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Rolling in the dough funding your organization volin1

  1. 1. !"#$%&'("&!)*$'+ Abby Volin Rescue Group Coordinator HSUS
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  14. 14. ,.)*+-$%'(0%12-3.42% P+Q+-(21(0%R:$-9 B+.&(.77($%/)-:C42%/ O+=+726(-+7.42%/*$6/
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  17. 17. ,!*'(").$%&1$23)4*53$0 ((((L+12-+(?2:(L+'$%U !:)(.()+.3($%(67.C+ !-+6.-+(92:-(6.6+-T2-K G$//$2%(D).)+3+%) V36729+-(0&+%4SC.42%(H:3I+WXYZC[Z[(&+)+-3$%.42%(7+Q+!-$2-(?+.-@/(V<6+%&$):-+/(.%&(L:&'+)
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  19. 19. ,6).5$%&*&6.$$.$%&7)383+*90 ?2:@-+(A%(?2:-(AT%U_ J$)7+(!.'+;J.I7+(21(F2%)+%)/ V<+C:4=+(D:33.-9 0%)-2&:C42% H++&(D).)+3+%) ,2.7/(.%&(AI`+C4=+/ !-2`+C)(O+/C-$642%;G+)*2&/ _D2:-C+/a((*Q6a;;TTTbC6CT%Cb2-';-+/2:-C+/;)227I2<;T-$4%'M.M'-.%)M6-262/.7](*Q6a;;TTTbC2%)+%)M6-21+//$2%.7/bC23;,-.%)M5-$4%'MJ$6/b6*6] *Q6a;;%2%6-2S)b.I2:)bC23;2&;12:%&.42%1:%&$%''-.%)/;)6;'-.%)6-262/.7*:Ib*)3] *Q6a;;TTTb.%$3.7/*+7)+-$%'b2-';-+/2:-C+/;3.'.N$%+;`:7c.:'cYdde;*2TM)2MT-$)+M.MT$%%$%'M'-.%)b6&1](!.Q9(#$%C*(1-23(,72I.7(#+&+-.42%(21 8%$3.7(D.%C):.-$+/
  20. 20. ,6).5$%&*&6.$$.$%&7)383+*90 ?2:@-+(A%(?2:-(AT%](F2%@) !-2`+C)(G.%.'+3+%) V=.7:.42% A)*+-(D2:-C+/(21(#:%&$%' L:&'+) 866+%&$C+/
  21. 21. ,6).5$%&*&6.$$.$%&7)383+*90 F2332%(G$/).K+/ ,+%+-$C(6-262/.7 J22(3:C*;%2)(+%2:'*(&+).$7 E%-+.7$/4C(C2/)(.%.79/$/ H2)(+%2:'*(+<67.%.42%(21(6-2'-.3 F$-C:7.-(-+./2%$%'
  22. 22. ,6).5$%&*&6.$$.$%&7)383+*90 01(?2:-(!-262/.7(0/(B+`+C)+&U D*2:7&(92:($%R:$-+(T*9> D+%&(.()*.%K(92:(%2)+
  23. 23. fJ*+(I+/)('-.%)++/(K%2T()*+3/+7=+/]()*+9(K%2T )*+$-(2-'.%$N.42%/(-+.779(T+77U)*+9(*.=+ .7-+.&9(&2%+()*+$-(*23+T2-K()2()-9()2(S':-+ 2:)(T*.)(+7+3+%)/(2-(6.-)/(21()*+$-(2-'.%$N.42% 3$'*)(S)(T$)*(T*.)()*+(12:%&.42%($/(1:%&$%'bg !"#$%&"'()"*+](D+%$2-(!-2'-.3(AhC+-(.)()*+(i.3+/(0-=$%+(#2:%&.42%
  24. 24. Thank you! Abby Volin Rescue Central
  25. 25. GEOR GE D. PATTER SON FA MILY F UND Gra nt Applicatio n Information Dear Grantseeker: We appreciate your interest in the George D. Patterson Family Fund and would like to share some important information with you before you begin the application process. The Fund has limited discretionary funds and few proposals are approved. Competition is strong, and because only a few applicants receive grants, many good proposals cannot be funded. Grants up to $25,000 will be awarded to nonprofit organizations in Mecklenburg County and contiguous counties to Mecklenburg County that address animal welfare needs. Special consideration will be given to those organizations that demonstrate strong business and financial practices and address new and collaborative ways of caring for animals in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. The Committee’s past grant emphasis includes: • • • • Spay & neuter efforts including voucher programs Educational awareness campaigns about adoption of animals or other animal issues Rural animal care and wellness Small, targeted capital projects that enhance children’s exposure to animal education The Fund has one annual grant cycle, though depending upon the availability of funds, requests for funding may be reviewed throughout the year. The deadline for receipt of your proposal is at 4:00 p.m. on August 17, 2007 at Foundation For The Carolinas offices. A final decision will be made at the Fall Board meeting following the application cycle. Because of the volume of requests, we may not provide feedback on your proposal. Thank you for your interest in the George D. Patterson Family Fund. Please contact Olivia Scott, Grant Specialist - Client Services, at 704-973-4569 or if you have questions. George D. Patterson Family Fund Foundation For The Carolinas 217 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: (704) 973-4569 Fax: (704) 973-4969
