Interim report 308-a2


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Interim report 308-a2

  1. 1. Lions Clubs International District 308-A2 Interim Report FY 2009 – 2010 Dear Fellow Lions and Leos It is a great honour to be elected to serve as District Governor of District 308-A2 for FY 2009-2010. In the past 8 months, I have visited every Lions and Leo Clubs in our District, some more than once. I am constantly impressed, motivated and touched by the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of all Lions and Leos, and I thank you all for the opportunity to work and serve with you, together as a team in upholding our Lions Motto “We Serve” and also in realizing our International President Eberhard J Wirfs’ Theme “Move To Grow” and District Theme “Together, Let’s Do It!” It is now my great pleasure to report to you the status of District 308-A2 for the period from 1 st July, 2009 to 15 th February, 2010 as follow: 1. Inauguration & Installation of District Cabinet Officers / Installation of Board of Directors I was installed by International President Eberhard J Wirfs on 10/7/2009 at the 92nd Lions Clubs International Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, whereas, inauguration and installation of District Cabinet Officers was held on 25/7/2009 in Kota Kinabalu. At club level, the Board of Directors of all Lions and Leo Clubs were duly installed, except Lions Club of Kudat Emerald. New Lions members were properly inducted, membership kits presented and orientations for new members were conducted by District Trainers. 2. Cabinet Meetings In pursuance with District Constitution & By-Laws, we will hold 4 District Cabinet Meetings this fiscal year. 1st Meeting 26/07/2009 in Kota Kinabalu 2nd Meeting 08/11/2009 in Kuching 3rd Meeting 06/03/2010 in Kota Kinabalu 4th Meeting 29/04/2010 in Singapore 3. Club Administration Total 76 Lions Clubs at close of January 2010. Clubs’ e-reporting of WMMR to LCI achieved an average of 98% on time submission while majority of clubs submitted their MAR to District on time. 4. Dues and Fees as of 15 th February, 2010 Payments by Clubs International Dues District Dues Fully Settled 24 72 Half yearly settled 47 0 Unpaid 6 5 Total 77 77
  2. 2. At the time of writing, majority of clubs in our District are arranging settlement of their 2nd half yearly International dues.. 5. Membership Membership is vital to the growth and future development of our community and our Association. For the first half of the fiscal year, our District was among the top Districts in the world in terms of membership growth. Appended below is the membership report by month: Month Jul 09 Aug 09 Sep 09 Oct 09 Nov 09 Dec 09 Jan 10 Total B/F 1,751 1,783 1,826 1,833 1,938 1,956 1,954 Charter 0 0 0 68 2 5 31 106 New 49 45 9 36 16 2 48 205 Reinstated 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 Transferred 5 4 0 5 0 0 2 16 Sub Total 1,806 1,832 1,836 1,942 1,957 1,963 2,035 330 Dropped -23 -6 -3 -4 -1 -9 -5 -51 Total 1,783 1,826 1,833 1,938 1,956 1,954 2,030 279 Gain/[Loss] 32 43 7 105 18 -2 76 16% There are 3 exclusively Female Lions Clubs, namely: 1. Lions Club of Kota Kinabalu City 2. Lions Club of Miri Central 3. Lions Club of Penampang Hongkod. Women membership stands as 30%, while majority of the mixed clubs record at least 50% female Lions serving in the club’s Board of Directors. Out of the 77 Lions Clubs in the District, there are 32 female Presidents, and out of 64 District Cabinet Officers, 20 are female Lions. LCI encourages family members to join in and be part of us. We are pleased to report the total family units and members as follow: No. Lions Clubs Total Family Units Family Unit Members 1. Beaufort 4 6 2. Kapit 1 2 3. Keningau 6 6 4. Keningau Mandarin 3 3 5 Kota Kinabalu Asia City 3 4 6. Kota Kinabalu Sutera 2 3 7. Lahad Datu Palm City 2 2 8 Miri Host 2 2 9. Miri Mandarin 1 1 10. New CenturyMiri Resort City 1 1 11 Sibu Pahlawan 1 1 12 Sipitang 4 4 13 Sungai Merah 3 3 14 Tanjung Aru 1 1 15 Tawau Central 3 4 16 Tenom 1 1 17 Tuaran 4 5 Total 42 49
