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Copy Of Cleft Lip Report 2 Document[1]

  1. 1. Lions Club International DISTRICT 308-A2 DC Lions Services for Children/ Lions Quest (Sarawak) FY 2009/2010 SPECIAL REPORT FOR LIONS SERVICES FOR CHILDREN/LIONS QUEST - FY2009/2010 The spirit of Lionism once again makes its presence felt strongly among the local community the lion clubs strive to serve. This time, it brings transformation to a little 12-year-old girl who was having a cleft lip since birth. Her mother abandoned her with her father Embul anak Geransau and left the home with Lina’s younger sibling upon seeing her disfigured appearance. The girl was brought up by her father and never received any formal education. She and her father lived in squatter colony and always moved from place to place since her father works as an odd job labourer. District Chairperson of Lions Services For Children of Lions Clubs International, District 308-A2, Lion Wong Chii Sing spotted the girl on October, 2009. He immediately took the initiative and brought the plight of the girl to the attention of his committee of Lions Club of Bintulu Mandarin –one of the four serving Lions Clubs in Bintulu; namely, Lions Club of Bintulu Mandarin, Lions Club of Bintulu Host, Lions Club of Bintulu Kemena and Lions Club of Bintulu Kidurong. Under the ‘Gift of Smile’ Program runs by the Lions Clubs International District 308-A2 (Sarawak/Sabah/Brunei/Federal Territory of Labuan) and in collaboration with Ronald McDonald House Charities Malaysia In Aid Of Malaysian Children With Cleft Lip and Palate, Lina Anak Embul was being adopted and sponsored to undergo corrective surgery at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur on 2nd December, 2009. Following the successful corrective surgery, Lina Anak Embul was sent to Love Haven, a centre for orphans, abused children cum nursery runs by the Salvation Army, Bintulu Corps on 25th January, 2010 where she was being taught about basic living skill. Lion Wong Chii Sing assisted by other members of the Lions Clubs then made arrangement to enroll Lina Anak Embul to a primary school as to assist her to obtain a formal education like any other children. Because of the education policy of Malaysian Government, Lina Anak Embul had to jump-start and enroll to study at Primary Six Class because of her age instead of Primary One, which caters only for those aged seven years on 3rd February, 2010. Lion Wong Chii Sing dutifully displaying the true spirit of Lionism as he fetches Lina Anak Embul from the school hostel every Friday afternoon and bring her to Love Haven. Lina Anak Embul is being given guidance and tuition by the staff at Love Haven to help her to catch up her school work. Lion Wong Chii Sing will again bring her back to the hostel on Sunday afternoon. The distance is estimated 18 miles from Love Haven. Lina Anak Embul is the first child being adopted and sponsored by International Lions District 308- A2’s “Gift of Smile’ Program which will definitely give new lease of life to her and a promising future.
  2. 2. ATTACHED ARE THE PICTORIAL REPORT ON THE SEQUENCES OF THE EVENT Picture 1 This is the stilted wooden house where Lina anak Embul lived when she was 11 years old. Picture 2 Members of Lions Clubs paying a visit to Lina Anak Embul at the latter house on 27th October, 2009.
  3. 3. Picture 3 This is how Lina Anak Embul looks like before undergoing the Corrective Surgery for the Cleft Lip. Picture 4 Undergo medical checkup at Bintulu Hospital before surgery arranged by Lions.
  4. 4. Picture 5 District Governor of 308-A2, Karen Koh Eng Yan (2nd left) and Managing Director of Mc Donald, Sabah Harry Teo Chin Hee being accorded a warmth welcome by Lions members upon their arrival at Bintulu Airport on 27th November 2009. Picture 6 District Governor Karen Koh Eng Yan delivering her speech at the luncheon reception at Pineapple Restaurant, Bintulu on 27th November, 2009.
  5. 5. Picture 7 District Governor Karen Koh Eng Yan introducing Lina Anak Embul and explained the noble project of the Lions to the reporters at the luncheon. Picture 8 Organizing Chairperson, DC Wong Chii Sing delivering his speech during the press release conference on 27th November, 2009.
  6. 6. Picture 9 Managing Director of Mc Donald Harry Teo Chin Hee handing over air tickets to Lina Anak Embul and family (father) witnessed by DG Karen Koh Eng Yan and members of the Cabinet Officers in Region 3 on 27th November, 2009. Picture 10 Photograph taken in front of Lina’s house for departure to Kuala Lumpur for the corrective surgery in Hospital Pantai, KL on 30th November, 2009.
  7. 7. Picture 11 Members of lions send wishes to Lina Anak Embul for the trip to KL for a successful surgery at Bintulu Airport on 30th November, 2009. President of Lions Club of Bintulu Kemena. Lion Ling Kong Hee accompanied Lina and her father to Kuala Lumpur. Picture 12 Photograph of Lina Anak Embul lay on bed with hope and anticipation after the surgery in Hospital Pantai, Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd December. 2009.
  8. 8. Picture 13 Lina Anak Embul with her new ‘look’ upon returning from Kuala Lumpur following the Corrective Surgery on 10th December, 2009. Picture 14 Members of the four Lions Clubs in Bintulu posing with Lina accompanied by her father following a press conference presided by Lion Wong Chii Sing on 10th December, 2009.
  9. 9. Picture 15 Villagers turning up to give rousing welcome to Lina Anak Embul upon reaching home. They also thanked Lions Clubs for the efforts and help rendered to Lina on 10th December, 2009. Picture 16 Lina Anak Embul is now more confident with herself and anxious to start her new life.
  10. 10. Picture 17 Getting ready for school, Lina Anak Embul posing with members of the Lions, tutor and staff at Love Haven runs by The Salvation Army, Bintulu Corps on 3rd February, 2010. Picture 18 Welcoming photograph taken with the principal, Encik Chil Bin Peni, arriving and posing at SK. Kem. Batu 18, Primary School on 3rd February, 2010.
  11. 11. Picture 19 Father of Lina, Embul Anak Gerunsau, giving Lina advice on her first day in school. Picture 20 Lina Anak Embul being escorted to the classroom by a teacher - Encik Dickson on 3rd February, 2010.
  12. 12. Picture 21 Lina Anak Embul settling down and starts to learn new lessons in class on 3rd February, 2010. Picture 22 Every Friday afternoon, DC Lion Wong Chii Sing has to fetches her back from the hostel and brings her back to school hostel on Sunday afternoon from the Love Haven. Photograph taken in front of school hostel – Lina Anak Embul with new friends while putting up at the school’s hostel on 7th February, 2010.
  13. 13. Picture 23 The new look of Lina Anak Embul now is full of self confident. Picture 24 This is how Lina Anak Embul looked like before the corrective surgery.
  14. 14. ATTACHED ARE THE CUTTING FROM THE VARIOUS NEWSPAPERS PERTAINING TO LIONS SERVICES FOR CHILDREN Newspaper release for the corrective surgery to Lina Anak Embul by Lions Clubs of District 308 A-2 Region 3, Zone 7 through the collaboration between Ronald Mc Donald Children’s Charities.
  15. 15. Newspaper release for the project done by the Lions of District 308 A-2, Region 3, Zone 7. Lions enrolled a Cleft Lip girl Lina Anak Embul to school after the corrective surgery. Note: She has never gone to school since she was 11 year old.
  16. 16. Reported by _____________ Wong Chii Sing DC Lions Services for Children/Lions Quest (Sarawak) FY2009-2010