2nd Cabinet meeting report from DC Convention and Protocol


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2nd Cabinet meeting report from DC Convention and Protocol

  1. 1. 2nd Cabinet meeting report from DC Convention and Protocol A) Protocol Update on protocol Important notice: Resolution during Penang Council Meeting on October 2009 Any clubs may decide who they want to invite as GOH. However, please be reminded that DG is the CEO of our district as such it is always a courtesy to invite the DG first as the GOH for clubs function. If the DG is unable to attend, an officer will be assigned by the DG to takes over. But if clubs give priority to invite local dignitaries i.e. Local Ministers as GOH, they may choose to do so over DG. In situations where Lions Dignitaries like a Present/Past Officers of the International Association if so invited by the clubs as GOH, they should inform the clubs on the correct procedures i.e. they should inform the DG of such invitation [courtesy] if GOH invitation from clubs to officers ranked below the DG, then invited officers should get the DG's consent and permission before accepting. B) Convention Important reminder: In order to receive the Club President Excellence Award, each club president must be registered for any one of the following conventions, Multiple District, OSEAL or International Convention. 1〕MD convention in Singapore Registered Delegates on Singapore Convention Website as at 3rd November 2009 Total registered Delegates: A2 104 A1 86 B1 65 B2 50 Total 305 Region 1 1. 00141 Kho Poh Gek, Judy Kuching City 2. 00142 Tan Soh Har Kuching City 3. 00143 Tan Soh Har (spouse) Kuching City 4. 00155 Chang Jong Kuek Kuching Kota Sentosa 5. 00156 Chong Nam Fah Kuching Kota Sentosa 6. 00163 Chong Jew Lee Kuching Ixora 7. 00164 Tan Chung Tak, Eric Kuching Ixora 8. 00259 Hjh Ellis Suriyati Hj Omar Kuching Ixora 1
  2. 2. 9. 00169 Chuo Mui Ing Kuching Host 10. 00170 Gan Hock Guan Kuching Host 11. 00171 Law Lee Poh Kuching Host 12. 00172 Wee Seng Bin, Raymond Kuching Host 13. 00258 Sim Boon Chuan Kuching Host 14. 00179 Tang Yew Liong, Albert Kuching Metro Clubs yet to register Kuching Emerald, Kuching Kota Samarahan, Kuching North, Bau, Kuching Allamanda, Kuching Stamping-Pending, Kuching Hornbill, Serian Region 2 1. 00035 Lion John Tang Sing Han Sibu Jaya 2. 00100 Yee Kuok Enng, Eric Sibu Jaya 3. 00101 Ngu Liong Ing, Augustine Sibu Berjaya 4. 00102 Kiing Hie Ling Sibu Berjaya 5. 00103 Mah Mee Kong Sibu Berjaya 6. 00104 Goh Yew Soon Sibu Berjaya 7. 00246 Hii Chung Chuong Sibu Berjaya 8. 00247 Law Buon Ngie Sibu Berjaya 9. 00248 Ting Hua Aik Sibu Berjaya 10. 00249 Ling Hung Kang Sibu Berjaya 11. 00250 Chuo Pik Ting Sibu Berjaya 12. 00251 Huang Qun Sibu Berjaya 13. 00252 Ngu Say Bing Sibu Berjaya 14. 00253 Teo Nieng Tin Sibu Berjaya 15. 00105 Chuo Kock Sing Sibu City 16. 00106 Wong Gin Gin Sibu City 17. 00107 Chuo Kuok Hing Sibu City 18. 00108 Ting Mee Hung Sibu Seduan 19. 00109 Shirley Patricia @ Wong Hie Ming Sibu Seduan 20. 00110 Low Mung Hua Sibu Seduan 21. 00111 Ding Pang Hing Sibu Seduan 22. 00112 Chen Cheng Horng, Terrence Sibu Host 23. 00113 Nee Lian Chin Sibu Host 24. 00114 Lau Siew King Sibu Host 25. 00115 Ting Ing Horh, Clarence Sibu Host 26. 00116 Cheng Yik Siong Sibu Host 27. 00130 Dr Tie Hien Hwa Sibu Pahlawan 28. 00131 Wong Yieng Sibu Pahlawan 29. 00132 Chien King Hua Sibu Pahlawan 30. 00133 Wee Aik Khoon Sibu Pahlawan 31. 00134 Ngu Ming Ming Sibu Pahlawan 32. 00135 Roger Lai Sibu Pahlawan 33. 00136 Ngan Man Lin Sibu Pahlawan 34. 00137 Colin Pao Sibu Pahlawan 35. 00138 Wong Eng Siong Sibu Pahlawan 36. 00139 Tiang Ming Lng, Albert Sibu Pahlawan 37. 00140 Loh Ming Hua, Connie Sibu Pahlawan 38. 00158 Tiang Yung Hee Kapit 39. 00159 Jalin Anak Manggai Kapit 40. 00160 Dr Sia Tih Kong Kapit 41. 00161 Evelyn Anak Biju Kapit 2