  3. 3. 6. Club Extension To provide qualify services, we need more hands. As our district covers a vast area, we need more clubs so that we can reach out to a wider expanse of the community. The following clubs were chartered as of 15th February, 2010. No. New Charter Lions Clubs Chartered by Charter Date 1. LC Sipitang LC Kota Kinabalu Central 12/10/2009 2. LC Sungei Merah LC Sibu Pahlawan 12/10 2009 3. LC Tuaran LC Kota Kinabalu Mandarin 21/10/2009 4. LC Kota Kinabalu Asia City LC Kota Kinabalu Metro 22/01/2010 5. LC Lahad Datu Palm City LC Lahad Datu Host 09/02/2010 7. Club Cancelled LC Kota Kinabalu Rafflesia disbanded on 26/6/2009 and official cancelled by LCI on 24/7/2009. 8. Leadership Development 1. 3rd Regional Leadership Lions Institute [RLLI] 13-17 November, 2009 in KL RLLI was funded by MD 308 and LCI. It was not to train the Lions to be trainers but for emerging Lions to be trained to take up leadership role like Club Presidency. 4 Lions from our District attended the RLLI, they were: 1. Lion Andrew Wong LC Kota Kinabalu Host 2. Lion Mohamad Suffian LC Kota Kinabalu Host 3. Lion John Ling Yu Ngie LC Miri Host 4. President Eve Wong Sau Yin LC Miri Mandarin 2. Senior Leadership Lions Institute [SLLI] 15-19 November, 2009 in Pattaya Lions Clubs International believes all leaders can benefit from training. SLLI is one of the LCI varieties of development opportunities where current and future leaders can enhance their leadership skill. SLLI prepares Lions for leadership positions at the District level. 2 Lions attended:- 1. DC Dr Gan Kean Siong LC Keningau Mandarin 2. Lion Richard S C Pang LC Tawau Host 3. District Train-The-Trainers Workshop Train-The-Trainers’ Workshop is a District event for personal enhancement of our Lions leaders, as well as, for the future growth and development of our District. The Workshop is to be organized and conducted by both DC Leadership Development Chairperson Michael Lim and Alex Cheong on 26-28/3/2010 in Kuching; limited to 20 participants. 4. Orientations/Seminar Workshops Over the past 8 months, out of the total 81 District Trainers including Past Officers of Association, 41 have displayed their presentation skills and conducted orientation/seminar workshops for Lions and Leo in the District. Orientation/Seminar workshops for potential members, refresher courses for existing Lions and Leos were organized and conducted at Club, Zone and Region levels 5. District Conference 2009 2 District Conferences for District Cabinet Officers and Clubs’ key officers for FY 2009- 2010 were organized on 16th May, 2009 in Kota Kinabalu and 23rd May 2009 in Bintulu respectively.
  4. 4. 6. MERL Conference 2009 The MERL Conferences headed by MERL Chairperson 1st VDG Augustine Ngu and MERL Vice Chairperson 2 nd VDG Dr Tan Tzu Kun were organized in Sibu and Kota Kinabalu on 4 th October, 2009 concurrently. 9. Leo Club Program 1. 2 Leo Clubs were formed as follow: No. Leo Club Sponsored By Lions Clubs Org. Date 1. Lahad Datu Middle School LC Lahad Datu Mandarin 02/07/2009 2. SMK Bintulu F6 LC Bintulu Host 23/08/2009 3 more Leo Clubs are in the pipeline in Region 3, Region 5 and Region 6 respectively. 2. Leo Camp Various Leo Camp was/to be organized at Club, Zone or Region level to enhance team work, leadership and organization skill of the Leos. No. Leo Camp Organized by Date Venue 1. Region 1 26-28/8/2009 Kuching 2. Region 2 13-15/3/2010 Sibu 3. Zone 8 & 9 27-28/3/2010 Miri 4. Leo Club Tenom & Leo Club Tshun Tsin, Tenom 14-16/3/2010 Tenom 5. Leo Club St. Cecilia Convent & Leo Club of Yu Yuan June 2010 Sandakan 3. 