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  1. 1. Group Members: -Group Leader: Joseph -Mathematics Expert: Yi Wei -Science Expert: Hanafi -Humanities Expert: Dianti -Time Keeper: Mardhiyah
  2. 2. Some pictures of a Meerkat and informationMeerkat live in southern africa/kalahari dessert Meerkat eat scorpions, beetles, spiders, centipedes
  3. 3. Science Aspect Physical -Meerkat can run at a max speed of 20-30Km/Per Hour while the head is 6 inches above the ground. -Meerkat vision:Colour. The dark markings act like built-in sunglasses Hour while the head is 6 inches above the ground. -Meerkat Feet:Non-retractable claw. Four toes. -Meerkat Ears:Closeable -Meerkat Height: 12 inches (30centimeters) -Meerkat Weight:2 pounds (0.9kilograms)
  4. 4. Science Aspect Biology -Specialization: Alpha male and female do most of the breeding -Gestation: Eleven weeks -Breeding season: October-April in the wild. Year-round in captivity. -Litter size: 2 to 5. Life span : 12 – 14 years
  5. 5. Science Aspect Chemistry The meerkat include coloration that helps camouflage them from predators and an immunity to highly venomous scorpion stings. They are known for standing upright to keep watch, search for prey or warm their stomachs. They have dark patches around their eyes that act to cut down on the glare and help them see far into the distance.
  6. 6. QUIZ TIME!!!
  7. 7. Quiz  How fast does the meerkat run? a) 50-70km/h b) 20-30 km/h c) 30-40 km/h Ans : b
  8. 8. Quiz  What is one of their specialization? A )-alpha male and female do most of the breeding. B) Life span 12 -14 years C ) Litter Size 2 to 5 Ans : A
  9. 9. Quiz  Where do they live?? A)northern africa / sudan b)southern africa/kalahari dessert Ans : B
  10. 10. Quiz What are the things meerkats eat? A ) scorpions, beetles, spiders, centipedes, small mammals B ) ants , flies , bees C)Milipede, buttefly , morph Ans : A
  11. 11. Quiz  How long is their life span? a ) 11-16 years b) 5-10 years c)12-14 years Ans : C
  12. 12. Values Aspect  The meerkat have the value responsibility. They have responsibility because they take care of their young from their enemies.  The meerkat also have the value respect because they show respect to other meerkat and this will prevent them from having a fight.
  13. 13. National Education Aspect -What are some defense mechanism the animal has to protect itself? Answer: The Meerkats have job groups. There is a watchmen job. This job is basically when a Meerkat looks out for any danger. The watchmen Meerkat give a specific sound, an alert signal, and then all the Meerkats run to their homes and hide
  14. 14. National Education Aspect  5a)How has the animal evolved or adapted itself to survive? Answer: The dark circles around meerkats' eyes are like sunglasses, being that a meerkat can look almost directly into the sun to look for predators And they do not need too much water .
  15. 15. Sources http://fellowearthlings.org/info.html http://www.chemistrydaily.com/chemistry/ Meerkat http://www.ask.com/q/How-do-Meerkats- protect-themselves
  16. 16. Group Reflection  We had fun doing this project and we learned a lot of important things that we do not know. The trip to the zoo was interesting because we could see some rare animal that some countries do not have. We would like to have another chance to do a group project.We also learn what is teamwork like and how hard to be putting the same efforts for the project. Thank you for your co-operation :D