  3. 3. 42. 00162 Ngu Kong Siong Kapit Clubs yet to register Bintangor, Sibu Central, Sarikei, Mukah, Sibu Mandarin Region 3 1. 00165 Freda Ho Miri Host 2. 00166 Wong Yew Hui Miri Host 3. 00167 Yong Hiong Khieng Miri Host 4. 00168 Bong Shi Yee Miri Host 5. 00254 Hii Teck Yun Miri Host 6. 00183 Mary Law Miri Central Clubs yet to register Bintulu Host, Bintulu Kemena, Bintulu Kidurong, Bintulu Mandarin, Lutong, Marudi Mandarin, Batu Niah, Miri Lambirm Miri Mandarin, Miri Resort City Region 4 1. 00126 Dr Tan Min Yaw Limbang Mandarin 2. 00127 Limbang Mandarin 2 Limbang Mandarin 3. 00128 Lu Nguong Mi Limbang Mandarin 4. 00129 Tie Heng Luck Limbang Mandarin Clubs yet to register Lawas, Limbang Host, Bandar Seri Begawan, Belait, Labuan Host, Labuan Mandarin Region 5 1. 00117 Chong Choon Moi Kota Kinabalu Sutera 2. 00118 Koh Shuk Eng Kota Kinabalu Sutera 3. 00119 Tang Choon Ah Kota Kinabalu Sutera 4. 00120 Liow Ah Yoke Kota Kinabalu Sutera 5. 00121 Chong Mee Yoke Kota Kinabalu Sutera 6. 00122 Wong Chin Ming Kota Kinabalu Sutera 7. 00123 Chan Soon Chai Kota Kinabalu Sutera 8. 00124 Ng Ei Hua Kota Kinabalu Sutera 9. 00125 Lu Siew Fong Kota Kinabalu Sutera 10. 00150 Chung Kee Hung Kota Kinabalu Mandarin 11. 00151 Yee Kai Mun Kota Kinabalu Mandarin 12. 00099 Yong Mui Foh Kudat Emerald 13. 00148 Chong Yok Lin Kota Kinabalu Host 14. 00149 Nenita Singson Tan Kota Kinabalu Host 15. 00097 Leena Toyoi Bohuntong Kota Kinabalu Penampang 16. 00098 Melvin Gregory Disimond Kota Kinabalu Penampang Clubs yet to register Kota Belud, KK Damai, Ranau, KK Downtown, Penampang Hongkod 3
  4. 4. Region 6 1. 00029 CC Simon Koh Kota Kinabalu Metro 2. 00030 DG Karen Koh Tanjung Aru 3. 00180 Cheong Yuen Fatt Tanjung Aru 4. 00257 Bong Boon Kho Keningau Host 5. 00144 Dr Gan Kean Siong Keningau Mandarin 6. 00145 Chee Su Ken Keningau Mandarin 7. 00146 Hew Ah Choy Keningau Mandarin 8. 00147 Chee Suk Fun Keningau Mandarin 9. 00152 Janny Yapp Kota Kinabalu Central 10. 00153 Tay Siew Yun, Lily Kota Kinabalu Central 11. 00154 Chin Mee Ping Kota Kinabalu Central 12. 00181 Dr Tan Tsu Kun Tenom 13. 00182 Shanty Elizabeth Rawi Tenom 14. 00255 Teo Leh Chong Tenom 15. 00256 Jamawi Jaafar Tenom Clubs yet to register Beaufort, KK City, Tenom Mandarin Region 7 1. 00157 Chiu Hung Siong, Paul Tawau Central 2. 00173 Ho Kon Fatt Tawau Mandarin 3. 00174 Liew Lee Hing Tawau Mandarin 4. 00175 Shang Nyuk Moi Tawau Mandarin 5. 00176 Leong Nyen Kong Tawau Mandarin 6. 00177 Pang Sui Jin Tawau Mandarin 7. 00178 Chin Nyuk Fun Tawau Mandarin Clubs yet to register Lahad Datu, Lahad Datu Mandarin, Sandakan, Sandakan Selingan, Tawau Cosmo, Tawau Host 2) OSEAL forum Region 1 2 Region 6 14 Thank you Yours in Lionism Lion Clarence Ting 4
  5. 5. Attachment REMINDER on 15th Oct 2009 Dear Lions, The 48th MD308 convention is fast approaching, from today 15th Oct 2009, we have only 197 days left to the opening ceremony. For those of you who have not yet registered, please take advantage of the "EARLY BIRD" special offer which last only till 31st Dec 2009. Bear in mind, the 48th COC probably extended their "early bird" period with Malaysian Lions in mind. So YOU should take action NOW, as some lions are already experiencing delays in sending forms and buying bank drafts of a different currency. 1. Convention Registration Fee a. The Early Bird registration offer S$220.00 is valid ONLY till 31st Dec 2009. b. The Convention fee is S$260 from 1st Jan 2010 to 15th Apr 2010 c. The Convention fee is S$300 AFTER 15th Apr 2010 2. For online registration http://48md308lionsconvention.com/online-registration-form-/5.html 3. Payment by TT Make payment to: 48th MD308 Lions Convention United Overseas Bank Ltd, Novena Branch Account No: 339-303-694-8 Important: Fax Registration form with proof of payment to Fax: +6564420617 4. Payment by bank draft Buy bank draft payable to: 48th MD308 Lions Convention Lion Andrew Yeo (Lions Club of Singapore East) Address: 487 Bedok South Avenue 3, Singapore 469316 5. Convention Website http://48md308lionsconvention.com/ Region Chairpersons, Zone Chairpersons, please forward this mail to all the District Chairpersons and club presidents in your Region/zone for their action. If you have any other queries pls do not hesitate to contact me. See you in Singapore in April 2010. We want to show our brethrens in Singapore that A2 can also party!! Together, Let's do it! 5