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  1. 1. We Took A Trip Through London To Visit Potential Shoots To Film
  2. 2. We immediately decided that Greenwich would be a great location to film. As it is where the O2 arena is situated it is a clean reputable open space that isn’t always busy. We especially liked this location for the hedge wall as it would be a great background in our video. The open space location also allowed for numerous different shots. At Greenwich O2 there was a massive screen that we hoped we could use in our production to show a clip of Matthew singing against a background, but we were unable to gain permission to you use it
  3. 3. On arriving at Canary Wharf we immediately knew that this would be our main location to film as there are so many different places we could! We especially liked ‘ Cabot Square’. It had a huge main water fountain and then on either side, steps leading down to two vertical fountains. We imagined this to be a great background in the shot of the couple as it had a romantic atmosphere. We also took a liking to the bridge. In our track there is a line where he says he wants to run away with her so we had an idea to show them running across a bridge. The bridge at canary wharf was an option to show this scene.
  4. 4. Embankment, being a great tourist spot defiantly had to be a location to film. The background of Big Ben and the London eye would create a great romantic atmosphere in our video, and especially if filmed at night with all the romantic lighting. Although the lighting may make it harder to film due to our restricted resourced Embankment bridge is an amazing place to shoot as it has a great background of London! However, it may be difficult to film here as it is so busy and therefore may be hard in the long run when it comes to editing and doing match cuts.
  5. 5. In our track there is a part where he is expressing that he wants to buy her expensive things like ‘Gucci and Prada’. Originally for this idea we were going to shoot at Westfield Shopping Centre as there is a line of designer shops, but due to permission restrictions we decided that outside Harrods would be good as it as the main luxury shop of London and the peak of expensive shopping. So for the scene we will shoot them walking past Harrods with designer bags.
  6. 6. <ul><li>Other scenes such as when they meet will be filmed at Anisa’s house </li></ul><ul><li>Scenes of Matthew Singing will be filmed in school with a blank background </li></ul><ul><li>Scenes of the death will be filmed at Mitcham cemetery </li></ul>