  26. 26. GEOR GE D. PATTER SON FA MILY F UND Gra nt Applicatio n C heckli st This is a checklist for your convenience only. It will help you complete the application process by checking off each section as completed. Please send your proposal, along with this application (pages 1-4) to: George D. Patterson Family Fund Foundation For The Carolinas 217 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 ! 1. Complete the Grant Application Summary (page 1). Have the Grant Application Form signed by the Executive Officer of your organization. ! 2. Complete the Project Description Form, (pages 2 - 3). ! 3. Complete the Project Budget Form (page 4) indicating sources of income and expenses. Indicate the specific purposes for which the Foundation’s grant funds will be used. ! 4. Submit a list of your current Board of Directors. ! 5. Attach a copy of the applicant’s official notice of tax-exempt status (501(c)(3) form) from the Internal Revenue Service. If the applicant organization is exempt as a local unit of a national organization, attach certification of membership. Note: Do not send your organization’s federal tax ID number notice or your state tax exemption letter, as these items do not meet this requirement. ! 6. Attach a current copy of the Annual Operating Budget of your organization. Note: Proposals and Applications do not need to be placed in a special binder or notebook. Applications are disassembled and copied during processing. Please contact us at 704-973-4569 for questions about the application forms or grants process. George D. Patterson Family Fund Foundation For The Carolinas 217 South Tryon Street Charlotte, NC 28202 Phone: (704) 973-4569 Fax: (704) 973-4969
  27. 27. GEOR GE D. PATTER SON FA MILY F UND Gra nt Applicatio n Summa ry Name of Contact: Jane Doe* Date: 8/1/07 Title: Executive Director Telephone: (828) 555-1234 Fax: (828) 555-1345 Applicant Organization: Great Dane Organization Email: Address: 123 Main Street Project Name: Helping Danes Help Others City: Charlotte State: NC Zip: 28204 Total Budget for the Project: $18,750 Date of Incorporation: 1/1/1995 Amount of Grant Request: $15,000 Please concisely address the following on this page only. (1) Statement of purpose of your organization (2) Brief summary of proposed project (3) Description of what the grant funds will be used for Great Dane Organization was organized in 1995 for the purpose of helping Great Danes in need. We provide for the rescue and care of those who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. We assume all financial responsibility of these animals including their spay or neuter as well as providing any medical treatment necessary to return these loving creatures to good health. By taking these animals, we are helping to ease the financial burden on the local shelters and are supporting the efforts of the local veterinary clinics. We then supply training and socialization to ensure their adaptability to their new, loving homes. Also, we expand public awareness emphasizing the importance of spaying or neutering pets through our ongoing fundraising efforts at local area events. The goals of the Great Dane Organization project are three-fold. First, we want to increase public awareness about the need to help control pet overpopulation through distribution of educational materials about spaying and neutering personal pets. Second, we want to help alleviate the burden of local animal shelters by being able to take more Great Danes into our rescue. Third, we want to educate the public about the proper care and training of their personal pets. If we received the grant, the funds would be used for printing educational brochures, veterinary costs for additional incoming dogs, temporary housing and quality dog food. We appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the George D. Patterson Family Fund. Current assets of organization: $17,067 Date of last audit: 9/13/06 Approval of Executive Officer: I approve submission of this grant request and certify that the applicant organization does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex or national origin. I also certify that the most recent IRS notification of our organization’s 501(c)(3) status is attached to this application and that the organization has received no notice from the IRS of any proposal, threat or suggestion to revoke or modify this determination. Executive Officer Signature/Date Executive Officer Name (Print) Jane Doe, Executive Director *All identifying and personal information, including the name of the rescue group applying for the grant, has been changed to protect privacy.
