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Tg Tg Presentation Transcript

  • How to present a presentation
    By Tinisha Graham
  • How to Start
    The first thing that you need to do is come up with a topic
    You need to choose a topic that interest you so that you do not get bored easily
    Once you have a topic the next step is to do research on the topic
    The next step is to do an outline
  • How to Start
    The outline just gives you ways to be creative
    Keep in mind this is just the rough draft so it does not need to be perfect!
    Once the outline is completed you can start the first draft from the information from the research
  • Rough Draft
    This should have every point that you want to get across to the audience
    There should be an introduction, body, and conclusion
    The introduction tells the audience what you are going to talk about
    The introduction is important because the audience has it’s first impression of your topic
    The body usually has three main point that explain your topic
    The conclusion summarizes what you have spoke on and
  • Organizing the material
    You want your presentation to be original
    Ways to make it original
    • Make jokes in the introduction
    • Get the audience attention
    • Ask questions
  • Technology resources
    The resources you use are important
    • Videos, visual aides, books, radios, clip boards, internet, and magazines are all resources that can benefit your topic
    • The important idea to remember is to site your sources
  • Citing your sources
    Citing the sources is important because it let’s the audience know where your information came from
    For instance if I am doing a topic on dogs and I use a internet site it must be cited see below:
  • Be prepared
    The night before your presentation get plenty of rest
    Practice in front of friends or family
    Review over the material
    • You do not want to forget anything
    Be confident and show pride in your work!
  • The End!!!!!!!!!
  • My Sources
    Bringing Down the House: Creating Sensational Knock-Your- Socks Off Presentations:Howto Deliver Your Message with Power and Pizzazz, Jukes, Ian. 2005
    Teaching and Learning with Technology, Lever-Duffy, Judy and McDonald, Jean B. 2005. Pearson