8th District 308-A2 Leo Forum 2010 The annual District Leo Forum is jointly organized by all Leo Clubs in Region 5 and 6 and will be held in Keningau, Sabah from 5 th – 7th June, 2010 Generally, Leos are active in community services of their respective area, whereas, numerous Leadership Development Seminar/Orientation/Workshops were organized at Region / Zone / Club level throughout the past months. International Leo Day was observed by various Leo Clubs. 10. Lions In Action Rally 2009 Led by Chief Organizing Chairperson DC Dr. Gan Kean Siong, 72 Lions Clubs and Leo clubs with some 200 Lions, Leos, family members and friends of Lions participated in this 4-day-3-night District event from 22-25/10/2009. The objectives of the Rally 2009 were to create public awareness of the community and humanitarian services carried out by the Lions, to foster closer tie between the community and the Lions in District 308-A2, to build bond of close friendship, relations, cooperation and better understanding among Lions from difference regions in District 308-A2, to promote a good and positive image of Lionism, to work for membership drive, clubs’ extension and retention and to fulfill the International President’s theme ‘Move To Grow” and our District Theme ‘Together, Let’s Do It!” 11. Community / Health / SightFirst / Diabetes Awareness / Drugs Awareness / Special Olympics Service projects and activities were carried out by all Lions and Leos Clubs in the District each month benefiting the poor, the sick, the young, the elderly and have not. Lists of activities among others were Influenza A H1N1 awareness campaign, eye screening, blood donations, drugs awareness, diabetes screening, health and rural community projects, recreation and sport day with Special Olympics children, educational and youth activities.
  5. 5. 12. Lions Services for Children District 308-A2 in collaboration with McDonald’s for a long term District Lions Services For Children – “Cleft Lip Project”, Lions will look out for children with inborn cleft lip while McDonald’s will sponsor the cost of surgeries and traveling expenses for patient and 1 immediate family. Funds from McDonald’s for this project with the Lions is RM 1 million. On behalf of the District, I wish to record our sincere thanks to Past President Lion Harry Teo and McDonald’s for their kind support. 13. Inter-Region Visit Inter-Region visit foster unity and harmony among Lions from different Regions, and it is an annual event of Region 2. Region 5 and Region 6. 3D2N visit was organized on 18-20 December 2009 in Kota Kinabalu. Joint project and activities – recreational sport day with Special Olympics athletes was carried out with great success. 14. Environment Project 16 Lions Clubs took part in the 1 st District Environmental Photo Contest which was jointly organized by both DC Environmental Services Harry Lee and Dr. Robert Ong, with the final photo judging held on 17/1/2010 in Miri. Photo from ZC Francis Pang, LC Sandakan was judged the Champion, and forwarded for contest at Multiple District level. 15. Peace Poster Contest 64 clubs participated in the Peace Poster Contest. The theme was ‘Power of Peace’. 54 drawings were received and final district judging was held in Miri on 25/10/2009. Result of contest: Winners Participants Sponsoring Lions Clubs District Prize 1st Amanda Mah Jean Fung Lions Club of Lahad Datu RM 300 SKJ (C) Siew Ching Mandarin 2nd Sia Bik Boon Lions Club of Sibu RM 200 Leo Club of SRJK (C) Tung Hua 3rd Lau Chuan Joon Lions Club of Kuching Host RM 100 SJK Chung Hua Batu 10 The poster of Amanda Mah Jean Fung was submitted for contest at Multiple District level and was judged as the 1st Runner Up. 16. District Bulletin / Website We planned to have 4 issues on quarterly basis. 2 issues were published while news and events were updated through District Website weekly. 17. Youth Exchange 1. District Project No. Inbound From Date 1. 12 YE District 300-G1, Taiwan 31/7 – 5/8/2009 2 4 YE District 308-A1, Singapore 08 – 15/12/2009 Outbound To 3 4 YE District 308-A1, Singapore 01 – 08/12/2009 4 24 YE District 300-G1, Taiwan 16 – 28/12/2009
