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Bca course mod

  1. 1. PCTE GROUP OF INSTITUTES<br /> COURSE MODULE<br /> BCA – COMMUNICATION SKILLS(BC-105)<br />No. of Lectures : 40<br />No. of Assignments: 3<br />No. of Case Studies: 1<br />No. of Tests: 3<br />Subject Instructor: Dilraj Kaur<br />Email ID: dilraj2kaur@gmail.com<br />Contact No. : 98151-00552<br />As per the University guidelines , the internal assessment of the student will be based on the following activities and tests.<br />Assignments: 6 marks<br />Tests: 6 marks<br />Activity/Class Participation: 3 marks<br />MSE : 5 marks<br />COURSE OVERVIEW<br />English being the universal language, a good command on it is always beneficial to the person. This course helps in improving both spoken and written English. It deals with it on a very basic level, wherein the emphasis is on personalized form of learning. Each individual benefits from it on a certain level as the teaching methodology adopted is completely workshop/exercise based, dealing with basics of grammar and pronunciation. The objective of the course is : Fluency in English, making the student confident with the language, and clarity of speech.<br />The students are expected to actively participate in the classroom activities and come prepared for presentations and practice sessions. Assignments and group projects will also be given to the students.<br />Syllabus <br />Introduction to Business communication<br />Meaning and Definition <br />Process and classification of communication<br />Elements & characteristics of communication<br />Corporate Communication<br />Formal and informal communication<br />Grapevine<br />Communication barriers<br />Importance of communication<br />Principles of Effective Communication<br />7 c’s concept<br />Written Communication<br />Meaning, objectives and essentials of effective written communication,<br />Media or types of written communication<br />Non-verbal communication<br />Importance<br />Forms or media<br />Kinesics<br />Effective Listening:<br />Meaning, nature and importance of good listening, types of listening<br />Principles of effective listening, factors affecting listening, barriers in listening, difference between hearing and listening<br />Writing Skills<br />Short compositions, classified advertisements etc.<br />Notices<br />Letter writing<br />Sr.No. Topic to be discussed Assignment Activity Tests1.Introductory session: Students will introduce themselves and talk about themselves for 2 mins.2.Introduction to communication3.Corporate communication4.Assignment 15.Principles of effective communication6.Written communication, Non-verbal communication7.Activity 18.Effective listening9.Activity 210.Activity 2 cont’d11.Test 112.Activity 313.Activity 3 cont’d14.Assignment 215.Group Discussion16.Discussion on assignment17.Activity 418.Activity 4 cont’d<br />Sr.No.Topic to be discussed Assignment Activity Tests19.Writing Skills20.Letter writing21.Notices and short compositions22.Assignment 323.Discussion on assignment24.Activity 525.Activity 5 cont’d26.Test 227.Case study28.Activity 629. Activity 6 cont’d30.Revision of syllabus31.Revision of syllabus32.Activity 733.Activity 7 cont’d34.Group Discussion35.Group Discussion36.Preparation for mock viva37. Preparation for mock viva38.Personal Grooming39.Personal Grooming40.Personal Grooming <br />Activities will be conducted as conducive to the class.<br />Assignment 1: It will be more of an open book assignment where the students will be bringing their communication reference books and answering a set of 10 questions assigned to them. This encourages reading, understanding and analyzing words for what they are.<br />Assignment 2: The students will visit the other blocks of their campus and interview any 5 students whom they do not know at all, on topics related to their personality, their interests, hobbies, views on the current political situation in India as to should there be younger politicians included in the government. Questions related to current topics can also be asked. The students have to compile this and present it in the class with analysis of the mindset of today’s generation. This will make them feel more confident while talking to strangers for the first time and befriending at the same time.<br />Assignment 3: The students after being taught about Body Language will be given situations in groups and asked to analyse the body language of strangers and write their observations.<br />Case Study: This will be based on any case where the situation of conflict arose due to lack of proper communication.<br />