  28. 28. GEOR GE D. PATTER SON FA MILY F UND Project De script ion Fo rm Project Goals What are the goals of your project? What needs will the project address? The goals of the Great Dane Organization (GDO) project are three-fold. First, we want to increase public awareness about the need to help control pet overpopulation through distribution of educational materials about spaying and neutering personal pets. Second, we want to help alleviate the burden of local animal shelters by being able to take more Great Danes into our rescue. Third, we want to educate the public about the proper care and training of their personal pets. This project by GDO will address multiple needs. We feel that by educating the public about pet overpopulation, we can reduce the number of unwanted litters. This could then decrease the number of animal surrenders to local shelters and reduce the euthanasia rate for all creatures. In addition, by taking more Great Danes into our rescue, we will assist the local shelters by reducing their veterinary and food costs. This can also free up kennel space as a Great Dane is often large enough to occupy two kennels. Finally, educating the public about how to care for their personal dogs can prevent some of the problems that eventually lead to their surrender to the local shelter or their being abandoned. We print brochures to inform people about topics such as dog socialization, nutrition, positive reinforcement based training, feeding, introducing your new baby to the existing dog and “do’s and don’ts” of approaching an unknown dog. These materials can assist in preventing problem behaviors before they can occur but also give owners a resource for how to properly manage them if they already exist. Again, we feel strongly that educating the public is the key to controlling pet overpopulation and providing an animal a happy, loving home. Target Group What specific groups of community residents will your project serve? (Be specific: age, gender, neighborhood, socio-economic groups, etc.) How many individuals will be served? How will the target population be involved in the development and operation of the project? According to the National Pet Owners Survey by American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, the average income of a current dog owner is $39,000 a year. These owners are usually female and have an average age of 46. Finally, 39% of all households own at least one dog. Our project will focus on the CharlotteMetrolina areas along with Western North Carolina and the upstate South Carolina region. Our project targets all of these communities and encompasses a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. Currently, our rescue participates in monthly meet and greets at area Petsmart’s and Petco’s. The Petsmart locations typically involve a higher traffic area as they are usually situated along side a superstore or warehouse so the larger visibility of the Great Danes brings in a wide variety of people that happen to be shopping in the adjacent businesses. These people are then engaged in a dialogue concerning their personal pets and GDO brochures are handed out to help educate them on dog ownership. The Petco stores tend to be located in more upscale shopping centers and cater toward the specialty retail customer. These people are usually looking to gain more information on dog behavior as well as training tips and nutritional information. Also, this year the first “Daneapalooza” was held at the Good Doggie Bar in Charlotte along with their sister business the Mouse and Fetch Pet Store. This is slated to be an annual event. This expands the target group to include young professionals that want a place to go and socialize with their animals. Another Charlotte area event in which we participated in was the Dogswalk Against Cancer. Our team was the third largest fundraiser to help support cancer research. We also participate in the Birkdale Village Summer Series of Events. This is held in Huntersville where along with the monthly
