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This is a slide deck for a set of Cisco Finesse gadgets developed by 2Ring. The solution focuses on creating a truly unified workspace for the agents and supervisors in Cisco Contact Centers. It allows customers to integrate all the tools that the agents use - a CRM (Salesforce and other web-based system), automate repetitive tasks, connect agents to back office and remote experts, and much more.

2Ring GADGETS are available for Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCCX) 10+ and Enterprise (UCCE) 9+ (incl. Packaged UCCE).

Request a live demo with one of our product expert at www.2Ring.com/WebEx or learn more at www.2Ring.com/Finesse.

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  • 2Ring has been around for almost 15 years.
  • We are a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner
  • We do not sell direct, but we will be happy to work with a Cisco reseller of your choice.
  • Our development team uses the latest and greatest methods for leading development projects. By the way, agile is also used by Cisco Finesse team.
  • We are a global company. It all started in Bratislava, Slovakia and that’s where our EMEAR headquarters is still located.
  • We are also incorporated in Sacramento, California.
  • Enough about us, let’s go back Cisco Finesse..

    We at 2Ring love Cisco Finesse.
  • *Up to 100 agent seats
    **CVP only (no IP IVR support)

    However, we don’t only close the feature party gap. We have also introduced a lot of new exciting features in the last 11 months, and later on I will show you all of these during our live demo.

    We also added to GADGETS:
    AD/IPPS data search via 2Ring workflow
    Omnisearch – AD/IPPS - all fields
    Hide logged out agents
    DW/KPI info to message ticker in infoPANEL Gadget

    DW: background pictures

  • *Coming later in 2016
  • There is a lot that you are getting with our GADGETS, but we tried to keep this table simple.. For example, we merged all the core gadgets into the first row.

    This is perpetual licensing – so a one-time fee model – you pay for it, you own it.

    There is no server license, and thus no deal is too small for these gadgets. If you need to cover 3 agents, you can do the math.

    We also do not charge extra for HA mode / redundancy.

    The use of 2Ring GADGETS can be limited to selected precision queues / skillgroups, so if you would like to try our GADGETS out with a smaller team before a full roll-out, you are welcome to do so.

    To sum up, these gadgets are very affordable, and price should never be an issue and custom/ad-hoc development projects done inhouse will always loose in ROI comparisons.
  • Adding search, the default action as well as additional actions per each contact are configurable – one view..
  • List of Agents including Reason Codes (by team / by queues) – let agents see their own team or other teams
    Chat with chat history (MS SQL DB/Report) – decide if agents can chat with each other or just with supervisors
    Open External Chat (Jabber or Lync/Skype for Business)
    Profile Apps – embed CUIC report or use views generated by 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS
  • Supervisors love to know more than that their agents are “talking.”
  • Embed DW ticker or any of the key performance indicators that are part of our wallboards…
  • Finesse UI can be organized so that Salesforce information has a lot of room… We have also done integrations even with Green Screen / Legacy Applications and Homegrown CRM applications - with no developer on site
  • Build as many layouts as you need.
    Slice each layout differently and add the content that you need.
  • This can run in a browser or inside of Cisco Jabber for Windows. It is built using Cisco Finesse API.
  • To know everything first, connect with us on Twitter, or sign up for our RSS channel at www.2Ring.com/RSS
  • 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse (UCCX / UCCE) - slide deck

