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Media Music Magazine Analysis
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Media Music Magazine Analysis



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  • 1. 4 Popular Music Magazines
  • 2. Q MagazineQ is a popular music magazine published monthly, exclusively for theUK. Q was first published in October 1986, making it more unique bysetting higher standards of photography and printing by Bauer Media.To begin with, the magazine was called ‘Cue’ – to cue a record, but thename was changed to stop it being mistaken for a snooker magazine,but also because one letter would be more attractive on newsstands.On average, each monthly issue sells 80,418 copies.The magazine consists of exclusive features such as interviews with upto 6 artists, and also regular features such as a new artist’s column and‘Qmail’. So most of the magazine is devoted to interviews with popularmusic artists from all genres.Promotional gifts are often given free with the magazine such as CD’s.Q’s target audience is mature music lovers, both male and female ages16-40 year olds. Q’s main interest is new artists and releases, ratherthan focusing on a particular genre, this widens their audience.
  • 3. A skyline is used across the top of theThe masthead is covered by the artist featured. Q magazine is a monthly alternative music magazine, and carries on around the rightThis is done because Q knows its readers can magazine. The magazine includes various side behind the image, which creates a borderrecognise their logo by showing the tiniest part of types of music featured, as seen on the effect. The words written are ‘The Q awardsit – loyal readership. A four star rating is given to front cover, U2 are a rock band, Adele is a 2011’ which is in a black font on a goldanother artist – Florence and the Machine on a soul/pop singer, Coldplay are an alternative background, which is a highly rated colour,stamp effect. However, only the name ‘Florence’ rock band, Tinie Tempah is a rap artist and associated with royalty most commonly. Thisis used, this tells us that the readers will be able to Ed Sheeran is a hip-hop/grime and acoustic tells us that these awards are highly rated andimmediately know who they’re talking about. This artist. given to only the best, and by expressing thisalso shows that Q are confident their audience will on the front cover it emphasises the selling ofknow the artist by shortening the name. the magazine. The serif font of the quote gives theThe image is a long group shot of the band U2. They impression of it being written downare arranged in a position so that the most quickly whilst in the interview. The quoteimportant member (Bono – the singer) is at the is placed over the top of the main imagefront, and the next familiar member is behind etc. which immediately makes us associate itDirect address is used by two of the members, with them people shown. Emphasis is putwhich connects with the audience. One member, on the word ‘again’ because the bandwith the grey jacket is looking at the lead singer, knows they are very successful, and couldplaced at the front of the image which shows continue to be.admiration towards him and how he is inspired byhim. Bono is positioned at the front becauseeveryone is familiar with him, even if they don’t The pink and yellow font of the headlinelisten to his music of buy the magazine. He is connotes warm colours, and familiarisationwearing sunglasses, which is part of his image as an with the artist. The headline is placed in aartist so we cannot see whether direct address is box in the right third – this goes against theused or not, although he is looking in the direction conventions of a music magazine as theof the camera. The four members are also headline is usually placed in the left third.positioned very carefully – the first and third However, another box is used in the left thirdmembers’ bodies are facing the camera, and the which again promotes the Q awards. It uses asecond and fourth members’ bodies are facing style where the most important artist goes atsideways, which connotes and orderly fashion in the top in a bigger font, and as you movethe band. down the list the artists become less important and in a smaller font – this is a style most commonly associated with a music festival line-up.
  • 4. NME MagazineThe NME (New Musical Express) is a popular music magazine in the UK which has been published weekly since 1952. A website has was also launched in 1996 - which has 5 million users a month. NME features music genres such as indie and rock.When NME started, it was a music newspaper which was the first British paper to include the singles chart. Monthly, 33,875 copies are sold.NME is owned and produced by IPC Media group.The magazine includes features
  • 5. This front cover supports theconventions of a music magazine by Clear house colours areputting the headline in the left third. Aquote is used to give the audience a recognisable – red andhint of Liam Gallagher’s interview. By white, and a little black.using only the first name of the artist,it tells us that NME know they haveloyal readership and they know their The image is layered behindreaders will be familiar with the artist. the masthead. This tells us the magazine doesn’t have loyal readership as they wouldn’t be able to Indirect address is recognise the masthead or used by the feature magazine is it was covered. artist and he is wearing sunglasses. This adds to his iconic ‘Your’ – the use of direct image as a music address is written with artist. the headline. This draws readers in and encourages them to buy the magazine. The image is in black and white which adds a vintage effect to it. Also, the black and white makes the masthead and headline stand out to The feature headlines are attract the reader – it may also be arranged very clearly, like unique to other music magazines articles. next to it on the newspaper stand.
  • 6. Kerrang!Kerrang! is a rock music magazine first published in 1981. It is published by Bauer Consumer Media in the UK. The rise in publication came when metal and rock genre came much more popular, with bands such as Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Slipknot. The sales declined in 2005Each issue sells 43,003 copies, and is published weekly. The main target audience are 15-21 year olds of predominantly males who are interested in punk/metal/rock music.
  • 7. Part of the masthead ‘Exclusive’ is used twice on the front cover The cover is veryis covered by the which encourages people to buy the busy, there is a lotmain image, this magazine. These are called pull words.shows loyal to look at andreadership as the could be confusingaudience will be for olderfamiliar on how to audiences.recognise themagazine. ‘Win’ is used – another pull word to enticePosters are free readers to buy theinside the magazine.magazine – thisentices people to A skyline is used tobuy the magazine. introduce a featuredAlso, posters artist – My Chemicalappeal more to Romance – but i istheir target abbreviated as MCR –audience as they this tells us Kerrang!can stick them on know their audiencetheir bedroom very well and arewalls. confident they’ll know who they’re talking about.
  • 8. Classic FMLaunched in: 1995, Total circulation per issue: 30,225Classic FM is the UK’s best selling monthly classical magazine. It is produced by the Haymarket Media Group. Often, a free classical music CD is given free with each issue. The magazine is full of the latest classical music news, composer profiles, CD reviews, music features and artist interviews. As well as this, because the magazine is a sister to the radio station Classic FM, programme information is also included. Over 6 million people listen to Classic FM each week, which places the magazine in a perfect position to appeal to the market.It is targeted to classical music enthusiasts and people beginning to have a feel for the music.
  • 9. Direct address is used Bar code and price The masthead colours changefrom the artist; Katherine line is placed in the from black to white as theJenkins. This creates sex bottom right hand font is layered over the coverappeal and connects with corner artist.the audience. Her facialexpression is very idyllic Photos are layeredand angelic which reflects on top of the mainon the classical music she image and as coverperforms. lines. Few of the other musicAn advertisement for magazines do this, asa free CD is used as only text is incentive to drawin and gain a loyal Very cool and calmreadership. colours are used for the cover lines and skyline etc. The lead article isA pull line is used ‘People’s written in the samefavourite reveals the colour as her skin andheartache behind her new Two very traditional fonts hair colour.CD’. This appeals to the are used. This connectsaudience, as its exclusive with the genre of musicto the magazine being written about.