SVNIT quiz finals


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School quiz conducted as a part of SVNIT technical fest "Mindbend 12"

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SVNIT quiz finals

  1. 1. School quiz event - Rishabh Agrawal
  2. 2. Rules• The quiz is split in 3 rounds: 1Modified Infinite Bounce & 1 LVC.• Rules of each round to beelaborated as they come.• In case of a tie, team with a higherprelims score wins.• Respect my authoritah!
  3. 3. 2
  4. 4. 1
  5. 5. Round 1 : Infinite Bounce
  6. 6. RULES• Total 12 questions in this round.• 10 points for a correct answer. Else thequestion passes on to the next team. Nonegatives if the question is direct on yourteam so feel free to guess.• Part points on the QMs discretion.• Pounce: If a team is confident about theanswer to a question (direct/out of turn), it canshow its answers in written. +15/-10 for thepounce. 2 pounces per team in this round. Usethem well.
  7. 7. What is shown here?
  8. 8. ipod click wheel
  9. 9. 1.This 14th of march was dedicated to an idea in Mathematics.This day is being celebrated as ___day.What am I referring to here?
  10. 10. Math !14th March is 3:14 . The value of pi.. So “PI day”
  11. 11. The name of which popularGujarati snack literally means‘something gone wrong’?
  12. 12. Locho
  13. 13. Where would you find this pattern?
  14. 14. Oreo
  15. 15. Name this indian cricketer . [2011] [2008-2010] [2012-]
  16. 16. Parthiv Patel
  17. 17. This famous author made hisfeature film debut as anactor in the film "7 KhoonMaaf" directed by VishalBhardwaj.Who?
  18. 18. Ruskin Bond
  19. 19. IF“Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo” -> KKR“KHEL FRONT FOOT PE”->Delhi daredevils“HALLA BOL” -> ?
  20. 20. A portmanteau word coined in Afghanistan after aspate of bombings using similar modus operandi-Most famous example of such a bombing: 2011assassination of former President RabbaniIn India, this word has been used as nickname of“Harbhajan Singh”, since the early 2000sWhich word?
  21. 21. Turbanator
  22. 22. Mascot of ?
  23. 23. Wenlock and Mandeville, official mascots for theLondon 2012 Olympic and ParalympicGames, respectively
  24. 24. Name this bollywood movie
  25. 25. -Mumbai, Chennai, Kolakata & Delhiform The Golden Quadrilateral ...-Which Indian Cities form the GoldenTriangle ?
  26. 26. Delhi ,Agra , Jaipur
  27. 27. Identify the peron with the below dressingstyle (attire). Black Turtleneck by Round shaped St.Croix glassesA blue Levis 501 Sneakers
  28. 28. This signal symbolizes what in fieldof cricket?
  29. 29. Short Run
  30. 30. ROUND 2: Think Before you Ink
  31. 31. RULES• 6 questions based on super villians .• All answers to be written down by teams.• 5 points for each correct answer, bonus 10if all correct.As Bad Guys are the People Who make TheHERO Look Good !
  32. 32. Q–1• His name means, “One Who defeats Death”• His Aim is to achieve “Pure-Blood Dominance.”• He is a Parselmouth and one of the 2, who can penetrate silently …• For the 1st Time he was portrayed by “IAN HART” and then after by Ralph Fiennes.• Who ?
  33. 33. YOU-KNOW-WHO !
  34. 34. Q-2• Born in a prison in the Caribbeans, he served his father’s sentence.• He committed the 1st Murder at the Age of 8. He considers “OSITO” a Teddy Bear as his Only Friend.• There’s a Possibility that He and Bruce Wayne have the same biological father.• Also called, “THE MAN WHO BROKE THE BAT”• WHOM ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ?
  35. 35. BANE !2012 – THE DARK KNIGHT RISES …
  36. 36. Q–3• He was a Civil Engineer by Profession and rooted for Arsenal Football Club.• He was referred as UBL.• After being killed under the Operation Neptune Spear, They found Coca-Cola in his home …• Who ?
  38. 38. Q–4• He takes his name from A Clark Gable Movie.• In Swahili His name Means : Passion.• His Den was based on “Dr. No’s” Hideout.• His Characterization also had hints of Hitler, as his minions “Hail” him …This indian supervillian signature dialouge is “Khush Hua”• Whom are we talking about ?
  39. 39. MOGAMBO … KHUSH HUA !!
  40. 40. Q–5• He was the grand son of St. Pulastya and son of Kaikesi.• He was once captured by King : Kartavirya Arjuna.• Lord Shiva gave him the moon-shaped sword : “Chandra-haas” and he was given a boon that he could chose the time of his death …• This name is too much heard last year due to 2011 released movie.• Who ?
  41. 41. RAAVANA …. :P
