Best book for stop smoking


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Discover the best book for stop smoking as well as the things you should look out for when in search of a reputable stop smoking program.

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Best book for stop smoking

  1. 1. Best Book for Stop Smoking By
  2. 2. Introduction• Many a time, smokers who want to drop off cigarettes, ask “which is the best book for quit smoking?” To answer the question, I’ll say there are several smoking cessation books available for those who are looking for more information on how to permanently quit smoking. But among these books, some are preferable to others.
  3. 3. Review of 2 Books• Below is a quick rundown of two famous smoking cessation books that are certainly worth the salt. Each of the books presents a potpourri of personal smoking experience, instruction, counsel and motivation on living a tobacco-free life.• Smokers desirous of stopping smoking should make an effort to discover the smoking cessation literature that is best suited for their peculiar circumstances.
  4. 4. Things to Consider before Buying a Quit Smoking Book• Is the writer a smoker or not? I believe a book by someone who used to smoke but quit will be ideal because he or she will be writing from first- hand experience.• A stop smoking book is about education and in my low and humble estimation; education is the key to learning how to quit smoking permanently. Some people will tell you to use the patch, lozenge, gum or pills, but for me it only takes determination and a reprogramming of the mind.
  5. 5. Things to Consider before Buying a Quit Smoking Book(2)• From all intents and purposes, a stop smoking book that does not educate you should not be considered at all. Proper education will put you in the right frame of mind while trying to quit cigarettes. It may also suggest various tips and strategies that will build up your confidence and provide you with strength in the face of temptations.
  6. 6. Things to Consider before Buying a Quit Smoking Book(3)• 3. Find out what technique the book advocates. Is it a popular and sensible technique? What are other people saying about the technique? Research online and get answers to all these questions. The fact that a smoking cessation book was written by an ex-smoker doesn’t mean the method he or she used will work for you.
  7. 7. Things to Consider before Buying a Quit Smoking Book(4)• Find out whether the book contains ample research on the subject of smoking cigarette. When you purchase a smoking cessation book, you buy it for a thorough knowledge of the subject; its harmful effects, treatment options and not to read someone’s personal experience alone.
  8. 8. Things to Consider before Buying a Quit Smoking Book(5)• Smoking is a grave and deadly habit that should be gotten rid of through all means possible. So if buying a book can help you conquer this habit then what are you waiting for? Go and get it today to discover extra possibilities. Below is my review of the 2 books:
  9. 9. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book• Allen Carr, an accountant, was a former 100- cigarette a day chain smoker who quit smoking after 33 years. Suffice to say, his addiction drove him to the depths of despair and despondency, but after many unsuccessful quit attempts, Carr came up with a plan to quit smoking that finally worked for him. He wrote this book based on his plan. The book became a best seller and has sold millions world-wide. Till today, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, remains the highest-selling book on quitting smoking worldwide.
  10. 10. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(2)• One of the most useful parts of the book is where he deflates the most common reasons for smoking such as smoking calming you down or getting rid of stress. He further goes on to explain why smoking isn’t actually enjoyable. For most smokers, this is like a thunder bolt as they see smoking as an enjoyable habit – an indulgence. Rather, he opines that how they feel anytime they smoke is a temporary relief from nicotine withdrawal. He compared it to wearing tight, itchy shoes so that your feet will feel relieved when you take them off. This puts you in the right frame of mind for actually dropping off cigarettes.
  11. 11. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(3)• Carr discusses such issues as cigarette and nicotine addiction; the societal “indoctrination” that promotes smoking; the erroneous but commonly-held belief that a cigarette alleviates stress; the role monotony plays in disrupting efforts to stop; and the main reasons for failure.
  12. 12. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(4)• A huge proponent of the quit smoking cold turkey method, Carr also discusses why people fail using step-down methods. Contrary to their perception, Carr informs that smokers do not get an improvement or boost from lighting up. Smoking, according to him, only eases the withdrawal symptoms from the preceding cigarette, which in turn creates more withdrawal symptoms once it is finished. In this way, the nicotine addiction perpetuates itself.
  13. 13. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(5)• He asserted that the withdrawal symptoms are actually created by doubt and fear in the mind of the ex-smoker, and that smoking cessation is not as distressing as is commonly assumed, if that doubt and fear can be done away with.• He examines reasons why people take up the habit and why they continue, as well as why many attempts to stop smoking ultimately fail. Mr. Carr offers a step-by-step approach to stop smoking by addressing the psychological need to smoke and reveals how to handle withdrawal symptoms and situations when temptation might become too strong.
  14. 14. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(6)• In a nutshell, the easy way to stop smoking involves two things: one, deciding you are never going to smoke again, and two, rejoicing over your decision. Sounds too simple, but after reading the first part of the book, this strategy will make more sense to you.• This book helps smokers quit resolutely. It works best when they are committed, under pressure and need urgent help.
  15. 15. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking Book(7)• The good thing about the book is that the writer does not pressurize the reader to stay away from cigarettes at once. Rather, he encourages them to follow his step-by-step plan while still smoking!• At the end of the book, Carr provides a checklist of the activities that smokers can engage in to break their addiction. According to him, if you “follow the simple instructions at the end of the book, you will not fail.”
  16. 16. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers• A 2-pack-a-day smoker for more than 20 years, Jacquelyn Rogers tried every means to quit and failed until she combined the facts about her bodily addiction and mental dependence to cease smoking. After quitting her own addiction, she founded the smoking cessation group, SmokEnders.
  17. 17. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers(2)• This “smoker-friendly” guide to quitting smoking details her successful four-week smoking cessation program. Since then, she has helped over one million SmokEnders free themselves from smoking throughout the world.• You Can Stop Smoking• In this course-updated to include the most recent information on smoking cessation- you will find an exclusive and verified method to assist you get rid of cigarettes from your life in just 28 days, no matter how much or how long you have smoked.
  18. 18. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers(3)• In this book, you will also get to know more about the following:• * Weight Gain: Many do not believe but you can quit smoking and not gain weight – if you follow the easy weight instructions built into this course.• * Addiction Info: Learn how nicotine dependence works and how you will quietly get rid of the nicotine in your system. Now, wait for this: you can smoke while you prepare to quit!
  19. 19. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers(4)• You Can Stop Smoking• * The nicotine patch: Medical Doctors often recommend this book along with nicotine patches to make sure withdrawal cravings are fully dealt with.• * After quit smoking: Get prepared for the social, physical and emotional alterations that occur when you become an ex-smoker. You’ll be so empowered that going back to smoking will no longer be an option for you.
  20. 20. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers(5)• This book is chock-full with information that all smokers need to quit. Despite the fact that the book doesn’t employ scare tactics, your attitude to cigarettes and smoking will change after going through it.• A good psychology book written for smokers, it quietly takes you down the path to attaining the goal of being a non- smoker.
  21. 21. “You Can Stop Smoking,” by Jacquelyn Rogers(6)• Even though you have to “work the program”, it’s a whole lot of fun – and, if you do all the exercises and follow the recommendations – you will feel you finally have power over your smoking.• Since smoking is largely said to be caused by stress, this book has many stress management tools. On the whole, it’s a good book that will help many a determined fellow quit smoking.
  22. 22. Which Book Should You Go For? And Why?• When it comes to choosing out of the two, we highly recommend the Easy Way to Stop Smoking. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking holds all the aces when it comes quit smoking and this can be gleaned from the various reviews from people that have already bought, read and used it.• If you are on the lookout for a reliable quit smoking book, and you want great value for the price you pay, the Easy Way to Stop Smoking is the recommended option.