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Find interseting facts about a cheetah! :)

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  1. 1. James Group Leader Syazwani Time Keeper Nafisa Science Expert Felicia Humanities Expert Jerome and Song Chen Maths Expert
  2. 2. A streamlined body, thin long legs and specialized muscles, allows them to run fast. It has a small head , flexible spine that allows them to sprint up to 115km/hour ~ Fastest land animal It has a long tail that allows them to balance during their sprints.
  3. 3. They have golden fur with small black spots which helps to fade their outline and blend in. Black "tear marks" running from the corner of its eyes down the sides of the nose to its mouth keep sunlight out of its eyes and aid in hunting and seeing long distances.
  4. 4. Female Cheetahs are pregnant for ninety to ninety- eight days. They can reproduce up to 9 cubs. Cubs weight between 150g and 300g Cubs leaves their mothers between 13 and 20 months after birth Cheetahs Life span In wild – 12 years In captivity – 20 years
  5. 5. HABITAT Cheetahs roam grasslands, savannas and semi-arid prairies — any area with open land and plenty of prey is good cheetah habitat.
  6. 6. Cheetah represents speed and focus and seeks to remind us to keep our eye on the goal. It represents life, nature, freedom, speed and everything you want to accomplish in life.
  7. 7. SINGAPORE IS OUR HOMELAND ; THIS IS OUR WHERE WE BELONG. We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.
  8. 8. •educating farmers about how to prevent cheetahs from preying on livestock heir livestock without resorting to the rifle. •As a result, along with stronger enforcement of endangered species and anti- poaching laws, cheetahs population will be stabilized. Commitment and responsibility What is being done to conserve the animal’s survival?
  9. 9. NO ONE OWES SINGAPORE A LIVING. We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity. How has the animal evolved or adapted itself survive? o Adapted to their environment as they have long legs which enable them to run a lot faster than what any other animal can.
  10. 10. oIt has the body to crouch down low when they are preying on some other animals. oCheetahs can move up to sixty five miles per hour.
  11. 11. Raise up your hand first before answering No shouting out of answers Good Luck And Have Fun 
  12. 12. What allows the cheetah to run fast? ANS: A streamlined body, thin long legs and specialized muscles How fast can a cheetah sprint? ANS: 115km/hour
  13. 13. How can the cheetah camouflage itself? ANS: They have golden fur with small black spots which helps to fade their outline and blend in. How long is the gestation period of cheetahs? ANS: 90-98 days A cheetah life span in the wild? ANS: 12 years
  14. 14. We learnt more about a cheetahs and their special features as well as their characteristics. We also have learnt about other animals in the zoo. We enjoyed ourselves in the zoo as we we had a lot of time in bonding our relationships closer to each together. We have also learnt the values a cheetah had. It reminds us to always aim for our goal and never give up.
  15. 15. t cheetah