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How to Convert Leads with Email Marketing
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How to Convert Leads with Email Marketing


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Many small business owners have abandoned email marketing. Why? Because they think it doesn’t work anymore, they don’t want to bother their customers and prospects, or they’re focusing all of their …

Many small business owners have abandoned email marketing. Why? Because they think it doesn’t work anymore, they don’t want to bother their customers and prospects, or they’re focusing all of their energy on other online activities, such as social media. In reality, email marketing is not only still effective, it is one of the best ways to educate and convert your leads.

In this presentation, you will learn:
-The concept of building a Total Online Presence and treating your online marketing as an integrated system, vs. a series of one-off events – and where email marketing exists within this system
-How to choose the right email service provider
-How to build your email list and the best way to capture the greatest amount of email leads
-Email best practices, including how to get your email opened
-The difference between email campaigns and newsletters, and when to use each
-How to use auto-responders for automated follow-up
-How to integrate email marketing into your website, social media and other marketing activities as part of a lead generation and conversion machine.

THINK60 GUEST PRESENTER: Nicole Croizier,, @Corner_Market

Nicole Croizier is an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, Total Online Presence Expert and founder of marketing coaching and consulting firm, Corner Your Market. Nicole combines her 16 years of marketing experience with the proven Duct Tape Marketing methodology to help small businesses take the guesswork out of marketing and install practical, step-by-step systems that get them the consistent leads and business results they need to support growth.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. WELCOME a studiothink presentation
  • 2. Thank you for coming Our Think60 event series was established as a resource for business people to learn, grow and network right here in the Valley. We’re glad you’re here, we hope you come back, and we encourage you to invite a friend. Mark your calendars 4pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month. •Sep 19 - Getting more done in less time. #Think60
  • 3. how convert leads with email marketing Today’s Speaker: Nicole Croizier From: Corner Your Market
  • 4. TOPIC INTRO Studiothink helps companies create a brand, but once it’s built how do you create awareness about your brand and utilize it to generate more business? Email marketing is one of the tools you can use. Today’s topic will answer these questions •how to ensure your emails are opened and turn into leads? •when to use and email campaign and when to use an enewsletter? •how to get more people on your list?
  • 5. SPEAKER INTRO nicole croizier, corner your market •a Studiothink partner and former client since 2005 (or earlier) •an experienced marketing professional, over 16 years •founder of Langley based Corner Your Market, a marketing coaching firm •expert at helping businesses set up step-by-step marketing systems that are easy for them to manage •always willing to meet if there’s wine or Awake tea nearby
  • 6. Converting Leads with Email Marketing Stop Spamming and Start Educating
  • 7. The  Email  Marke-ng  Myth   •  Email  marke-ng  is  old  fashioned   •  Social  media  has  replaced  email   •  Nobody  wants  to  receive  email   •  Email  marke-ng  is  dead  
  • 8. The  Email  Marke-ng  Reality   •  True:  People  are  more  sensi-ve  to  spam  &   unsolicited  email  than  ever  before   •  But:  With  inbound  and  content  marke-ng   (informing  &  educa-ng  vs.  selling  &   promo-ng),  opt-­‐in  email  is  a  powerful   conversion  tool   •  But  as  a  CONVERSION  vs.  LEAD   GENERATION  tool.  
