Evaluation Question4


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Evaluation Question4

  1. 1. Question 4: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. These images are of me filming thezoom in of the kiss on Lucy’s neck. Todo this she sat on the windowsill likein he previous shot so she had thenatural light on her neck. I used atripod whilst doing this shot as Iwanted it to be still.
  3. 3. These are photosshowing how I filmed theplate smashing clips. Todo this I positioned thecamera and tripod on topof a table so that thecamera was lookingdown over the edge. Ithen stood by the side ofthe camera and threwthe plates down onto thefloor. I kept the cameraon record whilst doingthis and just cut out thebits I didn’t want. Once Ihad got this footage Icould then slow thespeed so that you couldsee it clearer and it wentbetter with the speed ofthe music.
  4. 4. The two images on the left show the first two methods I used tofilm the man in the doorway. I knew that I wanted it to be darkand look like a silhouette so I shone I light behind the man.However, after watching back the footage I had got I thought of abetter way to improve it. I then positioned the man in thedoorway of the dollhouse in a dark room and shone a light frombehind. This gave the shape of the doorway as well as thesilhouette of the man with the knife in his hand. I didn’t use Itripod to film this as it was on the floor and the tripod was tootall. Instead I balanced the camera on top of a couple of books soit was still and at the right height.
  5. 5. This is an image of my two actresseswhilst doing the killing scenetowards the end. To do this I startedof with just a couple of lipstickmarks on their necks, and thenevery time I did another shot I wouldadd several more lipstick marks. Tomake it clear that the number ofmarks was increasing I took shots ofeach of them lying on the bedseparately and then one of both ofthem. To film this I used a tripod as Iwanted it to be very still becausethey were both dying.
  6. 6. I did the editing over several sessions using iMovie on an apple mac.Between these sessions I was able to re-film the bits I didn’t like, forexample the clip of the man in the doorway. Whilst I had these bitsmissing I put notes in-between the clips I had already cut, positionedand edited so that I knew exactly what to do once I had got theseparts filmed. I put the effects and transitions in as I went along, thiswas because if the transitions were slow it changed the timingslightly. I only used two different effects on the clips, ‘romantic’ and‘vignette’. I chose these two because they were very similar, but onewas light and the other was dark. I used the light one for thebeginning when the two homosexual girls are happy and the darkerone towards the end when they get killed. Getting all of the clips intime with the song was very difficult and involved a lot of cutting andextending clip lengths. To help me I used my storyboard as I hadwritten rough time guides on the side. Once I had all these rough times in it was a lot easier to go through andadjust the timings to make the clips fit and make sure the lip syncing was in time.
  7. 7. Equipment usedI used a tripod to do a lot of the filming. I attached my camera tothe top and I was then able to adjust the height and angle of thecamera easily. This helped to make sure my clips were still whenthey needed to be and also smooth whilst the camera waszooming or turning. The camera I used to do the filming was a 3.1 mega pixel HD camera. This was very easy to use and the quality of the footage I got was excellent. Using this camera I was able to zoom in and out whilst recording, and I could also watch my footage on it. For most of my video I just used natural lighting, however I was not able to for some clips. I the clip of the silhouette if the man in the doorway I used a desk lamp to shine from behind. This was bright and made the light focus on the right area. Also when I filmed the bedroom scene I used spot lights on the ceiling. This was because it was quite dark in the room and there wasn’t any natural light.