Stop smoking benefits


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Uncover the exciting benefits that your body,family and finances will enjoy when you eventually quit smoking from these slides.

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Stop smoking benefits

  1. 1. Stop Smoking Benefits By
  2. 2. Introduction• Summoning the courage to quit smoking can be tough but if you succeed in doing it, your body experiences several stop smoking benefits,which cut across financial,health,self esteem and social relationship lines.
  3. 3. You Will Live Long• A vote for smoking cessation is a vote for a longer life. When you drop off your cigarette sticks for good, you become free from deadly diseases that are caused by carbon monoxide, nicotine and other poisonous substances that get into your body through smoking. Some of these sicknesses include, but are not limited to, a simple ulcer, a severe cough or cold or worse, lung cancer.
  4. 4. You Will Live Long(2)• If you desire long life and a qualitative life,you need to hear this. A recent report released by the National Research Council shows that “smoking and obesity are shortening Americans’ potential life spans. Though life expectancy in the US is indeed increasing, it is increasing at much slower rates than other areas in the world. The study showed that within the last five years the average life expectancy of women is 80.4 years and 75.3 years for men in the United States, contrasting with the Japanese, whose women live for an average of 86 years and men live around 79.2 years.
  5. 5. You Will Live Long(3)• These statistics are directly related to smoking, according to the report, as people who smoke, or used to smoke, have a decreased life expectancy. While smoking isn’t as prevalent now as it used to be, the damage of the past still leaves an impression on the present and future. Each person’s smoking history makes a difference as every inhale leaves a lasting mark on their health. This is why every day of choosing whether or not to quit smoking counts.”
  6. 6. Health Benefits of Quit Smoking• Suffice to say that many positive gains will accompany your decision to quit smoking. Now, let’s quickly review the positive health benefits that will prolong the life of a smoker once he stops.
  7. 7. When smokers quit — What are the benefits over time?• 20 minutes after quitting• Your heart rate and blood pressure drop. (Effect of smoking on arterial stiffness and pulse pressure amplification, Mahmud A, Feely J. 2003. Hypertension:41:183)• 12 hours after quitting• The carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal.(US Surgeon General’s Report, 1988, p. 202)
  8. 8. When smokers quit — What are the benefits over time?(2)• 2 weeks to 3 months after quitting• Your circulation improves and your lung function increases. (US Surgeon General’s Report, 1990, pp.193, 194,196, 285, 323)• 1 to 9 months after quitting• Coughing and shortness of breath decrease; cilia (tiny hair-like structures that move mucus out of the lungs) start to regain normal function in the lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce the risk of infection. (US Surgeon General’s Report, 1990, pp. 285-287, 304)
  9. 9. When smokers quit — What are the benefits over time?(3)• 1 year after quitting• The excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker’s. (US Surgeon General’s Report, 2010, p. 359)• 5 years after quitting• Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and bladder are cut in half. Cervical cancer risk falls to that of a non- smoker. Stroke risk can fall to that of a non-smoker after 2-5 years. (A Report of the Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease – The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease Fact Sheet, 2010; Tobacco Control: Reversal of Risk After Quitting Smoking. IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention, Vol. 11. 2007, p 341)
  10. 10. When smokers quit — What are the benefits over time?(4)• 10 years after quitting• The risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a person who is still smoking. The risk of cancer of the larynx and pancreas decreases. (A Report of the Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease – The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease Fact Sheet, 2010; and US Surgeon General’s Report, 1990, pp. vi, 155, 165)
  11. 11. When smokers quit — What are the benefits over time?(5)• 15 years after quitting• The risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non-smoker’s.• This piece was extracted from an article made available by American Cancer Society, you may read the full article @ Guide to Quitting Smoking.
  12. 12. Stop Smoking Will Save You Money• There is no doubt about the fact that smoking cessation will save you money. A pack of decent cigarettes is like $6-$10 in the US now, depending on where you are. Since July 1,2010,residents of New York have had to buy a pack of cigarettes for $11.As an average smoker, smoking just 1 pack a day will amount to $33o a month. Now, that’s a lot of money. Wasting money on something you really don’t need, but “have to have” is really a form of madness but if you are able to quit, you can channel the money into other productive ventures.
  13. 13. You Will Look and Feel Better• Smoking reduces the amount of blood flowing to the skin and dries it out. Over time,the skin loses elasticity and gets more wrinkled. Once you stop smoking,the skin takes on a healthier tone.The color improves and retains moisture better, which means less wrinkles. Overtime, you will not only you look better, but you should start feeling better also.
  14. 14. You Will Find Peace of Mind• Not having to wake up and bother about cigarettes puts your mind at absolute rest. There’s something about addiction that puts vulnerable people in a constant state of worry. They claim to smoke to relieve stress but they end up more worried than ever. But when you successfully, stop smoking, you will find peace of mind.
  15. 15. You Will Break Free from the Shackles of Smoking• Being addicted to nicotine is just like being in shackles but if you quit, you totally break free from the slavery. You gain power over a habit that has held you captive for years(or for months depending on how long you have been smoking).In essence, you become totally free.
  16. 16. You Will Gain Social Recognition and Self Esteem• When you quit smoking, society tends to warm up to you, more than before. This could be due to the fact that your body no longer smells of smoke, neither does your teeth look yellow. You have whiter teeth, a better smell and more money in your hands. Everything falls into place and you become an established member of the society.
  17. 17. Thank You for Reading!!!• For more on such incisive articles, please visit •