  6. 6. 2. Clubs’ Project No. Inbound From Date 1. 4 YE Guangzhou. China 14/07 – 01/08/2008 2 13 YE Japan 23/07 – 20/08/2009 Outbound To 3 18 YE Japan 22/11 – 21/12/2009 4 7 YE Guangzhou, China 17 - 29/12/2009 18. LCIF LCIF is Lions helping Lions serve others. Through LCIF, Lions ease pain and suffering and bring healing and hope to people worldwide. To-date 30 donations from individual Lions were made to LCIF. Their names are listed in District Website. In addition, a sum of totaling RM40, 000 from District, personal contribution, as well as, through clubs’ fund raising effort were donated to victim of Haiti Earthquake, through the good office of LCIF. I thank all generous donors for your kind support to humanitarian services. 19. District Foundation Lions who donated generously to District Foundation Fund are: No. Lions Lions Clubs nd 1 Clarence Ting Ing Horh (2 DF) Sibu 2 Lau Siew King @ Jessica Sibu 3 Chen Cheng Horng @ Terrence Sibu 4 Colin Pao Engol Sibu Pahlawan 5 Lovetta Tiong Sibu Pahlawan 6 Mohamad Suffian @ Stephen Chong Kota Kinabalu Host nd 7 Albert Tiong Chiong Sing (2 DF) Miri Host 8 Charlie Ma Boon Lan Miri Host 9 Peter Yong Hiong Khieng Miri Host 10 Daniel Pang Vui Foong Sandakan selingan 11 Michael Raymond Tan Sandakan selingan 12 Datin Seri Panglima Celestina Jinu Penampang Hongkod 13 Catherine Pain Penampang Hongkod 14 Steven Tang Chok Cheng Miri Mandarin 15 Kiu Lieng Wu Miri Mandarin nd 16 Law Kiu Kiong (2 DF) Miri Mandarin rd 17 Hii Yii Huong (3 DF) Miri Mandarin nd 18 Wong Sau Yin (2 DF) Miri Mandarin 20. International Relations 1. Club Twinning No. Lions Clubs Twinned with District Date 1. Sibu Pahlawan LC Guangdong Le Shan, China 381 31/07/2009 2. Kuching Ixora China Guangdong Guangming 381 13/10/2009 Lions Club, China 3 Miri Host LC Subang Jaya 308-B2 29/10/2009 4 Bau LC Keningau Host 308-A2 18/12/2009
  7. 7. 2. Club twinning in the pipeline are: 1. Leo Club of Swinburne Sarawak, Kuching with Leo Club of George Town Mutiara, Puala Pinang of District 308-B2 on 20/3/2010 2. LC Kuching Host with LC of Quezon City Bahaghari Executive, District 301-D1 on 10/4/2010. 3. LC Kota Kinabalu Host with LC of Ichinomiya Higashi, Japan 3. DG 308-A1 Anthony Tay attended sister’s club LC Lahad Datu Mandarin 10 th Anniversary and projects on 12/12/2009. 4. PDG Bae Jongwoo from District 354, Korea participated in joint water project of LC Kota Kinabalu Host on 10/1/2010 5. 2nd VDG Nogawa Wataru, District 332-E participated in joint water project of LC Kota Kinabalu Host on 20/1/2010 6. PDG Tsai Kuo Juei, District 300-G1, Taiwan attended the 1st Anniversary of LC Kuching Kota Sentosa on 23/1/2010. 7. PDG William Tan Boon Ngee and PDG Henry Tan, District 308-A1 participated in joint community project with LC Kota Kinabalu Host on 30/1/2010. 21. Convention 1. 4 delegates attended International Convention 5-10/7/2009 in Minneapolis, USA 2. 25 delegates attended 48th OSEAL Forum in Pattaya 19-22/10/2009 3. 173 delegates registered for 48 th MD 308 Lions Convention, Singapore 29/4 – 2/5/2010 Conclusion Once again, thank you to one and all Lion Dignitaries, my Fellow Lions and Leos for your kind encouragement, support and friendship. I enjoyed the fellowship and warm hospitality extended by each of you and I shall always cherish these kind gestures and great moments in fond memories. Fellow Lions and Leos, let’s us continue with our momentum and strive “Towards a Brighter Future” for all mankind, and for building a stronger and more vibrant District 308-A2. YES….. “Together, Let’s Do It” and let’s “Move To Grow” Yours sincerely in Lionism Karen Koh Eng Yan District Governor 2009-2010 District 308-A2