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Em Project Report

  1. 1. LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL District 308-A2 Fiscal Year: 2009 / 2010 Jointly Organized by Zone 8 & Zone 9 Date: 13 March 2010, Saturday Time: 13:00 pm Venue: Miri Foochow Association “Effective Microorganisms and Garbage Enzymne” Seminar / Workshop Purpose The main purpose of this environmental project is to raise public awareness on green environment in view of the global warming, the increase of average temperature of the earth, the greenhouse gases etc. Introduction to Effective Microorganisms The concept of ‘Effective Microorganisms’ was developed by Japanese horticulturist Prof Dr Teruo Higa (then of the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan). In 1982, Dr. Higa called this discovery ‘Effective Microorganisms’ (EM™). Since then, the use of EM™ has spread to over 120 countries. EM™ is a brand name and refers to a proprietary blend of non-pathogenic microorganisms that secrete beneficial compounds for other life-forms. The technology to use it is called this EM Technology™. EM™ is widely used in agriculture, environment, household, and healthcare. Today the EM™ inoculant and products are produced in 54 countries. EM™ is a combination of approximately 80 different microorganisms capable of positively influencing decomposing organic matter such that it reverts into a ‘life promoting’ process. Dr Higa invokes a ‘dominance principle’ to explain the effects of EM™. There exist three groups of microorganisms: ‘positive microorganisms’ (regeneration), ‘negative microorganisms’ (decomposition, degeneration), and ‘opportunist microorganisms’. In every medium (soil, water, air, the human body etc.), the ratio of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ microorganisms is critical, since the opportunist microorganisms follow the trend to regeneration or degeneration. Therefore, it is possible to positively influence the given medium by supplementing it with positive microorganisms. 1
  2. 2. Introduction to Garbage Enzymne Garbage enzyme is a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruits and vegetables dregs), sugar and water. It is dark brown and has a strong sweet sour fermented scent. Garbage enzyme is a multipurpose liquid and its applications covers household, agriculture, animal husbandry etc. Garbage enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon from Thailand. She has been actively involved in enzyme research for more than 30 years and encourages people to make garbage enzyme at home to ease global warming. Garbage enzyme is the solution to recover our ozone layer and lower the global temperature. 2
  3. 3. Project Committee List No. Portfolio Person In-charge 1 Project Advisors 1.Region 3 Chairperson Lion Hii Teck Yun (LC of Miri Host) 2.Zone 8 Chairperson Lion John Hii (LC of Miri Mandarin) 3.Zone 9 Chairperson Lion Simon Ting (LC of Miri Host) 4.DC Environmental Services Lion Harry Lee (NCLCMRC) 5.Lion Ronny Ling (NLCMRC) 6.Lion Andrew Chieng (NCLCMRC) 2 Guest of Honour Region 3 Chairperson Lion Hii Teck Yun (LC of Miri Host) 3. Presiding Officer President Lion Rachel Ling (NCLCMRC) 4. Organising Chairman Lion Scott Wong (NCLCMRC) (OC) 5. Assistance OC Lion John Ling (LC of Miri Host) 6. Project Secretary Lion Jenny Chai (LC of Kapit) (Friends of Lions of NCLCMRC) 7. Project Treasurer Lion Eii Chin Ho (LC of Marudi Mandarin) 8. Webmaster Lion Wang Chee Yiu (NCLCMRC) 9. Floor Manager / 1.Lion John Ling (Master) Venue/Facilities/ 2.Leo Desmond Ling (Leo Club of Curtin University Of Technology Miri) Sound Sytem 3.Leo Christopher Ling (Leo club of Riam Road Secondary School Miri) 10. Publicity PP Lion Tong Shih Yee (LC of Miri Host) 11. Programme Manager 1. President Lion Rachel Ling (NCLCMRC) 2. Lion Lee San Khong (NCLCMRC) 12. Emcee English - Lion Christina Tiong (LC of Miri Mandarin) Mandarin - Lion Doreen Liu Syn Yee (LC of Miri Lambir) 13. Protocol/Roll Call Lion Eii Chin Ho (LC of Marudi Mandarin) 14. Invitation Of Guest DC Environmental Services Lion Harry Lee (NCLCMRC) 15. Banner/Ticket Lion Albert Boon (NCLCMRC) Printing/Backdrop/ Design Manager 16. Stage Master Lion Jenny Chai (LC of Kapit) 17 Transport Manager 1.Lion Andrew Chieng (NCLCMRC) 2.Lion Wong Tieng Nong (LC of Lutong) 18. Committee 1.President Lion Chai Choon Chin (LC of Lutong) 2.President Lion Chai Pei Li ( LC of Marudi Mandarin) 3.President Lion Chai Yu Kian (LC of Miri Cental) 4.President Lion Bong Shi Yee (LC of Miri Host) 5.President Lion Jong Kui Lan (LC of Batu Niah) 6.President Lion Liew Li Kheng (LC of Miri Lambir) 7.President Lion Eve Wong Sau Yin (LC of Miri Mandarin) 8.President Lion Rachel Ling (NCLCMRC) 19. Reception/Entrance 1. Lion Lee San Khong(NCLCRC) Ticket 2. Wang Chee Yiu (NCLCMRC) 3. Riam Leo and Curtin Leo 3
  4. 4. No. Portfolio Person In-charge 20. Usher Riam Leo + Curtin Leo 21. Mementos/Souvenir Lion Wang Chee Yiu (NCLCMRC) 22. Vote Of Thanks DC Environmental Services Lion Harry Lee (NCLCMRC) 23. Ticketing Manager 1. Lion Ronny Ling (NCLCMRC) 2. DC Environmental Services Lion Harry Lee (NCLCMRC) 3.Lion Scott Wong (NCLCMRC) 4.Committee member ( 8 Presidents) 24 Translator P Rachel Ling 25 Speakers Anthony Ng (PHD) Mark Voon (Chemist/environmentalist) 4
  5. 5. Project Budget Note: Project Account will be finalized upon post-modem meeting. Details of Budgeted receipts RM Remarks / Action by A Balance from Drug Awareness 219.95 B Balance from District Photo 936 C Contribution from Miri Lion Clubs via 2400 Lion Eii to collect payment ticket selling (Ticket of RM 5 each). from all clubs. • RM450 Miri Mandarin • RM300 Miri Host • RM300 New Century • RM300 Marudi Mandarin • RM300 Miri Lambir • RM300 Miri Lutong • RM300 Batu Niah • RM150 Miri Central Total budgeted Receipts 3536 Less Budgeted Expenditures A Speakers’ traveling expenditure at 992.00 RM 750 per person (RM 750 X 2 161.50 pax) + 1 night hotel accommodation at RM250 B Venue rental (Foo Chow 500 Association) @ RM 500 with P.A. system provided C Banner / Backdrop Design 374.40 D Souvenir 125 E Material for Mud Ball 500 F Secretary Admin. Fee 100 G Miscellaneous (inclusive of tea 100 break for committee & VIPs) H Cost of ticket printing (500 tickets) 160 Total budgeted expenditure 3012.90 Total surplus of budget 523.1 5