Affiliate meetup 2Leva - Dorin Boerescu


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Affiliate meetup 2Leva - Dorin Boerescu

  1. 1. Affiliate meetup - 5 March 2012 Dorin Boerescu
  2. 2. “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I dont know which half”. John Wannamaker
  3. 3. Affiliate marketing• A form of online marketing where you pay (or get paid) only for results, not for awareness or traffic received/sent. - Advertisers (mostly online shops) pay only for the results (sales or leads) - Affiliates (online marketing savvy, publishers, bloggers, SEO&SEM specialists) are paid for each valid sale or lead generated by sending targeted traffic.
  4. 4. Traffic, sales (money) Affiliates Publishers, bloggersAdvertisers Internet users,(Online online buyersshops) Commissions (money)
  5. 5. Affiliate network – third party• Tracking, development, tools• Attract new advertisers and affiliates• Dedicated events, knowledge share through various channels (blog, newsletter etc.)• Stands in between advertisers and affiliates for all financial and legal matters (one to many relationships with both sides)• Marketing, communication, training, best practices
  6. 6. How to get better results as an advertiser• Increase your overall conversion rate• Give positive (and accurate) feedback to affiliates• Know your best performing affiliates and incentives them• Increase your overall conversion rate• Use all available tools – banner, product feeds, widgets
  7. 7. What do advertisers get from affiliate marketing (beside conversions)• Free marketing & sales research• Affiliates test on THEIR OWN RISK, TIME & BUDGET various sales channels and techniques (landing pages, banners, call to action etc.)• PPC campaigns at their best effectiveness• Affiliate portfolio – proper managed, this can make a huge difference between competitors in the long run
  8. 8. Affiliate marketing=> the most efficient channel for conversion (cost per conversion, cost per sale)Check your costs per sale in AdWords, in display advertising, in all other advertising channels, and compare it to your cost per sale in affiliate marketing.
  9. 9. What are the key factors for success in affiliate marketing?• Conversion rate• Conversion rate• Conversion rate• Fast processing for affiliates applications and commissions, high approval rate• Short payment term• Quick feedback• Conversion rate• Conversion rate• Conversion rate• Commission amount (fixed fee or percentage)
  10. 10. No matter how big the commission, affiliates won’t promote campaigns with low conversion rates, small target groups.Big mainstream brands, high volumes, medium low prices.Learn every day
  11. 11. How can you earn more money as an affiliate• Research is the king – Google Trends, Analytics, 2Leva• Always be testing - advertisers, tools, tactics• Keep and develop only the best performing• Choose a niche based on its potential, not on your passion• Analyze the target, the buying behavior, the advertisers• Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.• Become an online marketing expert!••
  12. 12. .bg “laptop” search trends 2006-2011
  13. 13. . bg “refrigerator” search trends 2006-2011
  14. 14. number of online sales - distributed by hours (2011)
  15. 15. • Generate CONVERSIONS by sending relevant traffic.• Use banners in the FIRST PLACE to see what products are your users interested in, but after that:• Build dedicated projects for affiliate marketing:• Virtual malls• Price search engines• Daily deals agregators• Cashback projects• OR send PPC targeted traffic (AdWords, Facebook)
  16. 16. Buying decision process Awareness/advertising/PR Affiliate marketing
  17. 17. Thank youDorin Boerescu - CEO 2Parale & 2Leva