FIFA Online Championship


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This is a presentation of a project I am directing for BaseKit. We wish it will be a beta soon.

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FIFA Online Championship

  1. 1. Brand NarrativeCloud ExperienceA cloud storage and data file management system.“Content comes to life” reflects CX’s ability to bring simplicity and excitement to theway people share and store content in a moving world.Defining Behaviours such as ‘geektastic’, ‘simple’ and ‘obsessive’, gave shapeto the character of the business and how the experience they deliver comes to life.
  2. 2. BaseKitExploring Creativityby Margarida da Marça |
  3. 3. The purpose of this campaign is to contribute tobetter position BaseKit, to get more traffic and targetaudience to know BaseKit and visit the website.Also, to relate BaseKit with a high creative, dynamicand competitive Brand all over the world.
  4. 4. OverviewIn such a competitive global market Brands have to findways to stand-out and position themselves.How can Design/creativity contribute?Generating innovative ideas, cost-effective, easy and fast toimplement, communicate and spread both Brand Values (internal)and Character (external).
  5. 5. So,the big idea is...i hate this orange
  6. 6. is...much better now
  7. 7. txa-na-nannnnn...
  8. 8. The first and biggest worldwideOnline FIFA Tournamentbetween creative industries.
  9. 9. SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses . Positioning BK into a new and . Olympics - London | 2012 potential business sector - Sports . Internet connection speed . Generate engaging content . Putting side-by-side BK with high . Possibility of generating great and standards brands like: DDB, JWT, DD9. free advertising and PR . Schedule the game: time zone . Track more visitors to BK site . Encourage teams to build websites with BK editor (sport templates) . Team Spirit Opportunities Threats . Creepiest Office Competition . Agencies don’t play FIFA . FIFA World Cup 2014 . Agencies don’t want to liberate time for . Midia Cup employes to play . Copyrighting Issues 1
  10. 10. ChartAudience Flow Followers BKpro 1 Community Facebook Blog Creative 2 Agencies Twitter Social Media 3 Channels Magazines Followers 2
  11. 11. Criteria of SelectionTarget the correct audienceHigh competitive companies.That are used to enrolle challanges of this nature.High influence in the social media.ReferenceMídia’s Cup, Brazil 2011 - Sponsored by the Sport TV.16 creative agencies in competition:Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy, McCann, Talent, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc... 3
  12. 12. PrizesFunny Trophy or a Kit from BaseKit 6
  13. 13. Promoting the event1- Website 1.1 Submissions open 1.2 Competition - league news, winners, schedule of the games2- Emails, newsletters3- Social Media - Facebook Apps / Twitter /…4- By post - send a kit from BaseKit5- Infographics 5.1 How to enter in the competition without having an Xbox? 5.2 (...)6- Others, for example: 6.1 - New job positions available at BaseKit Description: FIFA’12 Players| Apply now!! 7
  14. 14. Website FlowFirst sketches1- What is this challenge ABOUT 1.1- User LIKE and want to ENTER in the competition 1.1.2- user SHARES that entered in the competition and might want to challenge/invite other agencies to play with. 1.2- User LIKE but doesn’t have an Xbox - FAQ’s 1.3- User leaves the website2- Encourage to CREATE A QUICK AND EASY WEBSITE to promote his team 2.1- special offer / special package3 - Schedule of games4 - Font-Page | News, reviews of the games5 - Terms and Conditions applied to the competition*Central to engage the users 8
  15. 15. ReferencesConcept InspirationToyota, Keep Re-inventing - Commercial >Domino’s Pizza, Think Oven - FB Campaign >Mídia’s Cup, Brazil 2011 - FB campaign >Graphic InspirationChannel 4 - Branding >Channel 4 - Commercial > thank you