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  • 1. TennesseeBy: Carly Keilholtz and Johnathan Williams Business Presentations October 19, 2012
  • 2. Introduction• Official state web site • Climate• State capitol • Natural resources• History of state and • Major cities and collegesinteresting facts • Current events• Geographic location • Famous people• State Flag • State motto• Population • State flower, bird, animal• Geographical size • State nickname• Major industries/services• Tourist attractions
  • 3. Tennessee Facts● Capitol- Nashville● State Flag-● Major Industries/services- Mining, Music, farming, tourism
  • 4. More Facts● Geographic location- Longitude: 86° 37.3W, Latitude: 35° 47.7● Population- 6,296,254, 17th largest state● Geographical size (sq. miles)- 42,146 square miles
  • 5. History and Tourist AttractionsHistory-Two young attorneys, Coca-Cola bottledfirst ever combination candy bar inventedTourist attractions- Nashville, TennesseeAquarium, DollywoodOfficial Site-
  • 6. Natural Resources and ClimateNatural Resources:1. Limestone2. Coal3. Oil4. Natural gas5. Timber6. Great soil to grow cropsClimate:Main temperature ranges from 50-80 degrees
  • 7. Major Cities and CollegesCities: Colleges:-Nashville -Chattanooga State-Memphis Technical Community-Gatlinburg College-Knoxville -Pellissippi Community College -University of Tennessee Space Institute
  • 8. Current EventsOutbreak of fungal meningitis-Fifteen deaths, 205 cases reported total as of 10/15-Spreading to other states-14: Michigan, Maryland,Virginia, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, New Hampshire,Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio,and Texas-Linked to contaminated steroid shots for back painthat came from Massachusetts.-13,000 shots were given to patients, 650 expected toget infected-Six deaths, 52 cases in Tennessee as of 10/15
  • 9. Famous People● Morgan Freeman- Memphis● Aretha Franklin- Memphis● Dolly Parton- Sevierville ○ Dollywood is a popular amusement park● Davy Crockett- Greene County
  • 10. State Flower, Bird, and AnimalFlower:-IrisBird:-MockingbirdAnimal:-Raccoon
  • 11. State Motto and State NicknameMotto:-Agriculture and CommerceNickname:-Volunteer State
  • 12. Interesting Facts-Became state on June 1, 1796-Greeneville has only monument in the US thathonors both Union and Confederate armies-City of Murfreesboro located directly in thecenter of the state-Tennessee Aquarium, largest facility with over7,000 animals-Largest earthquake in American history in1811
  • 13. More Interesting Facts-Over 3,800 caves-Nashvilles Grand Ole Opry- longestcontinuously running radio program in world-Bristol, Tennessee- known as birthplace ofcountry music-Great Smoky Mountains National Park- mostvisited park in U.S.-Elvis Presleys home: Graceland-located inMemphis- second most visited house in world
  • 14. Interesting Facts continued-Tennesseans- sometimes referred to asButternuts- what soldiers from Tennessee werecalled during Civil War-Tied with Michigan for being most neighborlystate- borders 8 other states-Worlds largest artificial skiing surface inGatlinburg-Cumberland University lost a football game toGeorgia Tech with score of 222-0 in 1916
  • 15. Summary-The Volunteer State-State capital is Nashville-Known for its music industry-17th largest state in population-Great state for farming-Very historic place
  • 16. VideoTennessee Aquarium- More than 12,000species of animals
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