SharePoint Business Value - A Model behind the Madness


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Presented at SharePoint Saturday EMEA Online.
A presentation by Ant Clay of 21apps about the challenges of SharePoint projects in a business context and a walk through a model developed by 21apps to deliver SharePoint Business Value.

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  • Quick Hi I’m from 21appsand I want to talk to you today about SharePoint Business Value – A Model for the Madness
  • Introduce me and 21apps – “helping our clients realise SharePoint Business Value”
  • First lets frame this session..Talking about why SharePoint Projects go wrongThe key causes and contributing factorsThe solution as we at 21apps see itCall 2 action for SharePoint business value.
  • Why do we do SharePoint?Stretch ourselves technicallyCus its coolIts just a jobBecause your all here on a Saturday at whatever time it is for you, I’m guessing there not the primary reasons?I think the real reason is because we see the potential in SharePointThe potential to deliver value and solve problems within our internal or external customersWhose with me!
  • SharePoint is Awesome!Great platform, broad feature setPotential to deliver great business outcomes and “do good”I’ve seen and been a part of some great implementations, as I’m sure you guys all have?
  • So why is there so many Challenges & Project Failures?Project failure – is not that you haven’t delivered SharePoint project, hit the targets on the Gannt chart – its that you’ve not delivered the expected outcomes of the businessANECDOTE - Im at Microsoft UK London Office surrounded by 200 public sector techies and there’s not a great deal of love for SharePoint out there, it’s quite scary and I’ve left Andrew Woodward our CEO out there on his own!Current Climate:Economic ChallengesEverything JustifiedRadical Change (public sector/NHS)Not meeting business requirementsUser Experience isn’t what they wantNot delivering business valuePoor user adoption
  • Notice I haven’t said that the technology sucksI haven’t said that SharePoint “can’t be made to do that”The technology isn’t the problem here guys…You guys are awesome and we can make SharePoint do ANYTHING… So why is this all so hard?Why are there SharePoint project problems?Why do we have a HUGE SharePoint Business Value problem?
  • Business Problems & SharePoint projects are “Wicked”Paul Culmsee of seven sigma who writes cleverworkarounds.comShow the canevan- Cynefin Matrix… Show where Business & SharePoint is versus a technology problem.Simple Domain - “If you do X you get Y”Complicated Domain - “If you apply method A, on the advice of experts B and C, you will get to Z”Exchange deploymentComplex Domain - “Based on department X feedback, let’s try this new configuration of sites, document libraries, folders and content types”Business projects & SharePointChaotic Domain- “Try method A and see whether it got you any closer to Z. Review whether your understanding of Z has changed as a result”
  • There is no easy way to “make” SharePoint deliver business value if we are focussed on the technology layer.We need to make a radical shift in how we approach delivering projects with SharePoint
  • Tell the story of a typical Project in the old worldStrategy – cascaded downProject gets created because - IT want SharePointProject gets created because - Local Business ProblemBusiness see demo of SharePointI “want” rather than “the organisation needs”Requirements based upon SharePoint features – I want a mysite, 5 doc libraries and some workflowThe SharePoint features get delivered as requestedThe project is “in theory” a successBUT….
  • Finish the StoryAnti-climax Project Fails – bad outcomes - lots of reasons Business loose faith in IT and wonder whether we were listeningSharePoint team are wondering what the problem is, they did what was asked of them…
  • Celery contains 6 calories. But the mere act of digesting said stalk burns more like 10 calories, resulting in a negative caloric intake.This is like spending lots of time and effort, licenses, hardware and project time and money, but not delivering anything the business needs¾ of SharePoint projects I was aware of over the past 5 years DID NOT deliver true Business ValueRecession, Cuts, Pressure to deliver ROI, Business Cases/Justification… times are hard & SharePoint is expensiveEverything that IT does should add value and me aligned to organisational outcomes… ESPECIALLY SharePoint
  • There could be any number of reasons for SharePoint project problems, but really common ones I have witnessed are:
  • We’re looking at problems with an IT/Technology focus – SharePoint Knows Nothing…It doesn’t know your business, sector, organisation, business problem
  • No shared understanding between IT and the businessI recommend exploring a move away from just using documented requirements and moving to more “Visual Thinking” approach:Visualisations and story-telling are very powerful techniques for gaining a shared understanding between two very different groups of stakeholders:We use and have developed a wide range of techniques that includingIssue MappingSharePoint Project CanvasEmpathy MapsDrawing on the back of a Napkin
  • We allow projects to be specified as SharePoint features not business outcomesRequirements copied and pasted from the Microsoft web site!
  • SharePoint projects are delivered from the IT department so we gravitate to delivering IT innovation not business innovation.We should be thinking about what we can do at the business layer to deliver the outcomes:Is the process rightDo we need the processDo we need people with different skills?
  • We look at the SharePoint Project world differently…Business Stories…Vision, Business Value, Organisational outcomes…etcWe think SharePoint projects need to be grounded much higher up the organisational value-chain
  • So we at 21apps have developed the 21apps SharePoint Organisational Shift Model
  • And we think of this model as a Technology project Antidote, A way to redress the business-technology balance…
  • Tell the NEW story Through our 21apps Organisational Shift ModelGo through the 6 stepsAgile and systems thinking methods and approach
  • We look at the SharePoint Project world differently…View the world in terms of Organisational EvolutionRightshifting, Hybrid Organisations, Systems Thinking, Visual ThinkingTechnology platforms, like SharePoint are enablers, but are only a small part of the whole thinking
  • IdentifyWhere you are from an organisational maturity perspective?Where you are from a Technology / Sharepoint maturity perspective?
  • IdentifyBased upon the Marshall Model for Organisational Evolution (Rightshifting) we examine, assess and document your organisational and SharePoint implementation maturity. Focussed on helping organisations become more effective.Lets focus for this session on SharePoint effectiveness..Adhoc– Do SharePoint, just because… zero or accidental business value, server under someones deskAnalytic - SharePoint deployed by the rules, local optimisations and business value, @ team and department level and not org wise and not aligned to organisational strategySynergistic – Looking at the whole organisation, experience driven & value based
  • VisionWhat is your organisational vision and strategy? Where are you going what are you trying to achieve?Consolidating a shared understanding of where you are going and what you need to achieve. Using a number of concepts and techniques including Hybrid Organisations, Vision Mapping, Cynefin, and Strategic Goal Alignment we seek to extract and articulate what this particular “projects” organisational vision is going to be. Armed with this we can Ask:Is the project going to deliver organisation value? If not then stop and re-assess
  • OutcomesWe facilitate the definition of value, outcomes and requirements you need to deliver for your organisation, business, customers, citizens or stakeholders. The traditional practice of articulating project requirements is typically driven by functional capabilities of the technology platform i.e SharePoint. Our method elicits the business needs and value, linked to the organisational strategy and outcomes, through issue mapping, benefit aligned roadmaps, De Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats”, “visual thinking” and other industry proven techniques. We move away from traditional “requirements gathering documents” that can be filled with platitudes, take time and people don’t read properly.
  • SolutionWe help you define BOTH your organisation and solution architectures. Combining Rightshifting, For collaboration projects we look at Hybrid Organisation concepts we help you identify the organisational and cultural change you need to deliver.Through Systems thinking and best practices, we work with business and IT stakeholders in defining the solutions.We underpin these with the information architecture, operational and information governance and the overall SharePoint solutions architecture.
  • DeliveryThis is the easy bit, it’s in the Cynefin complicated domain, where good practice can be followed.The tools you need to deliver great solutions are already here, you guys are awesome, we want to help you achieve more…Through governance and leadership we help deliver the organisational vision and value. Working in synergy with your existing IT capability, and partners, we deliver organisational and technological leadership, troubleshooting, training and expert consultancy throughout the delivery and on-going support phases. We recommend and help promote lean principles and a shift to continuous delivery and improvement.
  • RealisationMeasuring the realisation of business outcomes we defined earlier in stage 3, and looking forward through the re-iteration of the identity and vision stages. Through long term relationships we provide leadership and develop your internal capabilities and experience to establish an organisational culture focused on strategic outcomes and continuous improvement. Link back everything were doing from a technology perspective to outcomes, vision and where the organisation is
  • We’ve delivered:Organisational outcomesBusiness valueReturn on investmentDelighted our customersHad a great time!
  • Call to action – To begin to deliver SharePoint Business Value.. Remember this and action some of these point on MONDAY
  • We need to take a bigger view of outcomes rather than local efficienciesDon’t ask what can SharePoint do for me or my team, but what it can do for my Organisation and customers
  • Find any SharePoint Celery Projects
  • Stop the SharePoint project, don’t let it proceed any further..
  • Talk to the business stakeholders, a lot…Work with them in detail using the early stages of this model
  • Rename your project – Use business words & convey the projects purpose
  • Get coffee, go to the pub and get a Shared Understanding about what the business is trying to achieve!SharePoint guys should Eat, think, work, play with the business… in the first half of the projectThe business should Eat, think, work, play with the business… in the second half of the project
  • In the Strategy, Value, benefits and requirements phases: Ban the word SharePoint and any reference to SharePoint functionality
  • Have a focus outside of the IT organisation and into the business and their customers
  • I appreciate that this is a huge shift in approach and mind-setWe at 21apps would be happy to help you guys deliver SharePoint Business value for your clients, feel free to ask us for help!….Taking this approach will help you deliver great business projects….Those projects will be based on SharePointYou will have delivered organisational valueYou will Rock!
  • Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Arguments?
  • Thank you for your time and attention
  • Please feel free to feedback on this presentation at the URL above
  • SharePoint Business Value - A Model behind the Madness

