How to Instantly Increase your Self Confidence


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Self confidence is a belief in yourself, your abilities, and mental attitude of trusting or relying on yourself. Confidence is learned, not inherited... let Marvin Himel walk you through tips and advice to learn self confidence to change your life.

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How to Instantly Increase your Self Confidence

  1. 1. The most important piece of the puzzle! "Without self-confidence we are as babes in the cradle" -Virginia Woolf
  2. 2. You can please some of the people some of the time… But you can’t please all of the people all of the time.
  3. 3. What is Self Confidence?    Self confidence is a belief in yourself and your abilities. A mental attitude of trusting or relying on yourself. Freedom from doubt.
  4. 4. Where does self confidence come from?    Confidence is learned, not inherited. So if you lack confidence, it probably means that you were criticized or undermined as a child. Don‘t panic – this lack of confidence isn‘t permanent; you can still change.
  5. 5. Self-confidence is an attitude    Allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. Trust their own abilities Have a general sense of control in their lives
  6. 6. Confidence should be based on observed reality.    It should be based on the achievement of performance goals. You should be confident that you will perform up to your current abilities. Good self-confidence comes from a realistic expectation of success based on well practiced skills. ,
  7. 7. Goal setting is one way to build self-confidence.    Set measurable goals and achieve them. Prove to yourself that you are able to perform and achieve effectively. Feel real self-worth in your achievement.
  8. 8. Feel Good when you Want    Recognize when you need to boost your self confidence Find 3 things that make you feel good. These can be memories of good times, a piece of music, or a person's face - use photos if it helps.
  9. 9. I see myself falling flat on my face – and then I do    If you think you‘re a failure, you‘ll fail. Confident people think themselves successful and they find success. They literally run a kind of internal ‗home movie‘ where they are doing well.
  10. 10. Emphasize Strengths    Give yourself credit for everything you try. By focusing on what you can do, you applaud yourself for efforts. Starting from what you should do helps you live within the bounds of your inevitable limitations.
  11. 11. Take Risks    Approach new experiences as opportunities to learn rather than occasions to win or lose. Doing so opens you up to new possibilities. Not doing so turns every possibility into an opportunity for failure, and inhibits personal growth.
  12. 12. Self-Evaluate    Learn to evaluate yourself independently. Focusing internally on how you feel about your own behavior, work, etc. will give you a stronger sense of self. Will prevent you from giving your personal power away to others.
  13. 13. Free yourself from "shoulds" • • • Live your life on the basis of what is possible for you and what feels right to you. Instead of what you or others think you "should" do. Find out what you want and what you are good at, value those, and take actions designed to fulfill your potential.
  14. 14. Experience success • • • Seek out and put yourself in situations in which the probability of success is high. Look for projects which stretch — but don't overwhelm — your abilities. Whatever you accomplish, let yourself experience success and good feelings about it.
  15. 15. Make decisions • • • Practice making and implementing positive decisions. Practice flexibility and trust yourself to deal with the consequences. When you assert yourself, you enhance your sense of yourself, learn more, and increase your self-confidence.
  16. 16. Rely on your own opinion of yourself • • • Entertain feedback from others, but don't rely on their opinions. Depend on your own values in making decisions. Decide how you feel about yourself and what is right for you to do.
  17. 17. Spend Time Each Day With Confident People    Their energy and inner strength is so inspiring that you will find yourself feeling more empowered just by listening to them talk. And you can get tips from them. Even one good idea could point you in a whole new direction you would not have otherwise considered.
  18. 18. Find A Mentor    Nearly all successful people have a mentor. You too need someone who has already done what you are working to achieve who is willing to advise you. This person will help you to succeed even more quickly than you can imagine.
  19. 19. Preparation Makes Perfect    Have you ever watched a top sportsperson in action and wondered to yourself at how easy they make it look? How did these superstars get to the top? Practice, practice and more practice.
  20. 20. Self Comparison Is Key    Compare your progress in life with your previous results. Look to the success of others to learn and not to measure your own success. When you put your focus on the daily improvement of your own skills and abilities you can and will grow very quickly.
  21. 21. Know your worth    Maintain an awareness of all that you do for the world. Take a minute each day to remind yourself - or write down -- what you've accomplished. Realize what you are capable of doing and you will feel stronger.
  22. 22. Keep up with the world    Follow the news and do your best to know a little bit about everything. Learn something new every day, and make a point of having an opinion on current events. This way, you won't feel out of touch anywhere you go.
  23. 23. Take confident action    You wanted confidence to help you try and succeed in new ways, right? So get out there and get at it! You have to put your confidence to the test.
  24. 24. Challenges    Ask ―What have I accomplished that I can give myself credit for?‖ Are you relying on your opinion of yourself? What ―shoulds‖ can you free yourself from?