  • 9. We  aren’t  talking  about…   Sending  Emails  to  a  Bought  List   of  Contacts  Who  Have  Never   Heard  of  You     (AKA  Lead  Genera-on)  
  • 10. We  are  talking  about     Using  Email  Marke-ng  to   Convert  Leads  Who  Have  Opted   In  to  Receive  Informa-on     (Lead  Nurturing  and  Conversion)  
  • 11. Why  Email  Marke-ng  “Doesn’t   Work”   •  Sending  one-­‐off  emails  to  a  bought/untested  list   •  Content  is  too  much  about  sales  and  not  enough   about  educa-on   •  Not  part  of  a  Total  Online  Presence  or  Inbound   Marke-ng  Plan   •  No  regular  newsleWer   •  Don’t  send  email  at  all  –  Replace  with  social  media  
  • 12. Types  of  Email   1.  Lead  Genera-on  Campaigns   •  What  most  companies  think  of  when  “email  marke-ng”   –  buying  a  list  and  promo-ng  to  generate  leads   2.  Lead  Nurturing  Campaigns   •  A  way  to  educate  prospects  and  gently  move  them   through  your  buying  cycle  once  they  have  already   opted-­‐in  to  receive  informa-on  from  you   3.  NewsleWers   •  Regular  prospect  and  customer  contact  using   educa-onal  content  to  keep  you  top-­‐of-­‐mind  
  • 13. Preparing  for  Email  Marke-ng  Success   •  Three  Key  Steps:   1.  Build  Your  Total  Online  Presence  –  this  is  your   founda5on/pla8orm   2.  Create  Your  Marke9ng  Hourglass  –  this  is  your  overall   buying  process   3.  Set-­‐Up  an  Inbound  Marke9ng  System  –  these  are  your   specific  campaign  elements  to  match  your  buying   process    
  • 14. Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success     Build  a  Total  Online  Presence   •  Build  a  Total  Content  PlaEorm   •  Get  Found  With  Organic  SEO   •  Convert  Leads  with  Email  Marke9ng   •  Amplify  Content  with  Social  Media   Marke9ng   •  Expand  Your  Reach  with  Online   Adver9sing   •  Op-mize  for  Mobile  and  Loca9on   •  Improve  Results  with  Analy9cs  and   Conversion  
  • 15. Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success     Create  Your  Marke-ng  Hourglass  
  • 16. Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success     Create  Your  Marke-ng  Hourglass   •  Every  prospect  goes  through  the  same  buying  stages   no  maWer  what  they  are  purchasing   •  Most  small  business  owners  spend  a  lot  of  -me  on   the  first  stage  (KNOW)  but  skip  the  three  essen-al   conversion  stages  (LIKE,  TRUST,  TRY)   •  This  is  why  most  of  their  marke-ng  campaigns   “don’t  work”  
  • 17. Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success     Create  Your  Marke-ng  Hourglass   •  Where  does  email  marke-ng  fit?   •  Once  prospects  KNOW  you  through  lead  genera-on   (adver-sing,  content,  PR,  social  media,  referrals)   •  Email  marke-ng  helps  you  move  them  along  your  buying   process  to  LIKE,  TRUST,  TRY  &  BUY.   •  Then,  your  newsleWer  helps  you  get  repeat  business  and   generate  referrals  
  • 18. Marke9ng   Hourglass  Stage   Tac9cs   Where  Does  Email  Fit?   Know   Adver-sing   PR   Referrals   Social  Media   SEO   Lead  Genera-on   Building  Your  Email  List   Like   Website   Blog   Ar-cles   Social  Media   Lead  Nurturing   (Conversion)   Trust   Case  Studies   Tes-monials   Content  (eBooks,  white  papers,  research   papers)   Social  Media  Followers   Lead  Nurturing   (Conversion)   Try     Webinar   Presenta-on   Video   Seminar   Free  Audit   Lead  Nurturing   (Conversion)   Buy   New  Customer  Kit   Process/Welcome  Document   Free  Gia       Repeat   Customer  Surveys   Customer  Events       NewsleWer   (Upsell)   Refer   NewsleWer   Partnerships   NewsleWer   (Referral  Genera-on)  
  • 19. Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success   Create  an  Inbound  Marke-ng  System   •  Your  Inbound  Marke-ng  System  provides  a  prac-cal   framework  for  moving  prospects  through  your  buying   process    