  29. 29. summer events, we hold meet and greets at the Paws and Claws Pet Store. This tends to be a more upscale clientele that is interested in all aspects of animal welfare. Another group of people that we will target is the general public. GDO participates in many annual events in Western North Carolina as well as upstate South Carolina in order to spread the word about canine care and increase the exposure of our Great Danes. This year GDO Great Danes were quite a crowd pleaser at the Run & Bark in the Park Parade in Charlotte as well as in the Freedonia Christmas Parade. In addition, we work with the Grandfather Home for Children at the Wooly Worm Festival in Banner Elk. The children tirelessly hand out GDO brochures about caring for your animal companions to all of those who attend the annual festival. We also participate in the annual Apple Festival in Taylorsville, NC. Another event in which we participated last year was the Holiday Fair in Greenville, South Carolina. This event drew a huge crowd from Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. Finally, we would like to target the local area shelters. We want the shelters to know that GDO volunteers are always available as a resource to either help individuals with a manageable canine behavior problem or to take a dog into our rescue if the situation warrants it. Again, we feel strongly that if the general population is educated on the benefits of proper care and training for their animals, there will be fewer surrenders to the local area shelters. By emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering on the overall health of the animal, we hope to also prevent the surrendering of unwanted litters to the local shelters. Specific Plans and Timetable What are the specific plans and timetable for the project? Once the grant has been approved, there are plans that will take place immediately. On average, our volunteer base increases at a rate of 15% per year. The additional monetary funding, along with an increased number of volunteers, will allow us to expand the number and scope of our GDO meet and greet opportunities. We will add an additional two locations per month to our meet and greet schedule in the Charlotte and surrounding Metrolina areas. We will be able to increase the educational materials available to the public at these events as well as the events that we continue to participate in on a recurring basis. Also, we will immediately send out letters to each of the shelters in Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina with our contact information so we can be of assistance to them in any way possible. Although GDO rescued 82 dogs from North Carolina last year, unfortunately, we still have a waiting list of more dogs that need assistance. We can take some of those on the waiting list into the rescue as we will have the funding to provide for their medical care. This will allow us to begin the process of finding them their permanent homes. As soon as these Great Danes’ medical needs have