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Contact center-datasheet

  1. 1. DatasheetContact Center Technology SolutionsAbstractThe Contact Center is not only a point of contact for your customers; it is apoint of reference for your organizational service standards. Contact centershave transformed themselves from a cost-centric organization to a customer-centric and revenue enhancing unit that assures customer retention, brandloyalty, and improved customer experience. Today, investing in your ContactCenter and placing the right technology solutions into the infrastructureis equally important as hiring the right talent to provide service to yourcustomers. Aug 2008
  2. 2. ChallengesCompanies that maintain contact centers face many challenges and opportunities. They have to derive strategic value fromthese centers by creating and retaining customers while keeping service costs down. However, this is not as easy as it soundsgiven that customer retention and customer satisfaction metrics have received increased visibility (and scrutiny) throughoutthe organization, contact center technology solutions continue to change / evolve and diverse technologies designed toimprove key metrics have to be integrated with each other and with CRM & ERP systems.Other measures to reduce costs such as introducing self service options must also be appealing and accessible to customerswhen and where they need to contact an organization. Other challenges such as optimizing agent utilization, load balancingcalls across multi-site contact centers and call routing to the best skilled agent means that identifying and deploying thecorrect solutions while minimizing migration and training time is critical.Finally, some contact centers want to leverage their contact center investments to deploy new value-added services quickly.Still others want to integrate multiple channels together for a unified customer view and to provide customers with as manyself service and lower-cost service options as described in Figure 1.All of the above challenges require an experienced and trusted partner that has designed, developed and integrated contactcenter solutions, expertise with various systems and has experience in the relevant industries. Infosys Technologies has servedclients in multiple industries well by implementing various communication channels for the clients customers to reach outand interact and resolve their issues quickly and satisfactorily. Infosys can provide solutions to transform companies legacytelephony and network infrastructure means of communications to a more dynamic contact center that delivers improvedquality of customer service quickly and effortlessly. eMail Telephone IVR er Contact Cen s tom ter Cu Click to Call Video Cu r sto n te mer Contact Ce Voice Mail Chat Web Fax Figure 1: The Multi-Channel Customer Contact Center2 | Infosys – Datasheet
  3. 3. Value PropositionInfosys Technologies Ltd. provides end-to-end solutions for contact centers and is a one-stop partner for all contact centerneeds. Consider the following strengths that can help you realize your contact center needs. • Experience with multiple vendor products and platforms • Soft phone development and integration • Defined software development process that are compliant with very high quality standards such as CMM Level 5 Quality, ITIL, TL9000, BS 15000, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 process quality standards. • Pre-built and exclusive solutions built on popular contact center technologies such as synQuic. These solutions can be tailored and are for the areas of IVR/CTI, speech recognition technologies and Voice XML solutions. • Value-added service provider with intuitive-to-use, appealing and efficient automated solutions based on speech recognition technologies. • Contact center strategy development including legacy customer service technology assessment, solution adaption and augmentation, strategy roadmap development and solution implementation to improve customer service, brand loyalty, cross- sell and up-sell capabilities and to capture greater customer mindshare. • Established Center of Excellence (CoE) in contact center solutions dedicated to research in the use of newer technologies and in the deployment of complex solutions. We also have CoEs in Unified communications and in VOIP technologies which helps us to provide complete and well-integrated solutions for our clients.Our OfferingsInfosys offers complete, end-to-end contact center services so our clients contact center needs are addressed in its entirety: • Consultation for call center optimization • Design & deployment of hosted IP based CC services • Evaluation of business processes to • Enhancement and support of IVR/CTI applications identify scope for automation via IVR/CTI Anal • Grammars & customized pronunciations ti ng ysis sul technologies • CTI screen pop apps for optimal routing ,D • Evaluate & recommend platforms/ on es • IVR/CTI applications dev & deployment, tools suitable to the business C i • Skill-based & Optimized routing gn needs strategies • Pilots and prototypes • Call flow application & &Dev Performance tuning Contact Center elopment • Customization & • End-to-End testing of CC Deployment of diverse Technology Solutions capabilities applications technologies (ACD/PBX, • Test Automation of IVR/Speech IVR/VRU, Speech, CTI & applications Inte adapters to CRM systems) • Test Center of Excellence • Integration of Call Quality • Platform & Reporting tio gra ce systems w/ CTI components n an • Ongoing support & maintenance of • System integration w/ existing CC ten Network & IT infrastructure applications M ain • Network Management – 24 x 7 monitoring & & Testing • Migration of touch-tone based IVR services service desk to speech-recognition based service • Monitor and tune applications regularly Figure 2 - Contact Center Technology Solutions Capabilities Infosys – Datasheet | 3
