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Utilising AI to create a vision for ethics in the profession of industrial psychology in SA
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Utilising AI to create a vision for ethics in the profession of industrial psychology in SA


Chereen Brown, Freddie Crous …

Chereen Brown, Freddie Crous
Presentation at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

Published in Education , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Utilising Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to create a vision for ethics in theprofession of Industrial Psychology in South Africa   Chereen Brown Leon van Vuuren Freddie Crous (Department of Industrial Psychology & People Management, UJ)  
  • 2. 1. Context  •  Industrial Psychology is statutorily positioned as a specialised field within the broader profession of psychology.•  Ascribes to the Professional Code of Ethical Conduct as published by the Professional Board for Psychology of the HPCSA.•  Shortcoming = code may not be totally aligned with the practice of industrial psychologists.•  A need to build a sustainable ethics culture within the profession•  Professionals adhere to ethics because they believe in it and because they want to.•  ETHICS VISION
  • 3. Agenda  1. Background2. The alternative3. Method4. Results: Focus Group5. 4-D Cycle6. Results: AI7. The Ethics Vision8. The Oath9. Conclusion
  • 4. 1. Background   vsTraditional Approach An Alternative Approach
  • 5. 2. The alternative  Identify an approachthat uncovers &embraces thepositive dimensionsof ethics – informthe vision
  • 6. 3. Method  •  Mixed mode approach (qualitative research) - Focus Group (Content analysis) - AI (Positive action research intervention guided by the 4-D cycle)
  • 7. 4. Results: Focus Group  •  Ethics is an imperative element of the profession•  Ethical obligation to stakeholders•  Accountable•  Branded as an ethical profession•  Guided by a set of ethical values & code•  Being ethical = opportunities•  Being unethical = risks
  • 8. 5. 4-D Cycle (AI) Discovery   “What gives life” APPRECIATING   Destiny   “How to empower Define Dream  improvise?” and adjust/ Affirmative “What might be?” ENVISIONING SUSTAINING Topic Choice IMAPCT     Design “What should be – the ideal?” CO-CONSTRUCTIING The appreciative inquiry 4-D Cycle (Cooperrider et al., 2008, p.5)
  • 9. Discovery“What  gives  life”   6. Results: AI  •  Ethics = a way of live = a sense of identity, our “beacon” = enable us to restore dignity in the workplace = enables IPs to transcend the individual as well as their credibility = help to ensure the systematic well being of all stakeholders•  Values & integrity lead to sustainability•  Internal professional accountability  
  • 10. Dream“What might 6. Results: AI   be?” Think 5 years down the line. How would you want our profession to be described?•  Make a difference•  Follow a scientist practitioner model•  Balance the needs & interest of the profession with the needs of stakeholders•  Concern for human well-being•  Experts on human behaviour•  Formation of an expert support council•  Provide professional service•  Greater good•  Ethics = our foundation
  • 11. Design “What should 6. Results: AI   be – the ideal?”  •  Ethical values needed to fulfil the vision: –  Accountability –  Diversity –  Integrity –  Professionalism –  Dignity –  Competence –  Trust –  Greater good –  Objectivity –  Respect
  • 12. Destiny “How to empower & 6. Results: AI   adjust?”  •  Strategies selected to make this vision a living document: –  Develop a value-based credo –  Visible symbol to new IPs –  Management structure/system –  Training –  Rewards –  Communicate (i.e. help desk)
  • 13. 7. The Ethics Vision  The Art of being ethical Our Vision: Balancing organisational prosperity with human flourishingA commitment to ethics by industrial psychologists
  • 14. 7. The Ethics Vision         This commitment to ethics is about how we, as members of the unified profession of industrial psychology, strive towards balancing what is good for us with what is good for our primary stakeholders, which includes our clients, our colleagues as well as society. It is important that we value and respect their diversity and engage with them in both a professional and accountable manner with their best interests at heart. As scientist practitioners, we have an ethical obligation to be competent experts on human behaviour within the organisational context. As professionals, we are committed to continuously developing our skills as well as ourselves.
  • 15. 7. The Ethics Vision  Industrial psychology is a profession whereby ethics is ourfoundation and the glue of our profession. Everything wedo is centred on the greater good and concern forhuman well-being in the workplace. Ethics is the core ofour professional being and it is thus our responsibility andduty to behave ethically. We aim to create a sustainableethical culture within the profession of industrial psychologyand as professionals we strive to be ethical role models.
  • 16. 7. The Ethics Vision   Our ethical values  •  Respect: We uphold the dignity of our stakeholders and treat them with respect and empathy.•  Integrity: We do the right thing fairly and consistently. We also stand up for what is wrong and do something about it.•  Accountability: We take responsibility for our decisions and ownership for our conduct.•  Diversity: We value and respect individual differences and encourage diversity within our profession.•  Trust: We strive to instill a sense of confidence in our stakeholders by being honest and by providing truthful information and feedback.•  Objectivity: We make decisions based on valid, reliable, unbiased information. Practice is evidence-based and we aim to avoid bias. All information is evaluated with a critical eye.
  • 17. 8. The Oath   Industrial Psychologist’s Oath•  As an industrial psychologist, my foremost responsibility is to promote and balance organisational and societal prosperity with human flourishing.•  I accept that work forms an integral part of people’s lives, that organisations cannot thrive without the commitment and contribution of people.•  I follow in the footsteps of past and current industrial psychologists who gave our discipline and profession scientific credibility.•  I will value and utilise their contributions, methods and wisdom to assist individuals, groups and organisations in making the
  • 18. 8. The Oath  •  I am professionally and ethically bound to serve with integrity, respect and dignity.•  I am committed to doing the right thing fairly and consistently and to causing no harm.•  I endeavour to be just, to respect individual differences and to encourage equality and diversity. I will speak out against all wrongs.•  As a scientist in this discipline, I have an obligation to conduct all inquiry with the necessary scientific rigour.•  I will uphold my expert knowledge of human experience and behaviour in the world of work. I will continually develop myself and my knowledge and skills.
  • 19. 8. The Oath  •  I will practise my profession with due care and make decisions based on valid, reliable and unbiased information.•  My practice will be evidence-based and I will evaluate all information critically and impartially.•  I strive to live up to the expectations associated with this worthy profession. I am professionally responsible and accountable in all of my actions and interactions.•  Therein lies the trust that others place in me.  
  • 20. 9. Conclusion  •  An alternative way exists!!!! (AI)  •  Outcome = an ethics vision that is positive and developmental•  Platform for a sustainable ethics culture•  Creation of an Oath  
  • 21. Thank you