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Bees bites and bikes | 24 Protect Plus
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Bees bites and bikes | 24 Protect Plus


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Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Tykes Safe in the Summer!

Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Tykes Safe in the Summer!

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Bees, Bites and Bikes!
    Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Tykes Safe in the Summer!
  • 2. Summer Time
    As summer approaches kids pack up their school books and kiss them goodbye
    Parents on the other hand, pull up their socks in order to mind their children 24/7
    And this is probably the best thing to do since kids tend to get into accidents – big and small
    Loosing sight of caution can lead to your kid spending the vacation in bed rather than enjoying with his pals
  • 3. Ensure that Summer is Accident Free for your Child
    Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Ensure Child Safety in Summer
  • 4. Sports Caution
    Summer time is a great time to go out an play with friends
    And this is exactly what kids want to do in their vacations
    Children want to try their hand at all kinds of sports
    Whether it basketball, swimming, horse riding, tennis or football
    Even as you allow your kids to undertake these activities and explore, maintain caution at all times
    Swimming pool safety tips should adhered to at all times
    A lesson in animal safety tips will also come in handy
  • 5. Weather Safety
    Summers are hot, and in more ways than one!
    Since kids play in the sun, they need to be shielded adequately from the harsh rays
    Proper application of the right UV protection lotion is necessary
    Ensure that you child gets in enough fluid to avoid dehydration
    Give them a bottle of water or lemonade when they go out to play
    Avoid aerated beverages since these do not provide much hydration
    Keep your kids indoors when the sun is at its peak and allow them to go outdoors only in the evenings
  • 6. Medical Care
    As the plants blossom, pollen is all around
    This is something that can cause allergies
    Take precautions to prevent these allergies from flaring
    Wash hands regularly and stay away from pollen rich areas
    If the allergies are too frequent or too severe speak to the pediatrician
    He might ask you to get an over-the-counter medicine or prescription antihistamine
    24 Protect Plus recommends that insect repellants be used to guard against bee stings, mosquito bites that can cause itchiness and skin rashes
  • 7. Adopt these Simple Tips from 24 Protect Plus and you can be Sure that your Child will be Safe from Unforeseen Accidents during Summer