  4. 4. Consulting ServicesOur experienced consultants work with our clients to define how to meet their goals and objectives for their customercontact center.Analysis, Design & DevelopmentWe can evaluate existing contact centers for effectiveness, evaluate solutions and assess vendor offerings to ensure that theymeet client objectives or design and develop new solutions based on client needs. We also provide enhancement and supportfor existing solutions in addition to 24/7 call center support.IntegrationOnce a decision has been made to place a certain solution into a contact center, we have experts that will ensure that thissolution is smoothly integrated with existing systems and applications with no interruption in customer service.TestingGiven the competitive nature of the industry and demanding customers, its imperative that there are no problems with thefunctioning of your contact center. Our professionals specialize in end-to-end testing of various systems and will also reducetesting time through automation.Our ExpertiseWe have more than 200 man years (and growing) of experience in contact center consulting and in the design, development,testing and deployment of contact center technologies. We have cultivated best practices from more that 10 years ofexperience working with many types of contact centers and contact center vendor product platforms/ application suites suchas Aspect, Avaya, Blue Pumpkin, Cisco, Cosmocom, Envox, Genesys, Intel, Microsoft, Nice, Nortel, Nuance, OnMobile,Oracle, RightNow, Speech Server etc. ACD IVR Speech CTI Routing Outbound Systems Server Tools Platforms Dialers • Nortel with • Nortel • Nuance OSR • Envox • Cisco ICM • Genesys SECC/SCCS Periphonics • Microsoft CTConnect • Genesys Outbound • Avaya • Envox CTADE Speech Server • Nortel CCT Contact Center Contact • Siemens • Genesys Voice • Test-To-Speech • Genesys Suite Solution • Alcatel Portal T-Library • Cosmocom • Avaya PCS • Cisco Call • Voice Objects • Cisco ICM DCS Framework Manager • Avaya IR • Microsoft TAPI • Avaya • Aspect • Avaya Voice 2.1 Interaction Portal • Aspect Center • Intervoice • Callcenter Invision Anywhere • Voice Genie • Empirix Hammer • NICE Quality • Test Partner Call Quality & • Witness Assurance • Test Director/Quality Center Recording • Rational Robot • Mercury LoadRunner Figure 3: Infosys has worked with many Contact Center vendor products and platforms4 | Infosys – Datasheet
  5. 5. BenefitsOur experience in most contact center solutions, our knowledge of contact center technologies and our end-to- end serviceofferings help companies to realize the following benefits: • Per call savings • Increase in the number of self-service transactions that are fast, easy and accessible for customers • Optimized agent utilization • Intuitive-to-use, appealing and efficient automation based on speech recognition and other technologies that improve customer satisfaction • Solid Computer Telephony integration experience that allow agents to know more about a customer on the phone before the call is even answered.Infosys has a wide range of services offerings to meet client needs from transactions to entertainment, from information accessanywhere / anytime to being the only / first place of choice for unique services. For example, we are not only experienced indeveloping innovative automation solutions that reduce man power requirements (and hence costs) but also offer servicesbeyond customer interfacing, such as systems diagnostics & tuning, automated functionality testing of IVR applications etc.Finally, our knowledgeable and experienced team can help companies create and deploy solutions in short time-to-market.Case Studies Customer Consulting Analysis, Design & Testing Integration Development Case 1 Contact Center in Develop thin client solution for VOIP-based center with Siebel Europe CRM integration Case 2 Contact Center in Contact center design, maintenance & 24/7 support North America Case 3 Telecom giant in Setup, integration and testing of an IP UK Contact Center w/ Genesys platform Case 4 Insurance Co in Assess existing operations & design North America future state of a contact center Figure 4: Representative case studies Infosys – Datasheet | 5
  6. 6. 1 Thin client solution for a VOIP-based contact center in Europe Case Study Client Context • The Client was using a thick-client CTI which not only experienced Benefits performance issues but required labor intensive installation & setup in • Overall, the solution reduced each agent machine whenever updates were required downtime increasing agent • The thick client CTI solution also posed major challenges in the productivity and lowered the expansion of the contact center cost of ongoing maintenance • Since the agents no longer Infosys Solution required any installation at their machines, the setup time • Infosys developed a Thin Client (web-based) solution for a VOIP based for new agents was minimal contact center. It involved migration of thick client product to thin client and maintenance no longer after which the Web Browser (Internet Explorer) became the Client required that agents go offline • With the new solution the SoftPhone Agents were able to use • Due to the Thin Client headsets connected to their Desktops to perform VOIP-based environment, the applications functionalities such as Answer Voice Call & Email, Call-back, Chat, ran much faster since the Web Collaboration, Conference, Transfer, Hold etc. by leveraging the processing took place at the