Forms and conventions of genres (presentation)


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Forms and conventions of genres (presentation)

  1. 1. Forms and Conventions of Genres<br />
  2. 2. Horror<br />These types of films usually inflict fear to the audience through unsettling on-screen action which startle the viewers. <br />Props in horror films include of, especially gore based films like Hostel or Saw, knives, hammer, chainsaw and other weapons which are harmful and inflict pain. The more harmful the weapon is, the more shock or anxiety it will build within the audience. Blood is heavily featured in horror films which are very effective in building suspense and worry. <br />The locations used tend to be very dark and isolated (Jeepers Creepers), which again helps create suspense. Locations can include woods, the graveyard etc. However, films like the scream series have included places which are not isolated which doesn’t fit the stereotype of a horror film.<br />Horror films feature an antagonist which their aim is to cause harm and fear to the protagonists. The antagonist sometimes has an abnormality which makes the audience unable to identify with the character and they are usually dark and mysterious which adds to unidentifiable character. There is often a main character, which tends to be a female known as the ‘final girl’. The ‘final girl’ is usually masculinised and often has a unisex name like Billie or Laurie and show signs of intelligence and vigilance. The other character types included in this film are usually people who are shown as less powerful and significant as the ‘final girl’ and are often killed in the movie. <br />
  3. 3. Continued...<br />The editing pace is generally fast, jumping from various shots to another very quickly which builds tension greatly making the audience jump making the film more thrilling to watch.<br />The music plays a vital role in horror films; the music tends to be mainly quiet throughout but becomes louder to encourage suspense as the antagonist makes his move.<br />The sound effect helps bring the action alive and makes the film more life-like. <br />Evaluation<br />I believe that creating a horror trailer would work particularly well as the locations are easily accessible and work very well. Horror films themselves tend to not need big budget productions (Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project), but limited budgets as it is not necessary to use a big budget. Both Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project were hugely successful as they were seen as more reality than supernatural as they are more home-like. A horror only necessary needs actors, dark locations, sinister music, sound effects, props and fake blood. These props are easily accessible and therefore the finished product could be very effective. <br />
  4. 4. Romance<br />Romance films are love stories focusing greatly on passion and feelings towards the two main characters (usually a leading man and woman) and usually their relationship builds throughout the film. In some certain circumstances, the film may focus on other issues such as finances, physical illness or family problems which may affect the relationship between the two main characters. <br />In a romance film, they use everyday props like a mobile phone, a computer and other everyday props. Both props and locations fit well together as the locations tend to be in basic places like their own homes. <br />The location itself is important in the production of the film as it helps connect the characters and location with their feelings towards one another. For a teen romance film, it may be set in school or college but for the older audiences, the films will most likely be set in the city or on a beach (Along Came Polly).<br />In a romantic film, the two main characters are generally male and female who have not met each other before but get to know each other and fall in love. Often the characters tend to shy away and hide their feelings but the characters begin to form a romantic relationship with one another.<br />
  5. 5. Continued...<br />The editing pace for a romance film often varies, if one character is falling in love with the other character then the editing pace is usually slow but then increase greatly to emphasise that the character cannot control their feelings and emotions to the other, working in parallel to their heartbeats.<br />The music used in romance films tends to build the atmosphere with the audience and the music is most often soft pop music. Soft, classical music is generally used when the character actually meet and fall in love. If a break-up occurs then the music tends to start out soft but increases in dynamics to emphasise their break-up and build anxiety among the audience. <br />Sound effects used in romantic films are very limited as generally non-diegetic music is used, if the film is a comedy-romance then sound effects will more likely occur but in just a romance film then sound effects will most likely be used to show success in their relationships or problems.<br />
  6. 6. Evaluation<br />In conclusion, I think that creating a romantic film would be possible, especially a teen-romance film as the locations are easily accessible. Also, the props are most likely going to be basic as they are used in everyday lives so will probably be easily obtainable. However, the actors may be reluctant to be in romantic film unless the two main actors know one another really well. <br />
  7. 7. Comedy<br />These films usually tend to focus on humour and can be paired with other genres like romance and action. <br />Props used in comedy films are generally less predictive as it covers a variety of things, meaning each film produced is unique. In many comedies, alcohol is used which can enable the people to be different and much more humorous (e.g.. The Hangover).<br />Again, locations could include a vast amount and as it can be pretty much anywhere. Location can link to props as since alcohol is featured in many comedies, the locations may be to do with alcohol like pubs, clubs etc. Generally though, basic locations are used in comedies like their own house or local schools. Many comedy films tend to not have as big of a budget as the likes of action or sci-fi movies. <br />Character types in comedies usually have a main character and often a character that provides the majority of the humour alongside the rest of the group. Other characters provide humour too but not to the extent as the ‘humorous’ character. They also usually are a group of friends who may have many misfortunes which result in the basis of the humour.<br />The majority of comedy films tend to have an average speed of editing pace throughout the film but this may increase in certain parts. This can be seen in action-comedies (e.g.. Super 8).<br />
  8. 8. Continued...<br />The music in comedy films are usually upbeat and lively to match what’s happening on screen, reflecting the mood and genre. The music itself is usually a soundtrack. <br />Sound effects are limited in comedies as there is little use for them, however when someone falls over or gets hit sound effects is usually added but not as extreme as action films. <br />Evaluation<br />For my work, Comedy will be easy to make in terms of locations and what the characters will be like, however it depends if the actors themselves are funny and the dialogue itself may be difficult to fit into the trailer. Many comedy films tend to come across on posters as romantic or drama’s, therefore it may be difficult to distinguish the two from a poster. <br />
  9. 9. Action<br />These usually consist of a person who overcomes various challenges by performing abnormal physical feats which are unnatural to the real world, therefore greatly exaggerating these circumstances.<br />Props for the action genre tend to consist of guns, cars, and helicopters etc which make this genre very difficult to produce due to these types of movies mainly having a large budget compared to the horror or comedy genres. <br />Locations generally include cities and other well populated areas as this creates more suspense for the audience as a city seems much more valuable than a rural area as many people will not be in as much danger. The locations within cities are usually the busy roads and high skyscrapers. <br />The leading character for an action is mainly a physically strong character (Terminator, Super 8 and James Bond) that usually has accompanying members to help them on their journey. The majority of the time, there tends to be a major antagonist who provides many problems for the protagonist however; they are usually defeated at the end of the movie. Women in many action films tend to be victims whom the protagonist has to save, or they sometimes can act as a love interest for the main protagonist. This reinforces the stereotypical views of women as they are seen in many cultures to be less dominant than men and only have power when in the presence of a male character. However, there are some films which oppose these stereotypical views (Tomb Raider and Wanted). <br />
  10. 10. Continued...<br />The editing pace is usually quite averagely paced with fight scenes or car chase scenes having a much greater editing pace to help emphasise the situation/scene and build suspense and excitement for the audience. <br />The soundtrack for action films are usually very loud, being upbeat to match the on-screen action and editing pace. Music plays a vital role in helping to exaggerate the on-screen action to the audience, creating a more thrilling experience.<br />Sound effects occur greatly in the majority of action films as they help shock and make the on-screen action more life-like to the audience. <br />Evaluation<br />This particular genre would likely be the most difficult to produce due to the big budget needed to make these films very effective in exciting the audience as they involve explosions and car chases which are just impossible to do. The locations would be difficult to use as they are well populated areas. Therefore, I will probably decide against on producing a film of this specific genre. <br />