been met and they have been placed into a foster home, additional Great Danes will be taken into the rescue further relieving the potential burden of animal overpopulation at the local shelters. As you can imagine, this is an ongoing process. We believe that the continuous education of the public and the increased visibility of our rescue and will ultimately lead to more responsible pet ownership. Innovation/Rationale for Approach What is innovative about your project? Describe the research, experience or basis for thinking that this approach will be successful. We believe that our project is innovative on a couple of different levels. First, we have broadened the scope of our target group to include the mass public. This allows us to educate more than just the people who buy food at the local pet stores. We believe that our project exposes a variety of ages including children to the benefits of responsible pet ownership. Hopefully, by educating these children early, they will recognize the importance of altering their pet to prevent unwanted litters. In addition, the children can learn about training their future dogs by using positive reinforcement techniques. Their education may help to prevent them from surrendering any animals in the future. Our projects also involve people who may not currently own a pet but are considering getting one in the near future. Teaching them about the existing problem with pet overpopulation may influence their decision of buying a dog versus adopting one from a local shelter or rescue group. By encouraging adoption, the animals have already been altered before placement into a permanent
  30. 30. home; therefore, there would not be any additional unplanned litters. Finally, we have included not only information concerning spaying and neutering pets but training and proper care in our educational materials. According to an informal poll done by the Humane Society of the United States, the number one reason the people surrender their pet is due to behavioral problems. If we can assist in preventing the behavioral problems from occurring or can teach people how to manage them, we believe that we can decrease the number of animals ending up in the shelters. Future Funding What are the specific plans for funding this project after the Patterson Fund grant ends? Future funding for GDO projects will come from many different sources. First, the increased number and scope of our meet and greets will bring in additional donations. Our Great Danes wear custom made donation coats at these events to solicit money from the general public as well as selling GDO merchandise. We also have a volunteer that makes “Collars for a Cause” in which a large portion of the proceeds are given to the Great Danes. Next, by having rescued more dogs, we will have more adoptions from which additional money will come into the rescue. Also, due to our increased presence in multiple communities, we hope to increase our volunteer and membership base thus increasing our funding from those sources as well. In addition, we currently have plans in place to organize an art auction in which the majority of the proceeds will go to the rescue. Furthermore, we have been very fortunate to partner with many of the local businesses who support our events. As we expand our areas of service, we hope to continue to find additional businesses that will support similar ideas and events and are willing to offer their assistance to our Great Danes. Finally, we still believe that there is tremendous