    1. 1. SharePoint Business Value A Model for the Madness! @AndrewWoody #spsuk #rwsbs
    2. 2. SharePoint business value
    3. 3. why SharePoint
    4. 4. why is it like this?
    5. 5. I don’t see a tech problem It’s Not Technology Problem
    6. 6. Cynefin framework
    7. 7. which way now? We need to change direction
    8. 8. scary-but-true story
    9. 9. the celery effect..
    10. 10. what’s the cause
    11. 11. SharePoint knows nothing…
    12. 12. no shared understanding
    13. 13. tech features not outcomes
    14. 14. innovating IT should innovate business
    15. 15. we need a different view
    16. 16. SharePoint Organisational Shift @AndrewWoody #spsuk #rwsbs
    17. 17. tech project Ant-idote @AndrewWoody #spsuk #rwsbs
    18. 18. SharePoint happy ending
    19. 19. Organisational evolution…
    20. 20. 1. Identify
    21. 21. Marshall Model for Organisational Evolution (Rightshifting)
    22. 22. 2. Vision
    23. 23. 3. Outcomes
    24. 24. 4. Solutions
    25. 25. 5. Delivery
    26. 26. 6. Realisation
    27. 27. Yay! we delivered.. ..SharePoint business value
    28. 28. I want moreBusiness Value Help! call to action…
    29. 29. find SharePoint celery..
    30. 30. talk to business stakeholders
    31. 31. sharedunderstanding
    32. 32. stop talkin’ SharePoint stuff
    33. 33. re-focus IT teamoutside the IT department
    34. 34. @AndrewWoody #spsuk #rwsbs
    35. 35.