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37md Leo Forum Registration Form Lions V2
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37md Leo Forum Registration Form Lions V2


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  • 1. Multiple District 308 Leo Forum 2010 Z.E.A.L (Zealous Energy Augments Leadership) 11-13 June 2010 Tower Regency Hotel, I poh REGIS TRATION FORM FOR LIONS MEMBERS NA M E : G EN DE R : ( F E M A LE / M A LE ) I/C NO . : LIO NS CLU B O F : DIS T R ICT : RE G IO N : Z O NE : CA B IN E T O F FIC E R No Y es Pls state po s itio n : AD D RE S S : TE L NO . : M OB IL E NO . : FA X NO . : E - M A IL : 1 FO R UM R EG IS T RATIO N (T o sh a re w ith Li on s/L eo s) (Inc l F oru m K it , 2 B r eak fas ts , ac c o m m od ation RM 280.0 0 / pax RM 2 Lu nc hes & 2 D inn ers (B anq uet & Fe llow s hip D inne r) 2 FO R UM R EG IS T RATIO N (No acco mo d at ion ) Inc l F orum K it, 2 Lunc he s & 2 Dinner s RM 200.0 0 / pax RM (B an quet & F ello ws hip D inne r) * W alk in r eg istra ti on su b ject to a vaila b lity. * A ll ho te l arran g eme n t for L ion s t o be d on e on t h eir o wn . Ho w ever w e c an ar rang e fo r yo u * Tow er Reg enc y H otel RM 160/ night w/o br ea kf as t *S ubjec t to av aila bilit y. O ther wis e, to put up @ S y uen Hote l (5 m ins w alk ) @ R M 18 0nett wt bre ak fas t (2) DINN E R T ICKE T FO R AD DIT IO NA L G UE S T S - LI O N S O N L Y 3 Fellows hip Night RM 50.00 /T ick et 4 Ba nque t RM 65.00 / T ic k et T otal A m ou nt RM Should you have any ques tions r egarding to the Leo Forum, please contact us at: - Lion Alan Thoo F orum Chief Adv or is 016-322 2222 alan@event plus mar keti Leo Michelle Wu FOCC 016-342 1449 but terfly_f airy93@hot Leo Ng Jun Kang ForumRegistration 017-618 7452 l ove_is_for **Kindly s ubmit compl eted f or ms toget her with 2 (two) colour Pass port siz e phot ogr aphs and FOR OFFICE USEONLY full pay ment to: DATE RECEIVED: TheS ecret ariat, TH 37 MULTIPLE DISTRICT 308 LEO FORUM 2010 REGISTRATION No. : 21-2, J ALAN PJU 8/5F DAMANSARA P ERDANA CHEQUE No. : 47820 PETA LING J AYA SELANG OR, MALAYS IA RECEIPTNo. :