  • 20. The  goal  of  every  marke9ng  campaign   should  be  to  collect  the  contact  informa9on   of  qualified  leads  so  you  can  con9nue   marke9ng  to  them       Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success   Create  an  Inbound  Marke-ng  System  
  • 21. •  Create  Value  Content  for  Every  Stage  of  the   Buying  Process     •  Set-­‐Up  Calls-­‐to-­‐Ac9on,  Landing  Pages  and  Lead   Capture  Forms   •  Get  Found  Through  SEO  and  Promote  Your   Campaign  via  Online  Adver9sing  &  Social  Media   •  Nurture  &  Convert  Leads  with  Email  Marke9ng   •  Encourage  Repeat  and  Referral  Business  with   your  NewsleVer   Preparing  for  Email  Marke5ng  Success   Create  an  Inbound  Marke-ng  System  
  • 22. •  Promo-on  (value  content)   •  Call-­‐to-­‐Ac-on   •  Landing  Page   •  Thank  You  Page   •  Fulfillment  (email  with  download  link)   •  Lead  Nurturing  Emails  (3  to  7)   •  NewsleWer   Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Key  Campaign  Elements  
  • 23. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Promo-on   Value  Content:               Promote  Via:   • SEO   • Online  Adver-sing   • Blog  Posts   • Social  Media   • News  Releases   • Offline  Marke-ng   • *Lead  Gen  Email          
  • 24. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Call-­‐to-­‐Ac-on  
  • 25. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Landing  Page  with  Form  
  • 26. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Thank  You  Page  
  • 27. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Fulfillment  Email  
  • 28. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Lead  Nurturing  Emails   Series  of  7  emails  each  providing  more  informa-on  on  each  step   of  the  7  Steps  to  Marke-ng  Success:   1. Put  Strategy  before  Tac-cs   2. Marke-ng  Hourglass     3. Use  Educa-onal  Content   4. Build  a  Total  Online  Presence   5. Use  a  Lead  Genera-on  Trio   6. Make  Selling  a  System   7. Use  a  Marke-ng  Calendar        
  • 29. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   Lead  Nurturing  Emails   At  each  stage  you  can  add  new  calls-­‐to-­‐ac-on  to  move  people   through  your  buying  process  (Marke-ng  Hourglass):   1. Like  (addi-onal  eBooks,  ar-cles)     2. Trust  (addi-onal  eBooks,  reports,  case  studies,  tes-monials)   3. Try  (videos,  webinars,  cheat-­‐sheets,  free  review)              
  • 30. Email  Conversion  Campaign  Example   NewsleWer   If  a  prospect  s-ll  does  not  take  ac-on,  they  simply  become  part   of  your  newsleWer  list  –  an  essen-al  part  of  your  Hourglass:   •  LIKE,  TRUST  and  TRY:  Prospects  remain  on  your  email  list  and  receive   your  monthly  educa-onal  newsleWer  un-l  they  are  ready  to  buy   •  BUY,  REPEAT  and  REFER:  Once  a  prospect  becomes  a  customer,  your   marke-ng  doesn’t  stop.  NewsleWers  are  an  essen-al  part  of:   •  BUY:  Making  your  customer  feel  like  part  of  your  community  –   include  wonderful  stories  about  their  success   •  REPEAT:  Providing  informa-on  on  other  programs  or  services  you   offer  (or  new  services  and  add-­‐ons)  that  your  current  customers   may  not  know  about   •  REFER:  Keep  you  top  of  mind  with  customers  so  they  will  think  of   referring  you  when  someone  they  know  requires  your  services        
  • 31.      Example  Review  &  Ques-ons:   •  How  much  promo-on  and  selling  did  we  do?   •  Why  are  these  emails  not  considered  “spam”?   •  What  do  you  do  if  a  prospect  hasn’t  taken  ac-on?   •  In  this  system,  do  you  lose  touch  with  prospects?       1
