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  • 1. in the company they work ma call Argos
  • 2. in this company producce many things like gray and White cemento and lime
  • 3. Argos Plagio el eslogan "Luz verde párr. Colombia • Since 2011 the multinational Cements Argos faces a criminal complaint with the prosecution for falsifying documents filed by the renowned publicist Luis Alfonso Tenaha , known in the trade as " El Mono Tenaha " . • The process takes place in the context of the demand for Copyright and Intellectual Property for the work " ARGOS : GREEN LIGHT FOR COLOMBIA " facing the company. • The CTI and the Computer Crimes Unit of the Police , have required the multinational Cements Argos to answer criminal charges that are against him for false documents as evidence associates in response to the demand that exists against him for usurpation Copyright and Intellectual Property of the play " Argos : Green Light for Colombia ". • Declarative Demand copyright in court coursing Third Circuit Civil Barranquilla since 2010 and to date has not been resolved by the delays that have occurred during the process, had 2 offices judicial inspections Medellin Cements Argos in order to obtain the original documents in the answer to the application and other attachments in hearings held in this process. However, during the diligence , not delivered all the required documents , claiming not to have more information about the activities carried out during the creative process of the play " Argos : Green light for Colombia " . • Due to the obstacles placed by the company Cements Argos for delivery information is requested by the applicant on CTI support and intervention and expert of Computer Crime Unit of the National Police for the comprehensive review of the evidence that has been made ​available to the Judge Carmen Cecilia Rosella , and the partial information provided by ARGOS , so that the multinational deliver all the documents requested in its
  • 4. ARGOS ENTERED THE GLOBAL INDEX OF DOW JONES SUSTAINABILITY We joined for the first time, the index Dow Jones Sustainability (Dow Jones Sustainability Index-World). The indicator is a major global benchmarks to monitor the performance of leading companies in terms of corporate sustainability in three dimensions: economic, social and environmental. In all areas measured, Argos got very good rating, one of the four companies globally, who managed the score needed to be included in this index. In the social dimension, we achieved the highest rating in the industry. Meanwhile, the environmental dimension doubled the industry average. All of this demonstrates our commitment to balance profit generation, respect for the environment and social development, which are the pillars proper balance to ensure the future of organizations.
  • 5. La ying cemento company argos The cement is controlled by Group Argos, which in turn is part of the country's largest industrial conglomerate, Group GEA (GEA). The issue seeks to increase the financial flexibility of Cements Argos to develop growth opportunities set out in its strategic plan. The cement company with assets of 5.100 billion and liabilities of U.S. $ 2.016 million.
  • 6. Among the companies on this list are included Bancolombia with a market capitalization of U.S. $ 13,457 and the position 153 , ie , 14 fewer than last year . The bank followed the Grupo Sura has a market capitalization of U.S. $ 12,287.10 , which climbed 96 positions to 177. Furthermore, Inversiones Argos rose 121 posts with a value of U.S. $ 9,321.60 million to position 253 while 106 posts Cementos Argos fell from last year with a market capitalization of U.S. $ 5,481.20 million. Nutresa , one of the Group's most recognized brands , meanwhile rose 59 places to No. 356 and amassed a stock market value of U.S. $ 6,544.40 million.
  • 7. Carlos Rodriguez , business expert and professor at the National University , said the good performance of GEA companies due to its structure " Centennial " which means a conglomeration of companies that have been consolidated over time and have achieved a democratization equity where none of the companies operates with the purpose of favoring a small group of owners. " But do not think Group Avail leave power so easy, since from the evaluation of data from the Financial Times , which took the cap until March this year, this group managed to surpass Ban Colombia according to the latest figures from market capitalization of the stock market to reach U.S. $ 13333.24 million against U.S. $ 12164.01 million Ban Colombia. Juan Camilo Dominguez, equity analyst Corrival said that this may be due to Ban Colombia " has been very quiet for the last three years and has been on a path where he has maintained a stable share price ." You can also mention the large purchases made ​by the Group Avail in Central America in recent months.
  • 8. As the largest in the world, Apple took first place again with a market capitalization of U.S. $ 415,000 million, followed by Exxon Mobil who also kept his place with a value of U.S. $ 403,700 million. Latinas are among the most valuable in the world Although none managed to enter Colombian company among the 500 most valuable global , Ecopetrol is discarded as having no more than 15 % of their free capital to the market, whether Latino businesses were present among the largest in the world. At the head is in position 41 , the company AmBev in Brazil with a market capitalization of U.S. $ 129,600 million followed by Petrobras with U.S. $ 113,200 million which fell 27 places to settle at number 49 .
  • 9. green light to Colombia