalu City, Kota Kinabalu Damai, Kota Kinabalu Downtown, Kota Kinabalu Host, Kota Kinabalu Mandarin, Kota Kinabalu Metro, Kota Kinabalu Penampang, Kota Kinabalu Sutera, Penampang Hongkod and Tanjung Aru. The Lions Ambulance Services is to complement the ambulance services currently provided by the Government and the NGOs. It is a long term signature community service projects of the 12 clubs. The project also aims to promote Lionism, boost morale of Lions members for membership drive and retention. For ambulance to be on the road, a separate legal entity is required. Lions Ambulance Service Society [LASS] was set up for such purposes, whereby the membership is opened to all Lions members in good standing. Primary Project Coordinator of Lions Ambulance Service Society Project is: Past President Dr. Wah Kai Sit, Lions Club Of Kota Kinabalu Mandarin. The participating clubs also seek continuous support from the District and Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 17
  18. 18. clubs in 308-A2 to donate generously to LASS. [2] Kuching Lions Nursing Home, Kuching It is a long term joint project of all Lions clubs in Region 1, Kuching. Grant application for extension of the Home and purchase of new equipment and fitting for the extension amounting USD 50,000.00 [RM176, 370] was submitted by Past President Lion Chua Lee Huang, LC Kuching Stampin- Pending who is also the secretary the Home. The home extension project is essentially to increase in its gross flooring area by 30% to make room for additional 30 beds for expected increase in the numbers of residents. 90 residents and 12 day care patients daily will directly benefit from this project. 3. As proposed by DG Karen, the District 308-A2 Cabinet for FY 2009-2010 unanimously agreed and endorsed the applications for 2 LCIF Standard Grant: [1] Lions Ambulance Services for USD 46,000 [2] Kuching Lions Nursing Home for USD 50,000 8 Any Other Business 8.1 Campaigning Guidelines [1] DG Karen informed that at the 1st POA’s Retreat held on 10-12/10/2009 at Berjaya Hill Resort, KL, Campaigning Guidelines was one of the topics that all PPOAs concluded as an important and long overdue issue to be dealt with. It was unanimously agreed that there should be a set of standard guidelines for all 4 Sub-Districts. Over the years, candidates have spent too much money on campaigning, when such money can be put to worthy cause for the betterment of the community. [2] DG Karen informed that District 308-B1 has drawn up a set of campaigning guidelines and implemented it since 2008. The said guideline was shared to District 308-A1, A2 and B2. [3] CS Mary confirmed that the Campaigning Guidelines from B1 and recording of POA’s Retreat on Campaigning Guidelines were forwarded to all District Cabinet prior to this meeting. [4] DG Karen highlighted the guidelines include no costly meals, free air tickets, registration fees and accommodation, expensive gifts, etc. Should there be a contest, the luncheon/dinner be organized on Zonal or Regional basis by the Region or Zone chairperson, and candidates are to jointly foot the cost, to present themselves, their goals and visions, and to go for debate and questions and answers session. [5] IPDG BC Sim commented the campaign guidelines will help to enhance the image of Lionism. He is in favour and support the adoption of campaigning guidelines. [6] Both 1st and 2nd VDGs supported the adoption of the guidelines, as it would Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 18
  19. 19. save the candidates a lot of spending. [7] The District Cabinet unanimously concurred that there should be a standard campaigning guidelines for all future candidates as it would also ensure that we would have quality leaders. 