2012 ntc handout


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2012 ntc handout

  1. 1. Family Readiness Deployment ChecklistFamily Contact Information Ensure Rear-D FRG Has Family Contact Information Ensure Family has FRG Contact Information Ensure Family Knows How to Contact Mortgage/LandlordPlan Ahead  Alternate Child Care plans if your spouse becomes ill or injured Snow Removal PlanFinancial Ensure Family Has Money: Account #s, checkbooks, ATM cards, etc. Ensure Family Has Credit Cards, Loan Statements, Bills, and Knows Amt Due and How to Pay  Financial Readiness offers free classes, call 315-772-0050Medical Ensure Family Has Medical Cards, Shot Records, Prescriptions Let Rear-D/FRG Know About Special Medical Needs Ensure Family Has Phone Numbers for Medical, Pharmacy, Dental and Tri-CareLegal Ensure Family Has ID Cards (Check Expiration Dates) Obtained Updated Power of Attorney (Special v. General POA) Ensure Family Has Updated Wills / Spouse Knows Location Does Spouse have Access to Other Legal Documents: Marriage and Birth Certificates, Insurance Polices, SSNs, Deeds – Mortgage Papers, Court Orders for Sep and Custody of Legal Dependents, Family Care Plans Legal Assistance Office is located in Clark Hall, Rm. A-268, open Mon – Fri from 8am to 4 pm. oLegal Assistance Office Provides Notaries, Powers of Attorney (POA), Wills, Legal Advice etc. oPOA’s are done on a walk-in basis during open hours oTo get Legal Advice you need an appointment. oCall 772-5261 at 1pm (1300) to make automated appointment for the following day. oThe appointment line is open only as long as there are app.s available. Once they are all filled a person will answer the phone for your questions.Automotive Ensure Vehicle Has Up-To-Date Maintenance Ensure Vehicle Insurance Is Up To Date and Family Understands Policy / What To Do In the Event of an Accident Ensure Spouse Has Valid Driver’s License State Inspection and Vehicle Registration Current and Paperwork on Hand Ensure Family Has Extra Keys and Garage Door Openers Consider a Road-Side Service Policy Discuss Alternative Plan for Transportation Roadside Emergency Kit in Car [extra clothes, blankets, etc.) oKEEP GAS TANK FILLED oSNOW BRUSH W/ SCRAPER oFLASHLIGHT W/ BATTERIES oBLANKET, MITTENS, SOCKS & HAT oSMALL SHOVEL oSAND OR KITTY LITTER oJUMPER CABLES oHAZARD SIGN, FLARES OR FLAG oWINTER WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID oCell phone oDry Gas oSNOW CHAINS oFIRST AID KIT oNon-perishable high-energy food items o this list is not all inclusive, several additional items may be kelp like; tow strap, games for children, etc… Auto Craft Shop/Car Care Towing & Lock Out Service: (315) 772-5785
  2. 2. Company FRG Contact InformationThe FRG is an organization of family members, volunteers and soldiers who provide mutual support, Main Px 315-773-0061assistance and communication. We are here to assist you. Please update your contact info with your FRG Leader to ensure up to date information. This is important in an emergency situation. Theater 315-772-5571 ADVISOR Chris Bridges American Red Cross 315-772-6561 HHC 2BSTB Lori Bogutskie avengerfrg@gmail.com Red Cross (toll free) 1-877-272-7337 ALPHA Kimberly Boyles A.2BSTB.FRG@gmail.com BRAVO Jennifer Limerick badgerfrg@hotmail.com Army Community Service 315-772-6557/6556 CHARLIE Lisa Distenfield 2bstbcobras@gmail.com ACS HHC Brigade Tera Gregston Ftdrum.hhc2bct@gmail.com (toll free) 1-800-826-0886 HHC Brigade Gina Rios ACS Loan Closet 315-772-6557/6556 FRSA Decima Chiasson decima.chiasson@us.army.mil Army Emergency Relief 315-772-6560 Staff Duty : 315-772-5100 Army Family Team Building 315-772-6710 Rear Detachment : Auto Craft Center 315-772-5785 Battalion OIC: CPT Amigo 315-772-2769 Chaplain’s Office 315-772-5591 Battalion NCOIC: 1SG Pasol 315-772-9375 Brigade Rear Detachment Chaplain: CH (CPT) Hurst 3BSTB Staff Duty Chaplain 315-772-5647 Chaplain315-836-5867 Company Rear Detachment: Child Development HHC 2BSTB: SFC Tabor Center 315-772-8676 Alpha: SSG Johnson Commissary 315-772-5294 Bravo: SSG Kirsch Charlie: SGT Brock Education Center 315-772-5131 HHC 2BCT: CPT Jordan Finance Customer Service 315-772-5150/5529 EMERGENCY NUMBERS Local Area HospitalsAmbulance 911 Watertown: Samaritan Medical Center Fort Drum Housing 315-772-6380 830 Washington St.Fire 911 (315) 782-4100Police (emergency) 911 On-post (FDMCH) 315-773-8228Police (non-emergency) 772-5156/5157 Carthage: Carthage Area HospitalPoison Control 1-800-252-5655 1001 West St. Guthrie Health (315) 493-1000 Clinic 315-772-2778Guthrie Ambulatory Heath Care: Lowville: Lewis County General11050 Mt. Belvedere Boulevard Hospital Advice Nurse Line 1-800-308-3518Fort Drum, NY 13602-5004 7785 N State StWebsite: http://www.drum.amedd.army.mil/ (315) 375-5200Main Phone: (315) 772-2778 Alex Bay: River Hospital Appointment Line 315-772-2778Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7 am to 4 pm 4 Fuller St Pharmacy 315-772-4017Pharmacy: (315) 772-4017 (315) 482-2511TriCare Benefits Advisor: (315) 772-5111 Governeur: E J Noble HospitalTriCare Patient Representative: (315) 772-4655 Legal Assistance 315-772-5261 77 W. Barney StTriCare Service Center: 1-800-931-9501 (315) 287-1000 ON POST: Guthrie Clinic Appointments Military & Family 315- 955-4823 772-2778 Life Consultants 315-212-6919 For Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes *Please dial 911 if you need Adirondack: 955-6640 Tricare Advisor 315-772-5111 immediate help. Crescent Woods: 955-6641 Monument Ridge: 955-6642 2nd Brigade Special Veterinary Clinic 315-772-4262 Rhicard Hills: 955-6643 Work Orders: 955-6650 Troops Battalion, 10th WIC 315-772-6557/6556 Website: http://www.fortdrummch.com Mountain Division