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Vet gold product catalogue

  1. 1. Spider Pharm Industries has embroidered on its flag to producehigh quality 100% natural active ingredients Derma-cosmeticproducts for the treatment of various skin ailments for humans, nowSpider Pharm is proud to announce that it has introduced the world’sfirst ever Dead Sea Derma-cosmetic range of products specificallydeveloped for application on animals - the VetGold line.5 years ago Spider Pharm produced the first product in the line – theVetGold Cream, specially designed to promote natural skinrejuvenation process and after 5 successful years of marketing theunique VetGold Cream in the UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland,Finland, Poland, Hungary, Benelux, Croatia, Turkey, Canada, HongKong, Taiwan and Singapore and receiving outstanding wonderfulreports and feedback from professional Vets and Veterinarydistribution companies, Spider Pharm is excited to introduce the fullrange of products in this unique VetGold line.All VetGold products are based on 100% Natural ActiveIngredients (NAI) with no medicinal ingredients, steroid freeand antibiotic free.
  2. 2. VetGold CreamVetGold cream is used to promote the natural healing of dry,damaged and irritated itchy skin. VetGold is enriched with Dead Sea minerals,natural oils and natural plant extracts that revitalize, rejuvenate, moisturizeand nourishes the skin cells and returns them to their natural elasticized state.VetGold Spray for Damaged SkinVetGold Spray promotes the natural rejuvenation of dry,damaged and irritated itchy skin.VetGold Spray is the first ever Dead Sea product purposelydeveloped for application on animals. VetGold Spray is basedon a blend of natural Dead Sea minerals enriched with naturaloils as well as natural plant extracts that revitalize, rejuvenate,enrich and moisturize the skin whilst the natural activeingredients strengthen and reinvigorate the skin promotingnatural restoration to its full healthy elasticized state.
  3. 3. VetGold Shampoo for damaged & irritated skinVetGold Shampoo is the first ever shampoo, enrichedwith minerals from the Dead Sea, and purposelydeveloped for application on animals. VetGold Shampoois a unique blend of natural oils andplant extracts enriched with naturalDead Sea minerals that revitalizes,rejuvenates, and moisturizes the skinwhilst keeping the coat soft and richlooking.VetGold ConditionerVetGold Conditioner is the first ever Conditioner,enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea, purposelydeveloped for application on animals. VetGoldConditioner is a unique blend of natural oils and plantextracts enriched with natural Dead Sea minerals thatsoften the coat giving it a very rich look whilstmoisturizing and nourishing the skin.
  4. 4. VetGold DCBA unique combination of naturaloils and plant extract fortified withDead Sea minerals to create a frontedge moisturizing mega booster forthe treatment of extremely dehydratedmalnourished skin, to rejuvenate skincells whilst restoring elasticity andproviding the skin with the needed cellblocks for maintaining its healthy andnormal condition.EQUIMUDA unique blend of naturaloils and plant extractswith Dead Sea Mineral Mudfor muscles and jointsrelaxation.
  5. 5. VetGold Ear CleanserA soothing, non-irritatingformula fortified with DeadSea minerals, helps removedirt and dissolve waxy buildup, nourishing the skin whilstkeeping the earsclean and healthy.VetGold – Plant Extracts Ear CleanserA calming, soothing formula fortified withDead Sea minerals based on chamomileand calendula extract to clean,moisturize and nourish the skin,removing dirt and dissolving waxy buildup whilst keeping the ear clean and theskin in its healthy elasticized state.VetGold – Natural Oils Ear CleanserA natural oil based formula, to clean, moisturizeand nourish the skin. Removes dirt anddissolves waxy build up.
  6. 6. VetGold Anti Itch ShampooA Chamomile based shampoo to soothe and calm irritateditchy skin whilst keeping the coat soft and rich looking.Fortified with Dead Sea minerals to moisturizeand nourish the skin.VetGold Anti Itch LotionA Chamomile based, fast absorbing, rich, moisturizing andnourishing lotion enriched with Dead Sea minerals to relieveirritated itchy skin whilst revitalizing skin cells and restoringelasticity for a strong healthy smooth skin.VetGold Anti Itch SprayA unique fast absorbing Chamomile basedformula of natural plant extracts fortified withDead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera to sootheirritated itchy skin. Provides a calming effectand reinvigorates the skin’s natural health andstrength. Provides nourishment and moisture..
  7. 7. Become a part of our distribution network in your country by joining thelist of the prestigious companies that have the exclusive distribution rights forour VetGold line in their countries:Selectavet – GermanyCVC – UKProvet – SwitzerlandMagnum Medical – FinlandMaxi Pro Asia – Hong KongNVP – CanadaNobel Advance Enterprises – SingaporeSuper fortune enterprise Co. Ltd – TaiwanBiovet Pulawy – PolandAccord Medikal – TurkeySikivet – CroatiaUranovet – Spain & PortugalVidavet – HungaryGitox Natural – BeneluxAll professionals, pet owners and breeders search, as much as possible andwhenever possible, for the natural way to treat their animals without anysteroids, tar or synthetic vitamins.Lead the way in offering these healthier and natural alternatives to your clientsand patients.And the good news is - Vetgold will continue to expand its range of productsall the time, to create a healthier and better world for the animals we so muchcare about.Become part of the VETGOLD family of distributors. We look forward to youjoining us.