  • 32. Email  Best  Prac5ces   How  To  Build  Your  Email  List   •  Use  Landing  Pages,  Calls-­‐to-­‐Ac-on  &  Forms  for   every  campaign   •  Create  value  content  for  every  stage  of  the   buying  cycle   •  Include  a  sign-­‐up  form  on  every  web  page   •  Consider  “nice”  pop-­‐ups   •  Social  Media:  Amplify  your  content  to  prospects   •  PPC  Adver-sing:  Promote  your  content  
  • 33. Email  Best  Prac5ces:     How  to  Get  Your  Email  Opened   •  Make  the  from  line  recognizable  –  use  your   name   •  Keep  your  subject  line  to  40-­‐50  characters  or  less   •  Use  en-cing  subject  lines  that  imply  value:  “How   to  increase  email  conversions  in  7  steps”   •  Don’t  use  excessive  punctua-on  or  salesy   messages   •  Use  the  pre-­‐header  text  area  
  • 34. Email  Best  Prac5ces:     Aaer  the  Open   •  Include  descrip-ons  for  your  ALT  images   •  Use  clear  call-­‐to-­‐ac-on  buWons   •  Include  social  sharing   •  Create  an  HTML  and  text  version  –  mobile  friendly   •  Enable  opt-­‐outs  (your  ESP  does  this  for  you)  
  • 35.      NewsleWer  Best  Prac-ces   •  Include  a  newsleWer  sign  up  form  on  every  web  page   •  Use  a  Thank  You  page  aaer  sign  up   •  Send  consistently  (once  per  month  or  more  is  ideal)   •  Include  value/educa-onal/informa-on  content  on  a  6  to  1   ra-o   •  Serve  content  in  snacks  –  small  notes  –  then  link  to  your   ar-cle   •  Use  your  –  and  other  people’s  content  (makes  you  shareable)   1
  • 36. NewsleWer  Best  Prac-ces:  What   Content  to  Include?   •  Blog  posts   •  Tips,  tac-cs,  how-­‐tos   •  Industry  news   •  Third  party  news   •  Events   •  Interes-ng  facts   •  Reviews   •  Sales   •  Photos     1 •  Contests   •  Resources   •  Company  news   •  Awards   •  Tes-monials   •  New  Customers   •  New  Products/ Services   •  Customer  Results  
  • 37.      Choosing  an  Email  Service  Provider   •  Every  Email  Service  Provider  Should  Offer:   •  Form  builders   •  Add  to  your  website   •  Automa-cally  add  contacts  to  your  lists   •  Auto-­‐responders   •  Segmented  lists   •  Social  Integra-on   •  Repor-ng  Data   •  Automa-c  Opt-­‐in/Opt-­‐out   •  Some  Offer:   •  Event  Management  (Constant  Contact)   •  Lead  Nurturing  (AWeber)       1
  • 38.      Popular  Email  Service  Providers   •  Constant  Contact  (   •  MailChimp  (   •  Aweber  (   •  iContact  (               1
  • 39.      Alterna-ves  to  Email  Service  Providers   •  All-­‐In-­‐One  Marke-ng  Soaware  includes:   •  Email  Marke-ng   •  Email  Automa-on   •  Social  Media   •  SEO   •  Blogging   •  Landing  Pages,  Forms  and  Calls-­‐to-­‐Ac-on   •  Popular  Providers:   •  HubSpot   •  InfusionSoa   •  Cost:  $200  to  $5000/month  depending  on  the  size  of  your   business             1
  • 40.      Your  Ac-on  Plan   •  Choose  Your  Email  Service  Provider   •  Add  a  NewsleWer  Sign-­‐up  to  Every  Page   •  Iden-fy  Your  Campaigns  and  Value  Documents   •  Include  a  Landing  Page,  Call-­‐to-­‐Ac-on  and  Form  for  all   Campaigns   •  Set-­‐Up  a  Landing  Page   •  Create  an  Email  Auto-­‐Responder  (fulfillment)   •  Set-­‐Up  3  to  7  Follow-­‐Up  Emails  (lead  nurturing)   •  Promote  Your  Campaign  and  Start  Tracking  Results!             1
  • 41.      Total  Online  Presence     If  you  don’t  have  a  Total  Online   Presence…  Get  started  now  with  our  FREE   eBOOK:             1 Download Now at: marketing-presence/
  • 42.      About  Us     Nicole  Croizier  is  a  marke-ng  coach,   Authorized  Duct  Tape  Marke-ng   Consultant  and  founder  of  Corner  Your   Market  –  a  small  business  marke-ng   consul-ng  firm  based  in  Vancouver,  BC.               1
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