existing multimedia capability of the system resources at a fraction of Server rather than at the the cost of a traditional contact center agents desktops • The solution also required interfacing with the Siebel Call Center CRM 2 Contact Center design, maintenance & support achieves ROI in under a year Case Study Client Context • A leading bank in North America wanted to gain operational efficiency Benefits in maintaining its contact center operations and support for its retail • ROI was achieved in approx. banking call centers 50 weeks from the start of the • The entire set of contact center maintenance & enhancement activities project were assessed for outsourcing • Bank was able to provide 24 x 7 support leveraging its onsite Infosys Solution and offshore team • Significant cost savings in • Managed support for the retail banking call center cluster maintaining its call centers • Provided support for all contact center applications including handling • Access to a skilled resource issues, defect analysis and fix etc., based on the tickets raised and pool to manage its varying mobile phone alerts workload and meet critical • Performed enhancement work for all applications, as needed deadlines • The project was delivered in a two-phased approach: a. Discovery & Transition phase b. Steady-state phase to minimize impact of movement of work to the offsite team6 | Infosys – Datasheet
  7. 7. 3 Setup, integration and testing for a Telecom Giant in the UKCase Study Client Context • The company has an Intelligent Network based on the Genesys Benefits Platform and a new Internet Protocol Contact Center on Genesys • Timely setup of the model and Platform under development test environments • The client wanted to leverage Infosys expertise in IVR/CTI domain • Improved Service Levels due especially in the Genesys CTI area combined with the Infosys proven to faster closure of issues/ Project Processes defects and Problem Reports • Instilled a process-oriented Infosys Solution approach for deliverables such as Test Specifications, • Setup of a model environment for integration and testing and model Test Summary Reports and maintenance Release Documentation which • Issue / defect tracking and resolution improved the quality of the • Analysis of Problem Reports deliverables • Installation and testing for new / upgraded components and applications 4 Contact Center assessment & design for an Insurance Major in the USCase Study Client Context • Multiple Contact Centers required a technology transformation to Benefits achieve meaningful cost, productivity and speed efficiencies to support • Improved productivity of the companys Customer Experience goals contact center & reduction in • The client wanted to implement Telephony, performance management cost and offshore work in low risk areas as a way to achieve quick wins • Reduced cycle time to resolve customer issues Infosys Solution • Improved first contact • Assessed the contact centers current state relative to industry best resolution rate & increased practices customer satisfaction • Developed the future state vision and strategy based on the clients • Increased revenue from cross desired business capabilities and up selling of insurance • Proposed "Quick Wins" transformation projects to achieve cost, speed, products and productivity efficiencies, and technology parity rapidly • Recommended the organization structure of the future along with the processes and technologies to maximize customer experience, efficiencies and support the strategic mission • Developed a detailed roadmap to achieve the benefits defined in the "future state" For more information, contact Infosys – Datasheet | 7
  8. 8. ou Did y ? kn owInfosys among the world’s top 50 most respected companiesReputation Institute’s Global Reputation Pulse 2009 ranked Infosys among theworld’s top 50 most respected companies.About InfosysInfosys provides its clients with business and technology consulting services thatdeliver measurable business value to help you build tomorrow’s enterprise. Through awell-integrated end-to-end range of consulting, technology, engineering andoutsourcing, Infosys clients derive the business value they’ve always been requiringfrom enterprise transformations. Our extensive research teams, including theaward-winning SET Labs, ensure Infosys solutions are always cutting-edge andrelevant. Our high investment in training – over 10,000 graduates a year passthrough our Mysore campus, the world’s largest corporate university – ensures ourpeople stay best-in-class. Infosys (NASDAQ:INFY) also believes in giving back to thecommunities with scholarships, libraries, schools, and many other elds through theInfosys Foundation.Global presenceThe Americas Europe India Asia Paci cAtlanta Amsterdam Bangalore BrisbaneBellevue Brno Bhubaneswar DubaiBelo Horizonte Brussels Chandigarh HangzhouBentonville Copenhagen Chennai Hong KongBoston Dublin Gurgaon Kuala LumpurCalgary Frankfurt Hyderabad ManilaCharlotte Geneva Jaipur MelbourneChicago Helsinki Mangalore MoscowDetroit Łódz´ Mumbai PerthFremont London Mysore ShanghaiHartford Madrid New Delhi SharjahHouston Milano Pune SingaporeLos Angeles Milton Keynes Thiruvananthapuram SydneyMinneapolis Oslo TokyoMonterrey Paris WellingtonNew York PraguePhiladelphia Stockholm AfricaPhoenix Stuttgart ReduitPlano SwindonReston ToulouseToronto Walldorf ZurichFor more information, contact© 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India. Infosys believes the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; suchinformation is subject to change without notice. Infosys acknowledges the proprietary rights of the trademarks and product names of other companiesmentioned in this document.