Cbmp (cluster based mentoring program)


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Cbmp (cluster based mentoring program)

  1. 1. CBMP (Cluster Based Mentoring Program) Atif Ali Memon Distt: Sukkut
  2. 2. Introduction • CBMP (Cluster Based Mentoring Program) • 4 year program from 2010 to 2014 • The aim is to improve the performance of teachers and education manager in teaching & learning. • CBMP Program enhances the capacity of the teachers’ knowledge, skills and abilities. • CBMP program focusees on enhancing the participants’ content, knowledge, pedagogical, mentoring skills and conducting subject based workshops, gender in Education. STEP (Strengthening Teachers Education in Pakistan
  3. 3. Total program of 400 hours 256 hours Subject base 144 hours Follow-up
  4. 4. Total UC-TRC 17 Each UCTRC has 4-5 feeding schools
  5. 5. Each UCTRS focuses on 4 main subject 4 Mentors work on different subjects
  6. 6. Total UC-TRC 17 Total mentors 20 10 Female 10 Male
  7. 7. Each Mentor follow up about 25-30Mentees And do 10 follow-up visits per month
  8. 8. During visits • Environment of school • Cleanness • Assembly • School decoration • Maintenance of school • Seating arrangement in class • Teaching methodology • Use of instructional material • Lesson plan • Give demo lesson • Need based support • Meetings with HMs, community,
  9. 9. Follow-up • A complete process and tools are used • Give ratings • Identify weaknesses • Suggest improvements • Assign new targets
  10. 10. Topic: Solar System  Learned about stars, planets, moons and comets as well  Brainstorm on various aspects of solar system  Worked in groups and did some activities  Made models on solar system
  11. 11. Topic: Environment • Workshop conducted in open environment • I started workshop with brainstorming • The mentees was assigned to observe the different aspects of the environment • All cps observe each and everything in detail and delivered very nice presentations • With the help of thread and flash cards, we made a food chain
  12. 12. Success • Teachers prepare themselves and wait for our follow up. • Teachers made group among students and ask for the discussion and presentation. • Develop lesson plan and design activities and also bring required material to perform it. • Student have become regular and getting interest in learning students (Boys and Girls) are treated equally. • An environment of cooperation among teachers has been created. • Teachers are drawing painting and preparing charts and flash cards in classes. • We celebrated children day, quiz competition and prize distribution. • Cooperative environment has been developed.
  13. 13. Thank You
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