    1. 1. 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse .. Essential Power Pack 2.6 Presented by Michal.Grebac@2Ring.com
    2. 2. Founded in 2001 ..
    3. 3. Cisco Preferred Solution Partner ..
    4. 4. Indirect Sales Strategy ..
    5. 5. Agile Development ..
    6. 6. EMEAR Headquarters Slovakia EU
    7. 7. North American Headquarters Sacramento CA
    8. 8. Cisco Finesse » Available on all Cisco Contact Centers platforms > Express, Enterprise, Packaged UCCE, and Hosted » Integrates traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop, a 100% browser-based desktop implemented through a web 2.0 interface » No client-side installations required » Comes with open web 2.0 APIs that enable development and integration of value-add applications, such as 2Ring COMPACT AGENT (for Cisco Jabber) » A next-generation agent and supervisor desktop
    9. 9. Why 2Ring
    10. 10. (Not Only) Closing the CAD / Finesse Feature Parity Gap .. 1
    11. 11. Closing Finesse / CAD Feature Parity Gap .. » Message Ticker / Marquee » Task / Custom Buttons » Time in State w/ Thresholds » Audible Alert » Call Variable Modification » Data Lookups » Post Call Surveys Support » Single-Step / Blind Transfer » More Workflow Actions » JavaScript Workflows / Macros » AutoLogout » Synchronize Contacts » Search Contacts while a Call is on Hold » Personal Address Books » Speed Dials » Connect Agents with Back Office (incl. presence status from CUPS) 2015 (UCCX) » Agent to Agent and Supervisor to Agent Chat » Supervisor Friendly Real- Time Stats »Was there more??
    12. 12. .. What features did we add to Cisco Finesse in 2016 (so far)? » AGENT PROFILE APPS » Agent Call History with click2dial » Agent State History* » Current Call View / Info** » Agent to Agent & Supervisor to Agent Chat – limited access » CONTACTS » Contact Synchronization + adding Presence from CUPS » SpeedDials - multiple actions » WORKFLOWS + INFO HUB » Message Ticker / Marquee with Message History » Time in State with Thresholds => Agent/Supervisor Alerts » Task / Custom Buttons incl. Supervisor Assist / Panic » Call Variable Modification => Lists for Wrap-Up Codes » Call Log / Trace » REAL-TIME STATS » Derived Calculations / Columns » Conditional Formatting » Email Alerts » Security/Access Restrictions » Banner scrolling KPIs » OTHER » Caller Identification » Web Config Tool
    13. 13. 2 “2Ring is doing a tremendous job extending the Cisco Contact Center platform. ” Tod Famous, Director, Product Management at Cisco A Natural Extension of Cisco Platform We Cisco Finesse & All the New APIs
    14. 14. 3 Building a Unified User Interface Around Cisco Finesse
    15. 15. BROWSER Gadget (MultiTab)
    16. 16. INTEGRATION PLATFORM » Inside of Finesse > Salesforce » An External Window > SAP > MS CRM (Dynamics)*
    17. 17. Boosting Collaboration within Contact Centers 4
    18. 18. Tim Smith System Engineer, Enject Australia very reasonably priced is 5
    19. 19. Perpetual Licensing
    20. 20. www.2Ring.com/GADGETS ..
    23. 23. CURRENT CALL INFO*
    25. 25. CALL PREVIEW
    26. 26. CALL CONTROL – Q4/2016
    27. 27. 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS Deliver Personalized Information to Every Screen
    29. 29. www.2Ring.com/TryIt ..
    30. 30. 2Ring COMPACT AGENT Built to Fit In
    31. 31. 2Ring COMPACT AGENT » Agent state & Call control » Automation (screen pop-ups) via a workflow mechanism » Data visualization (complex call variables) > Including hyperlinks to callers’ contact cards in a 3rd party CRM system, IM, email, wrap-up forms, .. > Speed Dial Buttons » Connect experts / back office to @CiscoCC » Touch screen friendly & no browser limitations > IE9+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox » Localized to Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, ..
    32. 32. To summarize, 2Ring .. » includes gadgets enhancing productivity in many ways » is a natural extension of Cisco Finesse » does not locks you to a single CRM / Service Desk platform » integrates 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS tightly with Cisco Finesse » does a lot more than simply closing the feature parity gap or just providing CRM integrations » offers Finesse UI alternative – 2Ring COMPACT AGENT » builds products based on feedback from you and your customers » makes sure that software releases are always in step with Cisco
    33. 33. Links to Remember 2Ring.com/GADGETS .. 2Ring.com/COMPACT .. 2Ring.com/DW .. 2Ring.com/SystemRequirements .. 2Ring.com/Support .. 2Ring.com/SalesTerms .. 2Ring.com/WebEx .. Product site for 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse Product site for 2Ring COMPACT AGENT Product site for 2Ring DASHBOARDS&WALLBOARDS The latest System Requirements for 2Ring solutions The current Support Terms The current Sales Terms To schedule a live demo of 2Ring solutions
    34. 34. 2Ring .. 2Ring .. 2Ring .. 2Ring .. Connect with Us Questions Americas & APAC Europe OFFICE MOBILE EMAIL Michal Grebáč Strategic Sales & Marketing Director +1 (916) 282-9514 +1 (916) 514-3355 mgrebac@2Ring.com Tom McCain Director of North American Sales +1 (916) 426-3790 +1 (480) 255-7500 tmccain@2Ring.com ADDRESS PHONE EMAIL WWW 8880 Cal Center Drive, Suite 400 Sacramento, CA, 95826, USA + 1 (916) 426-3790 Info-na@2Ring.com www.2Ring.com ADDRESS PHONE EMAIL WWW Galvaniho 15/C 821 04, Bratislava, Slovak Republic +421 (2) 5822-4550 info@2Ring.com www.2Ring.com