  42. 42. Q–6• His name means : “A Strong, individual evil force.”• He and his mother were slaves of Wattoo, A junk dealer. He changed his course after his mother was killed by Tusken Raiders.• In the 1st 3 parts he’s the Antagonist and in the last 3, the Protagonist …• Who ?
  43. 43. DARTH VADER
  44. 44. Round 3: Third Try•This is the HINT round.•You have a question in the first slide. Worth 20points.•If you are not sure you can crack it, or you haveabsolutely no clue, ask for the hint on the next slide.• Now if You crack it then you will get 10 points•Though if you are not able to crack with the firsthint ,ask for the second hintbut you will get only 5 points•-5 for incorrect answer when you are playing for 20or 10 points only
  45. 45. [+20/-5]They are small-bodied, thin men andwomen. The head was made of Perspexwith three holes on the top of the headfor breathing, no eyes or mouth , andthe body was a separate outfit createdwith foam and fibre to create thin legsand arms.What ?
  46. 46. Hint 1 [+10/-5]
  47. 47. Hint 2 [+5]Place where animal lives
  48. 48. Ans. Zoozoos
  49. 49. Identify [+20 /-5]
  50. 50. HINT 1 [+10/-5]•This man was an Indian athlete and aseven-time national steeplechasechampion during the 1950s and 1960s•He represented India at the 1958 AsianGames in Tokyo, Japan.• He also served in the Indian Army, andit was in the army where his talent wasfirst recognize Later he gained notorietyas a Chambal Valley dacoit
  51. 51. HINT 2 [+5]
  52. 52. Ans.
  53. 53. Identify this (black spot) place [+20/-5] MAP OF JHARKHAND
  54. 54. HINT 1 [+10/-5]•This place is a small town in theDhanbad district in the state ofJharkhand, which is also known as theCoal Capital of India•The names of rival dons Sabir Alamand Fahim Khan, lords of two mafiafamilies are associated with this place
  55. 55. HINT 2 [+5] 1. "Jiya Tu" 2. "Ik Bagal" 3. "Bhoos" 4. "Keh ke lunga" 5. "O Womaniya Live" 6. "Hunter" 7. "Humni ke Chhodi ke" 8. "Loonga Loonga" 9. "Manmauji"10. "Womaniya"11. "Aey Jawano"12. "Soona kar ke gharwa"13. "Tain Tain To To"14. "Bhaiyaa"
  56. 56. Ans. Wasseypur
  57. 57. [+20/-5]These twin brothers were born in AndhraPradesh, India, and raised in Delhi, India.They did their schooling from Delhi . They attendedthe University of Delhi. In the first year, both werestudents of the universitys DeshbandhuCollege, but in the second year, they joined its SriVenkateswara College.They dropped out because of poor academicresults in the third year.One brother uses “Ram” and other uses“Laxman”in place of their surnames.Identify who ?
  58. 58. Hint 1 [+10/-5]
  59. 59. HINT 2 [+5]
  60. 60. Ans Raghu & Rajiv
  61. 61. [+20/-5]Born as Vijayalakshmi into a poor family in ELuru( inAndhra), she left school after the fourth standard tobecome a film star. Moving to Madras, she soonfound a sponsor who renamed her to avoidconfusion with the then reigning cabaret dancer ofthe same name. After garnering much notice andacclain with her first major role is the Tamil movieVandi Chakkaram, in 1979, she added a prefix to hername after her characters name in the movie. Shedied in 1996, in what many believe to be a suicidecaused be her financial troubles. Identify.
  62. 62. HINT 1 [+10/-5]
  63. 63. HINT 2 [+5]EntertainmentEntertainmentEntertainment
  64. 64. SILK SMITHAVidya Balan portrayed the late actor in the movie ‘ A Dirty Picture’ . Second hint was the famous dialouge of the movie.
  65. 65. Round 5 Connect OrDirect questions
  66. 66. RULES• 4 image sets connected by atheme ,2 audio questions• Non-exhaustive list.• Constant -10 for incorrectguesses.• Don‟t hate the QM after thisround.
  67. 67. connect
  68. 68. And the answer is
  69. 69. Answer :They have all hosted different versions of Who wants to Be a Millionaire in India 
  70. 70. connect Saturn planet
  71. 71. And the answer is
  72. 72. “TITAN “-Aamir khan is the brand ambassdor oftitan watches-Satellite of saturn planet-In Greek mythology Atlas was theprimordial Titan who held up the celestialsphere.
  73. 73. There is a very specific connect to thesemovies .What ?
  74. 74. And the answer is
  75. 75. Barfi! scenes that are copied’
  76. 76. Connect the below three redcircled locations
  77. 77. And the answer is
  78. 78. connectLois & clark -- SupermanParker & marry- spidermenGeeta & Gangadhar - ?
  79. 79. And the answer is
  80. 80. SHAKTIMAAN
  81. 81. Identify the company with this ad
  82. 82. And the answer is
  83. 83. PEPSI
  84. 84. Identify the company with this ad
  85. 85. And the answer is
  86. 86. Thank you for allTaalis and gaalis