potential for growth in our organization. Our core group of volunteers is dedicated and willing to undertake many exciting new tasks and will continue to give their time and talents in order to continue serving these wonderful Great Danes. Qualifications of Applicant Organization What are the qualifications of the organization and personnel responsible for making this project successful? Great Dane Organization (GDO) has been incorporated since 1995 and has continuously demonstrated their ability to manage their monetary resources. GDO has a very competent Board of Directors whose members have many years of experience in private businesses as well as non-profit organizations. The Executive Director, Jane Doe, owned and managed a private business for many years prior to becoming a volunteer with the rescue. She has excellent managerial skills as well as a talent for working with people from diverse backgrounds. In addition, she has surrounded herself with excellent leaders who have given their time and talents to the rescue. One of her Assistant Directors, John Smith has had over 200 Great Danes come through his home on the way to their permanent residences. In addition to being a Board member, he is the Coordinator for Western North Carolina. In his tenure as Coordinator, there has been a dramatic shift in the quality and quantity of volunteers in that area. He inspires all of his volunteers with his hard work and dedication to the dogs he loves so much. During the past two years, his volunteer base has increased by over 50% and it continues to grow every year. The fundraising for Western North Carolina has also doubled in this time period. Also, GDO feels that educating the public is of the utmost importance. Thus, they created an Education Director position for Beth Jones. She works tirelessly creating new brochures for tips on proper training and animal care as well as designing a newsletter specifically called “Dog Owner Education”. Another excellent Board member is Mary Johnson. She is the GDO Treasurer and makes sure that the rescue adheres to the parameters set forth by the current budget. She closely monitors all the incoming donations as well as the expenses and can keep everyone informed of the needs and expenditures of the rescue. Each of our Board members has a very important role to fill and all do so with compassion for their beloved Great Danes and an eagerness to continue in their quest to help any and all dogs in need. These Board members, as well as the countless other volunteers, are what has made GDO a success over the past 12 years.
  31. 31. !"#$%&'()"*+ ,-()$%&#$. /%+-&0+1)+2% 345+&(6&!"#$%2 ,7#".+. 8)+&8#%+ 8"#6%+" ')9-:%%+. 0+25($2+ ;(<<(7&=5
  32. 32. !"#$%&'"('()#*&+,-+.*/)%! "#$%! &'(&(%)*! +#,+-*$%.! /$**! #,*&! 01$2,! 3(1! $4! &',&)'$40! )42! 2(15*,! +#,+-$40! 3(1'! 0')4.! &'(&(%)*6! 7%! 3(1! /'$.,! 3(1'! 0')4.! &'(&(%)*8! 0(! 5)+-! .(! .#$%! +#,+-*$%.! 9'(:! .$:,! .(! .$:,! .(! :)-,!%1',!3(1!)',!'$0#.!(4!.')+-6& '"('()#*&)011#"23&+456748&69:&;<9;=>548& >?@@67=A5>&8<?7&B7<C5;D&69:&75E?5>D&F<7&F?9:=9G& ! ;)+-0'(142,'!(9!3(1'!('0)4$<).$(4! ! =(1'! 0,4,')*! (5>,+.$?,%! ,%&,+$)**3! $9! .#,%,! )',! +(44,+.,2!.(!3(1'!.)'0,.!0')4.!:)-$40!)0,4+3@%!(/4! (5>,+.$?,%! ! ;'$,9!%1::)'3!(9!&)%.!&'(>,+.%!)42!)+#$,?,:,4.%!A$9! )&&*$+)5*,B! ! C'(>,+.!D?,'?$,/! ! E,)%(4%!9('!.#,!0')4.!',F1,%.!)42!.)'0,.!):(14.! ! G&,+$9$+!(5>,+.$?,%! ! H,.)$*%! (9! .#,! &'(>,+.! )+.$?$.$,%! .(! #,*&! )+#$,?,! (5>,+.$?,%! ! D.#,'!9)+.('%!.#).!/$**!%#(/!&'(>,+.!$%!/('.#3!(9!.#,! 0')4.! ! I%!3(1'!