Homework for the Personal Humanities Project, Spring Assignment.


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Summary of the History of Mankind 2020-2050 by Juliette Axelrod, paleo-history cadet.
Spring assignment: Personal Humanities project
Faux Mesa High School, Pavonis Mons District.

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Homework for the Personal Humanities Project, Spring Assignment.

  1. 1. The history of humanity 2010-2050 Juliette Axelrod, paleo-history cadet, Spring assignment: Personal Humanities project Faux Mesa High School, Pavonis Mons District.
  2. 2. Method • I have analyzed ~10 billion media artifacts & social media profiles from the Page/Zuckerberg Mass Observation Archive to measure societal and cultural change. • I use: – clustering algorithms to identify separate macro stages, longitudinal analysis of micro behavior to infer evolutionary drivers (see technical appendix) – Machine learning selection of music output for gestalt immersion • Presenting results with an obsolete technology to ‘set the mood’ 
  3. 3. Stage 1: 2010-2020 “towards a scalefree humanity” Globalisation + Digitisation: • Concentration of wealth. Exhibitionistic consumption. • Pseudo-cultural acceleration through social media; mass envy dynamics; fear for the children. References: http://phys.org/news95074548.html
  4. 4. Stage 2(a): 2020-2030 “bioobsolescence & the troubles” Them Robots • Unemployment & pseudoemployment in bullshit jobs. • Global warming, climate change refugees, resource scarcity. • Rhetoric of neo-feudalism becomes mainstream • Episodes of urban warfare & sabotage = The Battle of Belgravia, White Plague (luxury apparel contaminated w/ sarcophage virus kills/maims ~ 500 high net worth individuals) References: http://www.bostondynamics.com/
  5. 5. Stage 2(b): 2020-2030 “Exodus” First generation of VR natives grows up. • Mass migration to virtual worlds • Formation of pan-national communities of developers/users. Characters classes replace social classes. • Hands-on engagement with software tools. • Ownership of „physical property‟ increasingly seen as quaint. References: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nicole_Stenger_Virtual_Reality.jpg
  6. 6. Stage 3: 2030-2050 “The new new new deal” A Keynes M. Banks world • Last ditch attempt to avert intrasocietal war, mankind speciation. • Bretton Mumbai megaconference (2028). Global agreements on tax, climate change, Intellectual Property reform, drug legalization. • Living wage, copyright commons, advanced health services for all.
  7. 7. Stage 4: 2050 onwards “Lift off” • Mass leisure -> Mass hedonism -> mass research. • Users become creators become savants • Authentic mass knowledge society delivers two sci-fi scenarios:  True AI  First-generation FTL drive. The next stage of our evolution begins here. References: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Lifecycle-Software-Objects-Chiang/dp/1596063173
  8. 8. Coda: Gestalt match Mankind has adapted to realize the potential of technology, and (arguably) become more enlightened. I have algorithmically identified two pieces of music that communicate our collective feeling, as we prepare for the next stage of the journey. References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Giraud
  9. 9. Gestalt Match (1): Moan Utopian drone duo feat. Shinji Masuko (Boredoms) Conveys the placid effervescence with which we slide out of our chrysalis and slip into the cosmos. Go here to listen to "Summer Camp 79" More information & physical artifact from Data Garden.
  10. 10. Gestalt Match (2): Ben Warfield Ben Warfield researches the biological effect of light on humans. His music is itself a simulation of those effects – it induces a tropic tendency into the night sky & beyond. There we go. Go here to listen to "the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres" More information & physical artifact from Data Garden.