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Sledding Safety from 24 Protect Plus
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Sledding Safety from 24 Protect Plus


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24 Protect Plus offers great tips to guarantee you and your loved ones stay safe when sledding this winter!

24 Protect Plus offers great tips to guarantee you and your loved ones stay safe when sledding this winter!

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  • 1. Winter sledding safety
    Tips from 24ProtectPlus to Help you Stay Safe
  • 2. Winter sledding
    Sledding in winter can be great fun
    But the sport can be dangerous if adequate precaution is not taken
    The emergency room sees several patients every year
    Children and adults alike need to ensure proper sledding safety
  • 3. Winter sledding safety Tips
    24ProtectPlus helps you with some simple tips to ensure that you are safe as you enjoy this winter sport!
  • 4. Check the sledge
    Many sledding accidents tend to happen due to oversight when the sledding equipment is not checked properly.
    Equipment malfunction can lead to accidents if the sledge is not checked properly from all angles
    Make sure that you personally check the sledge your child is getting onto before you check yours
  • 5. Wear suitable attire
    24ProtectPlus requests you to dress appropriately when you go sledding
    Long robes or loose clothing is not the most appropriate attire for sledding
    Make sure that you are wearing comfortable but fitted clothes so that there is no loose ends hanging
    In addition to that, wear adequate warm clothes, gloves and cap to protect yourself from the cold
  • 6. Protective gear
    24ProtectPlus understand that you want to make a style statement but make sure you wear proper protective gear while sledding
    Helmets and boots are as essential to sledding as a seat belt is to a car
    This is applicable even when you slip down a short downhill slope
    Remember that even a small injury on the head can cause irreparable harm at times
  • 7. Check the slope
    Don’t show off and get too ambitious
    Always check the slope for obstructions before you take it on with a sledge
    Walk down the slope and back again to see if there are any obstructions and whether you can maneuver them or not
  • 8. Train
    You may have the spirit of adventure in you …but being foolhardy will not get you anywhere
    If you are new at the sport, get some training and understand the tricks before you take on a slope on your own
    Start with smaller and easier slopes before you attempt a relatively more difficult one
  • 9. Side tip off
    Learn how to manage an emergency situation when you seem to be out of control
    Tip off and roll to one side
    This is the best way to get off a sledge while it is in motion
  • 10. Avoid water bodies
    Some people like to take on water bodies like a pond or a lake when it is frozen
    This is probably the most dangerous aspect of sledding
    If the top layer of the ice is not thick enough, it can give way and you might land in frozen water
  • 11. Sled during the day
    Sledding is a daytime activity
    Make sure that you never attempt sledding in the dark, even if you are otherwise adept and expert in sledding
  • 12. Kids wait impatiently for the snow to take their sleds out!
    But make sure you follow these tips from 24ProtectPlus to make sledding safe and enjoyable!