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Massachusetts Presentation


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My first upload onto Slideshare, this is a presentation presented during period 7/8 class period.

My first upload onto Slideshare, this is a presentation presented during period 7/8 class period.

Published in: Travel

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  • 1. MassachusettsBy: Josh Feser and Tristan Diehl Business Presentation 10/19/12
  • 2. Overview• Basic Info • Tourist Attractions• History • Natural Resources• Climate • Major Industries• Famous People • State Info• Popular Foods• Video
  • 3. Basic Information• Population o 6,587,536• State Capitol o Boston• State Flag:
  • 4. Basic Information, Cont.• Geographical Size: o 10,555 sq. miles• Geographical Location: o Longitude: 69° 57 W to 73° 30 W o Latitude: 41° 10 N to 42° 53 N• State Website: o
  • 5. History of Massachusetts• Massachusetts- Founded 1628• Harvard- Created in 1636• Boston Tea Party-1773
  • 6. History Cont.• 1876- Phone developed, demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell• 1892- The first successful gasoline- powered automobile.• 1897- First Subway system built in Boston
  • 7. Tourists attractions• 6 Flags New England o Home of the Flashback o Batman: Dark Knight• New England Aquarium o 70 Different exhibits o 800 Total species• Fenway Park o Home on the RedSox o Created in 1912 but rebuilt in 1934
  • 8. Climate• Climate Type: o Continental Climate• Average High and Low: o High: 81.8°F o Low: 15.6°F• Highest and Lowest Temperatures: o High: 107°F on August 2, 1975 o Low: -35°F on January 12, 1981
  • 9. Natural Resources• Minerals o clay, lime, marble, sand, gravel, silica, quartz, granite and limestone• Lakes + Rivers o 4,230 miles of rivers o 1,100 miles of lakes + ponds charles river
  • 10. Video
  • 11. Major IndustriesIndustries- Fishing, Textiles, Electronics, Publishing, Education, TourismColleges- Boston university-student population 31,766, Boston college- student population 14,836, Cambridge college-student population 5,311
  • 12. Current EventsFree Friendship BreakfastEverett Company Stage School ResidencyToddlers Story timeBallroom Dancing
  • 13. Famous PeopleJohn Adams was the second us president John F. Kennedy us presidentSteve Carell, Comedian/ ActorTom Bergeron, Host of Americas Funniest Home VideosAerosmith, Band
  • 14. Popular FoodsBoston Cream pieChocolate Chip CookieBoston Cream DonutCorn Muffin
  • 15. State Information• Flower: Mayflower• Bird: Chickadee• Motto:"By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty"
  • 16. State Information Cont.• Dog: Boston Terrier• Cat: Tabby cat• Horse: Morgan horse• Marine Mammal: Right Whale• Nickname-Bay city, Old colony state
  • 17. ConclusionMassachusetts has many popular foodsIt was founded in 1628Boston Tea Party 1773It has a lot of state information
  • 18. Citations