&'(&(%)*!%1::)'3!5'$,98!+*,)'!)42!$4.,',%.$40! ,4(10#!.(!+).+#!)..,4.$(4J& /$%"(I0+%/($& (J& %,-& ("!#$/K#%/($3& I5>;7=L5>& 8<?7& <7G69=A6D=<9& 69:& =D>& E?64=F=;6D=<9>& F<7& F?9:=9G& ! H,%+'$&.$(4! (9! 3(1'! ('0)4$<).$(4@%! :$%%$(48! )++(:&*$%#:,4.%8!)42!&'(0'):%! ! H,%+'$&.$(4!(9!:,:5,'%!)42!+*$,4.%! ! ;)+-0'(142,'!(4!.#,!:)4)0,:,4.!.,):!)42!%.)99! ! C)%.!)+#$,?,:,4.%!(9!3(1'!('0)4$<).$(4! ! ;'$,9! 2,%+'$&.$(4! (9! .#,! )',)! .#).! /$**! 5,4,9$.! 3(1'! &'(>,+.! ! I%!3(1'!$4.'(21+.$(4!5'$,9!)42!$4.,',%.$40J& #))-))1-$%&(J&$--IM)& ! C1'&(%,%!)42!0()*%!(9!.#,!('0)4$<).$(4! ! K$.#!%.).$%.$+)*!9)+.%!)42!9$01',%! ! C(%%$5*3! /$.#! %1&&('.! )42! ,42('%,:,4.! 53! +',2$5*,! )0,4+$,%! ! K#).! 5,4,9$.%! )',! .#,',! 9('! :,:5,'%! ('! 5,4,9$+$)'$,%J! ! 7',!3(1'!)%%,%%:,4.%!',)*$%.$+!)42!)..)$4)5*,J& !(#*)&#$I&(HN-+%/O-)&(J&%,-&'"(N-+%L& I5>;7=L5>&DP5&<?D;<@5&<F&DP5&G769D&=9&@56>?76L45&D57@>& ! D5>,+.$?,%! 2,%+'$5$40! .#,! (1.+(:,! (9! .#,! 0')4.! &'(0'): 2-)& $(& $(%& #''*/+#H*-&
  33. 33. ! "#$%&! &'#(%)! *+! ,+%$-+)! -#! -'+! .++)! $.)! -'+! -$,/+-! *+.+0121$,1+&! ! 3$24/,#(.)+,!#.!-'+!$,+$!-'$-!51%%!*+.+01-!0,#6!-'+! /,$.-! ! 7$,/+-!-16+!-$*%+!5'+.!#*8+2-19+&!51%%!*+!6+-! ! :,+!;#(,!#*8+2-19+&!&<+21012!$.)!6+$&(,$*%+=! "#$%&'&(&)*+! ',-./01,-! 23,! 40-2! 56! 7/58,.2! 9.20:020,-! ! :2-191-1+&!,+%$-+)!-#!<,#*%+6&!$.)!#*8+2-19+&! ! >+&2,1<-1#.!#0!<,#/,$6!$2-191-1+&! ! ?1&-!#0!$2-191-1+&! ! ?1&-! #0! <+#<%+! 1.9#%9+)! 1.! -'+! $2-191-1+&! $.)! -'+1,! ,+&<#.&1*1%1-1+&! ! 716+!-$*%+!0#,!+$2'!$2-191-;! #;<(=<$>&?+! @/,79/,-! A,9-B/,-! 5C! 35D! 518,.20:,-! 9CE!A,235E-!D044!1,!,:94B92,E! ! @,#2+)(,+&!#.!'#5!-#!+9$%($-+!-'+!#*8+2-19+&! ! @#%121+&!#.!'#5!-#!6#)10;!6+-'#)&!(&+)! ! @+,&#..+%!1.9#%9+)!1.!-'+!+9$%($-1#.!<,#2+&&! ! >+-$1%&!#0!+9$%($-1#.!2,1-+,1$! ! >+&2,1<-1#.! #0! '#5! )$-$! 51%%! *+! /$-'+,+)! $.)! $.$%;A+)! ! B.&-,(6+.-&!#,!C(+&-1#..$1,+&!-#!*+!(&+)! ! >+-$1%&! #.! '#5! +9$%($-1#.! 51%%! *+! (&+)! 0#,! <,#/,$6! 16<,#9+6+.-! F=$=G#! F=?'>?)+! @/,-,C2-! 6B2B/,! 6BCE0CH! 6/5A! 523,/!-5B/.,-!25!0A74,A,C2!23,!H/9C2! ! ?1&-! #0! #-'+,! &#(,2+&! #0! 0(.)&! $.)! -'+! $6#(.-! #0! 0(.)&!0,#6!+$2'!&#(,2+! ! D'+,+! 51%%! ;#(! /+-! 0(-(,+! 0(.)1./! -#! &(<<#,-! -'+! <,#8+2-!10!1-!1&!2#.-1.(+)=! ! >+-$1%&! #.! '#5! #-'+,! 0(.)&! 51%%! *+! #*-$1.+)E! 10! .+2+&&$,;E!-#!16<%+6+.-!-'+!<%$.! F#-+G!B.2%()+!$!%+--+,!#0!2#661-6+.-!0,#6!0(.)1./!&#(,2+E!10! $<<%12$*%+! I=')#$G! J4,9/4K! E,40C,92,-! .5-2-! 56! 23,! 7/58,.2! 25! 1,! A,2!1K!23,!6BCE0CH!-5B/.,! ! >1)!;#(!0#%%#5!/+.+,$%!$22#(.-1./!<,1.21<%+&=! ! B&!;#(,!*()/+-!,+$%1&-12!$.)!,+0%+2-&!-'+!5#,4!<%$.=! ! B&!1-!&<+21012E!,+$%1&-12E!$.)!)+-$1%+)=! ! B&! 1-! &(00121+.-! -#! 2#9+,! -'+! 2#&-! #0! -'+! <,#8+2-! $&! )+&2,1*+)!1.!-'+!.$,,$-19+=! F#-+G!>#!.#-!0#,/+-!-#!1.2%()+!2#6<(-$-1#.!#0!$%%!01/(,+&!$.)! ;#(,!$&&(6<-1#.&!#0!+$2'!2#&-! <@@#?'>J#L! ! H+,1012$-1#.!#0! -$IJ+I+6<-! &-$-(&! KBLM!)+-+,61.$-1#.! %+--+,N
  34. 34. ! "#$%&'&()%#!*'!+,(*$-*$)%&*,!),.!/012)34! ! 2&4%!*'!5''&(#$4!),.!/*)$.!*'!6&$#(%*$4! ! 7&,),(&)8! 4%)%#9#,%4! '*$! 8)4%! (*9-8#%#.! '&4()8! 0#)$! :);.&%#.<!$#'#$$#.=! ! ";$$#,%!>#,#$)8!*-#$)%&,>!?;.>#%!),.!4-#(&)8!-$*@#(%! ?;.>#%!:&'!)--8&()?8#=! ! 2&4%!*'!(8&#,%4!4#$A#.!:&'!)--8&()?8#=! ! 2&4%!*'!*%B#$!(;$$#,%!';,.&,>!4*;$(#4!),.!;4#4! ! /&*>$)-B&#4! *'! C#0! -#$4*,,#8! *$! $#4;9#4! :&'! $#D;#4%#.!?0!>$),%!9)C&,>!)>#,(0=! ! E;--*$%!8#%%#$4!*$!#,.*$4#9#,%4! ! "*99&%9#,%! 8#%%#$4! '$*9! -$*@#(%F-$*>$)9! (*,4;8%),%4!*$!4;?(*,%$)(%*$4!:&'!)--8&()?8#=! ! 6&)>$)94! '*$! #D;&-9#,%! *$! 4(B#9)%&(4! '*$! ?;&8.&,>! $#D;#4%4!:&'!)--8&()?8#=