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Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus
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Roadside Emergency Kit | 24 Protect Plus


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  • 1. On Road Safety – Be Prepared at all Times
    Tips from 24 Protect Plus to assemble
    a roadside emergency kit
  • 2. Road Safety
    Safety should be the biggest concern when taking a road trip irrespective of whether you are
    Taking a backpacking trip on a motorcycle or
    Packing the kids in a minivan and going for a vacation
    Reported statistics reveal that there is a rise in the number of road accidents
    Often the difference between life and death is the time between the accident and the arrival of the paramedics
  • 3. Roadside Emergency Kit – Lifeline in Case of a Mishap
    24 Protect Plus tells you how you can assemble a comprehensive emergency kit
  • 4. First Aid
    The most basic aspect of putting an emergency kit together is to include a first aid box
    The first aid kit should contain
    Disposable bandages
    Ace bandages
    Burn cream
    A pair of scissors
    Over-the-counter pain medicine
    Any prescription medicine that you many have been asked to take
  • 5. Mobile Charger
    Cell phones can prove to be the most important tool in an emergency situation
    Keep a spare mobile battery in your emergency kit
    Also install a mobile charger in your car (if it is not already fitted with one) so that you are never out of battery power
    A mobile charger can be installed in the cigarette lighter slot of the car
  • 6. Flashlights
    Another necessary item is the flashlight, something that you need to have even if you are travelling only during the daytime
    24 protect Plus suggests that you keep a flashlight that has a battery that gets charged on winding
    Such a battery will never die on you ensuring that you do not get into panic zone
  • 7. Other Essentials
    Just throw in a couple of bottles of sanitizer and a few packets of wet wipes
    This will come in handy if you have a break down and have to get down on your hands and knees
    Food and Water
    Also add a few bottles of drinking water and some non perishable food items in the emergency kit
    These supplies can sustain you and your family for a while till help comes in
  • 8. Remain Calm in a Roadside Emergency and Think with a Clear Mind
    24 Protect Plus knows that if you are prepared, it is easy to stay calm and think of a solution