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Iowas features and facts

Iowas features and facts



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Iowa Bp Iowa Bp Presentation Transcript

  • Iowa By TonyPopp Bussness Presintation
  • What Im going to cover in this presentation.
    • When founded
    • Population
    • Water sources 
    • Attractions
    • Disadvantages
    • Maps
    • Climate
    • !Lets break  this down!
  • First off...   Iowa comes from the American Indian tribe Iowa.Witch was then brought into the Louisiana purchase.   Iowa was the 29th state to be founded on 12/28/1846 Its the 26th largest state (56,276)squeare miles witch is also145,754 sq km Iowa population is around 5,782,342 people .
    • "Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain " 
    • Bird Eastern Goldfinch
    State symbols
    • state Flower
    • The Wild Rose blooms in shades of pink and was chosen as an Iowa symbol in 1897 because it decorated the silver service Iowans presented that year to the battleship USS Iowa as a suvineer to the suport to the country.
    The states natural habitat
  • The states natural habitat continued
    •   State Tree
    • Oak - Abundant and beautiful, the oak is prized for its contributions to the wildlife ecosystem.
    • Geode-A rare and beautiful rock , geode means earthlink . and when broken open a sparkling lineing of minneral crystals is revealed.
  • The Mormon trail
    • Few years in the Far West were more notable than 1846. That year saw a war start with Mexico, the Donner-Reed party embark on their infamous journey into a frozen world of indescribable horror, and the beginning of the best organized mass migration in American history. The participants of this migration, the Mormons, would establish thriving communities in what was considered by many to be a worthless desert.
    • From 1846 to 1869, more than 70,000 Mormons traveled along an integral part of the road west, the Mormon Pioneer Trail. The trail started in Nauvoo, Illinois, traveled across Iowa, connected with the Great Platte River Road at the Missouri River, and ended near the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Generally following pre-existing routes, the trail carried tens of thousands of Mormon emigrants to a new home and refuge in the Great Basin. From their labors arose the State of Desert, later to become the Utah Territory, and finally the State of Utah
  • Iowa main occurrence time-line
    • (1803) United States acquired Iowa in Louisiana Purchase
    • (1820) Missouri Compromise made Iowa non-slave territory
    • (1833) Iowa Territory opened for settlement (1834) Patrick O'Connor first person hung in Iowa
    • (1857) State capital moved to Des Moines from Iowa City
    • (1867) Grasshopper invasion occurred, crops damaged; first railroad completed through Iowa
    • Iowa State Capital Building, Des Moines
    • Des Monies is a major center for the insurance industry and also has a sizable financial services and publishing business base. In fact, Des Monies was credited with the "number one spot for U.S. insurance companies.
  • Iowa's flag  
  • Climate
    •   The climate of Iowa is windy with the chance of sun . 
    • Yes i said chance  of sun iowa is always sunny with winds blowing each every way.  Allthogh the climate is rather warm and during the winter they get 3 to 5inches of snow each year. The dissadvantage to the state is the climate brings alot of flooding although it dosent  rain alot when it dose it poors like no other. Causeing floods and the yearly mud slide.
  • Conclusion
    • Iowa is a historical in many way shapes and forms .
    • Mormans trail passes through witch is a big historical event. 
    • Nowadays Iowa has the main source of solar, wind and crop uses . 
    • Iowa has a various  number of symbles like the eastern goldfinch . Plus the geode rock that has some
    • fancy mineral cristals that aloto of people semm to enjoy.
  • Sites
    • google
    • note pad
    • Iowa/.gov