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  • 1. Leadership Track: Managing Change: Surviving and Thriving Presenters: Lisa LaFontaine, President & CEO, Washington Humane Society; Laura Maloney, Chief Operating Officer, The Humane Society of the United States Workshop description Change is inevitable, and even good change is stressful. Change can occur because of events beyond our control, but often we ourselves set off the chain of events. When you launch new programs and services, or put policies in place to reduce euthanasia, you change the way people operate and relate in your organization. Some people will resist change while others thrive on it. If managed poorly, the health of your organization can be compromised. But when you manage change effectively and minimize anxiety, you empower staff and other stakeholders to embrace the future. Transitions allow for wonderful breakthroughs, and a wellmanaged change process helps you take advantage of individual creativity and opportunities. This workshop will explore the anatomy of change and offer tools for managing it, regardless of the size or makeup of your organization. Learn methods for helping people deal with transition while offering ideas and examples for creating a culture that embraces change and growth. Finally, you will leave with concrete steps you can take to support yourself and ensure you are most effective throughout the change effort. Following the workshop Attendees of the Managing Change: Surviving and Thriving workshop, will receive a code at the workshop that can be used to access all handouts, workshop materials, and the PowerPoint presentation through Humane Society University ( The code and more details will be made available at the EXPO workshop. Laura Maloney and Lisa LaFontaine