8.2 Redistricting of 308-B1 and B2 [1] DG Karen informed that B1 has 97 clubs/2961 members, and B2 has 73 clubs/1922 members. B1 is positioned to bifurcation of 2 Sub-Districts of B1-A and B1-B, while B2 expressed willingness to join in the redistricting [2] B1 and B2 have at their respective 3rd Cabinet Meeting endorsed the approval for re-districting. The proposed re-districting is as follow: Plan A B1 Terengganu, Pahang and KL 41 clubs 1122 members B2 Perlis, Kedah, Penang and 38 clubs 1121 members Kelantan B3 Perak, Selangor, Negeri 50 clubs 1442 members Sembilan and Malacca B4 Johore 41 clubs 1163 members Plan B B1 Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang 45 clubs 1332 members and KL B2 Perlis, Kedah, Penang and part 44 clubs 1211 members of Perak B3 Part of Perak, Selangor, Negeri 40 clubs 1192 members Sembilan and Malacca B4 Johore 41 clubs 1163 members [3] DG Karen reported that DG B1 Datuk Danny proposed resolution of redistricting to be put forward to the 12th Sub-District Convention for approval, and thereafter, to table it at the 48th MD 308 Lions Convention. A vote was taken and the Council decision is that B1 and B2 will table the redistricting at their respective sub-district convention in Singapore. If approved by the delegates, it will automatically be put forward in the Agenda of the 49th MD 308 Lions Convention Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 19
  20. 20. 8.3 Assessment of Clubs Awards for Lions and Leos [1] DG Karen reminded RC/ZC the dateline for fulfillment of club awards is 15/3/2010. She requested all RC/ZC/DC Leo Club to send in their recommendation of awards for clubs under them by 20/3/2010. [2] DG Karen also reminded 1st & 2nd VDG, RC and ZC to go through the LCI awards criteria for respective District Officers. Those who qualified for the awards are to complete the form and return to her after the Lions Convention. [3] She also reminded RC/ZC to go through the criteria for LCI Excellence President Awards 2009-2010 and apply for the Presidents who qualified. She hopes that all will receive the awards as they have done a great job. 8.4 DG Karen also reminded RC/ZC to follow up on submission of PU-101 by all clubs, with copy extend to 1st VDG, necessary for publication of District Membership Directory 2010-2011. She informed that LCI website is experiencing some technical problem, PU-101 submitted online is unable to be printed out. 8.5 DG Karen informed all district officers that written report is not required from them for the 4th cabinet meeting. However, clubs’ health and overview form will be designed for which they are to complete, submit with copy to 1st 2nd VDGs. 8.6 Comments by Lions Dignitaries [1] 1st VDG Augustine Ngu congratulated DG Karen for her achievements over the past 9 months. He personally has learnt a lot from her. He informed that District Conference 2010 is fixed on 15/5/2010 in KK and 22/5/2010 in Sibu, to be organized by the MERL team. [2] 2nd VDG Dr. Tan Tsu Kun again is pleased with the adoption of campaigning guideline as more qualified candidates will be able to come forward to take up higher district office. He commented that the District event – Lions In Action Rally 2009 was an excellent project in promoting membership growth, aside from the service activities carried out along the way. District has achieved membership growth every month which is unusual. He congratulated DG Karen for her leadership. [3] PDG Tan Soh Har remarked that DG Karen has worked very hard, done very well and we are all proud of her. PDG Soh Har proposed and unanimously agreed and approved by all District Cabinet that District is to honour DG Karen a Melvin Jones Fellow in recognition and appreciation of her dedication and contributions. 9. Next Meeting 9.1 Fixed on 29/03/10 [Thursday] from 6:00pm to 7:30pm at Conrad Commercial Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 20
  21. 21. Hotel, Singapore 9.2 District Cabinet Officers Fellowship & Appreciation dinner on 29/4/2010 [Thursday] at Conrad Centennial Hotel, Singapore from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. 10 Adjournment 10.1 DG Karen once again thanked all District Cabinet for their attendance and urged all to continue with the momentum to strike for excellence, and give the remaining months of the fiscal year with another final push. 10.2 There being no other business, DG Karen adjourned the meeting at 5:30pm with a vote of thanks to Cabinet Secretary for arranging the meeting and DC Tan Siaw Chuan for facilitating transportation. Recorded by Confirmed by Mary Masudal Karen Koh Eng Yan Cabinet Secretary 2009-2010 District Governor 2009-2010 District 308-A2 District 308-A2 Minutes – 3rd District 308-A2 Cabinet Meeting Page 21