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Notice of race copa españa 29er ingles

  1. 1. :: NOTICE OF RACE ::
  2. 2. NOTICE OF RACE 29er Class Spanish Cup 09th - 12th October, 2010 Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Portmany (Ibiza) The Spanish Cup for the 29er class is held in Sant Antoni de Pormany’s bay from the 9th to the 12 th October both included. The regatta is organized by Club Nàutic Sant Antoni, the Spanish Sailing Federation and in collaboration with the Eivissa’s Council, Sant Antoni de Portmany Town Hall, the Balearic Sailing Federation and the National Secretariat of 29er class. 1 RULES The race will be governed by: • The racing rules of ISAF's 2009-2012 (RRV) • The measurement (IM) statements that are part of the race instructions • Appendix E will be applied. • The RFEV requirements • The 29er class rules. In case of discrepancy between this announcement of race and race instructions, the latter will prevail. 2. ADVERTISING 2.1. The participants may exhibit individual advertising classified in accordance with the regulation 20 of ISAF, the regulation of the RFEV competitions and RFEV rules requirements. 2.2 It may be required to participants to display the advertising in accordance with regulation 20 of ISAF. 3. ELIGIBILITY 3.1. The participants must comply with ISAF eligibility requirements reflected in regulation 19 of ISAF and the RFEV to such regulatory requirements. 3.2. The Spanish Cup is a race open and not limited according to section 3.3.(b) of the RFEV 2010 Guide. 4. CLASS/CATEGORIES 4.1. The Spanish Cup is reserved for the 29er class boats in absolute category 4.2 Only the registered Skipper may steer the boat, Skipper changes are not allowed. 5. INSCRIPTIONS - SKIPPER 5.1 Inscriptions, necessarily, will be filled in the form below and shall be sent, along with the proof of payment and the registration before 1st October to: Sports Area - Club Nàutic Sant Antoni de Portmany. 5607 34 971 Fax E.Mail: 5.2. The registration fee is 40 € per sailor or technician and must be paid by bank transfer to: LA CAIXA: 2100 0213 43 0200076760 Indicating the number of sailing boat and crew names.
  3. 3. 5.3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept inscriptions after the specified deadline. 5.4. Confirmation of registration: 5.4.1. The participant’s registration must be applied to in the race Office before 18: 00 pm on October 9th. 5.4.2. The registry is subject to the following documentation: (a) Valid sportsman license. (b) Spanish class Association card. (c) Valid registration proof of payment. 5.4.3 Coaches registration will take place before the scheduled time and is subject to the following documentation: (a) Valid federal force technician license (b) Proof of payment of the registration (c) Certification for the handling of the vessel (d) License of navigation of the vessel (e) Receipt or proof of payment of the policy of the vessel 6. PROGRAM/SCHEDULE 6.1. The program of the event is as follows: Date Time Event Place 10: 00 to 19: Opening Office course Office of sailing Area 9/10/10 00 registration, measurements and UE CNSA delivery instructions 21 :00 Opening act C.N.S.A Hall 10/10/10 12 :00 Start signal 1st Race Badia de Portmany 11/10/10 12 :00 Start signal 1st Race of the day 21 :00 Barbeque CNSA Hall 12/10/10 11:00 Start signal 1st Race of the day Badia de Portmany 17 :00 Closing Ceremony CNSA Hall 6.2. On the 12th it will not be possible to start a race after 15:ooh pm.. 6.3 There are 4 scheduled races per day, 2 of them must be held for the validity of the Championship, according to paragraph 3.3. (i) the RFEV Guide. 7. FORMAT OF RACING 7.1. The initial competition will be in fleet. 7.2. Starting at 40 registered vessels, competition format will be in groups with preliminary and final rounds. 8. MEASUREMENTS FOR SAILS AND GEAR 8.1. The sealing, sails and gear measurement will take place on 8th October 2010 between 10:00h and 18:00h. 8.2. No ship shall use unofficial 29er class gear and must have properly sealed gear. 8.3. There may be daily checks of measurement. It is the responsibility of the Skipper to have the appropiate gear and certificate. 9. SCORING Appendix A and the low score system described in the RRV.1 rule will be applied
  4. 4. 10. CATEGORY OF RACE The 29er Class Spanish Cup 2010 will be a selection race with regard to the selection and classification systems for the 2011 Guide. 11. AWARDS The list of trophies and awards will be published in the TOA. 12. LIABILITY The participants in the Spanish Cup 2010 29er do so at their risk and responsibility. Any person or body involved in the Organization of the event. Disclaim responsibility for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might happen to people or things, both on land and at sea as a result of participation in the races covered by this notice of race. Please note the fundamental rule 4, decision of racing, part 1 of the RRV, which States: It is the sole responsibility of a ship whether it participates in a race or if it continues the regatta.' 13. CHARTER BOATS Boat rental for the race 29er contact: VELANIUM Mobile: 639 493 233 14. ACCOMMODATION The organization offers Free acommodation for all the sailors and coaches registered by the Notice of Race from 9th to 12th of October. - Accommodation for companions we recommend: La Sirena Hotel Group Tel. 971 348131 Apartments near the Club and hiqh quality Hotel in San Antonio. 15. TRAVELLING Please contact: Viatges Bellver 971 222 170 16. SERVICES The CNSA services guide provided on the web, has a wide variety of services in our municipality. From restaurants, take-out, accommodation, rental boats, cars, laundry, etc. Visit our website:
  5. 5. 17. INFORMATION Club Nautic Sant Antoni de Portmany (Ibiza) Paseo Marítimo, s/N 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany Tel. 971 34 0645-971 34 7416 Fax: 971 34 5607 Sant Antoni, may 2010