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Imagination  Thoughts & Reflections
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Imagination Thoughts & Reflections


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  • 1. IMAGINATION Thoughts & Reflections Kapil K.Kella
  • 2. Kapil K.Kella “ Your existence is the ultimate power, and there are three things that empower your existence: observation, perception, and imagination.”
  • 3. Kapil K.Kella “ To imagine the things you do that you can’t do, strengthen your individualism that leads to divine wisdom.”
  • 4. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the glorified evidence of God’s secretes of creating the Universe.”
  • 5. Kapil K.Kella “ My five elements of life are intention, inspiration, observation, perception, and imagination.”
  • 6. Kapil K.Kella ” I imagine as deep as Pacific, as high as Everest, and as long as Sahara.”
  • 7. Kapil K.Kella “ Gandhi imagines God, King Jr. imagines Gandhi, and I imagine King Jr. to imagine God.”
  • 8. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the by-product of Intuition, and intuition is the resource of Thought.”
  • 9. Kapil K.Kella “ To imagine is the art of thought. To pretend to imagine is the art of surveillance.”
  • 10. Kapil K.Kella “ There is a big triangle in my mind. The three angles are observation, imagination, and perception.”
  • 11. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the impeccable mutiny to the thoughts.”
  • 12. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the glory of self.”
  • 13. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the irresistible impetus of thoughts.”
  • 14. Kapil K.Kella “ For a Warrior, his imagination is the main weapon to conquer the battlefield. For an Emperor, his imagination is the main resource to run the dynasty. For a King, his imagination is the main power to rule the kingdom.”
  • 15. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is nothing but the continuous curiosity of discovering and exploring the within.”
  • 16. Kapil K.Kella “ I don’t admire Einstein’s theory of relativity. He considered that it was his extreme imagination. I imagine it was his misperception of identifying the future of the mankind, the future of the planet Earth.”
  • 17. Kapil K.Kella “ People say imagination is enlightenment. People say imagination is intellect. People say imagination is fantasy. People say imagination is thought provoking. I say imagination is the supremacy of mind and the victory of within.”
  • 18. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the reflection of positive and negative thoughts of the mind.”
  • 19. Kapil K.Kella “ People misinterpret thinking with the imagination. Your thinking can be wrong, your imagination can not.”
  • 20. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the return to innocence.”
  • 21. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the snapshot of your divine thinking.”
  • 22. Kapil K.Kella “ Someone has said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But, imagination is actually more important for the knowledge.”
  • 23. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is an intellect. Put to use.”
  • 24. Kapil K.Kella “ To imagine is an intelligent art. To be an artistic is the intelligent imagination.”
  • 25. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the deep hollow inside the mind, filled with God’s secrets of creating the humanity, divinity, and animality.”
  • 26. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the tremendous temptation of mind.”
  • 27. Kapil K.Kella “ Romulus explored Rome. It was not his discovery to explore the city. It was rather his imagination to find the place for grandeur on Earth.”
  • 28. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the spirit.”
  • 29. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the intoxication of intellect.”
  • 30. Kapil K.Kella “ Imagination is the battlefield of mind, where the thoughts always fight with each other.”
  • 31. Kapil K.Kella “ My imagination is my satisfaction. My satisfaction is my religion.”
  • 32. Kapil K.Kella “ My imagination comes from the divinity of Jesus , form the enlightenment of Buddha , from the holiness of Mohammad , from the magnanimity of Rama , from the wisdom of Socrates , from the power of Alexander , from the insight of Arbindo , from the genius of Michelangelo , from the intellect of Franklyn , from the triumph of William , from the masterpiece of Leonardo , from the mystery of Picasso , from the spiritualism of Gandhi , from the thoughts of Chankya, from the generosity of Cesar , from the heroism of Washington , from the leadership of Napoleon , from the passion of Babar , from the heartfelt of Akbar , from the observation of Jefferson , from the discovery of Romulus , from the justification of Lincoln , from the prominence of Roosevelt , from the brilliance of Vivekananda , from the inspiration of King Jr., from the milestones of Eyck , from the exploration of Columbus , from the philosophy of Iqbal , from the literature of Dickens , from the mystic of Kabir , from the purity of Tagore , from the distinction of Darwin and ultimately from the exquisite Nature of Krishna .”
  • 33. Kapil K.Kella Swang Communication Ahmedabad
  • 34. Kapil K.Kella Thank you!