From Appreciative to Spiritual Inquiry


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Chandi Prasad Chapagain
Presentation at the #2012waic Conference - Ghent, Belgium

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From Appreciative to Spiritual Inquiry

  1. 1. Fifth World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, 25-28 April 2012, Gent, BelgiumBy: Chandi Prasad Chapagain, PhD, NEPALManaging Director: Appreciative Learning and DevelopmentManagement (ALDM)Founder, Life Member and Former General Secretary ofImagine NepalEmail: /
  2. 2. Part 1: Nepal experience
  3. 3. NepalThe land of mountainsMount Everest, the highestmountain of the world
  4. 4. Land of diversities / Beautiful Natural Sites
  5. 5. Famous for temples and arts
  6. 6. Arts and artifacts
  7. 7. Birth place of Buddha
  8. 8. The HeadFrom Appreciative to Spiritual Inquiry: A Generative Contribution of Appreciative Approach for World Renewal
  9. 9. Understanding of internal / social values The more we are aware of our internal and social values, the more we are capable to grow and develop ourselves and our society
  10. 10. Development Style of the East and the West East = First internal, spiritual, social and then national, international and scientific West = First scientific, national, international and then social, internal and spiritual
  11. 11. Appreciative Inquiry Appreciative Inquiry is a thought provoking positive science for the search of best in development, business, education and spiritual sectors. It is characterized by generative, constructive and transformative principles, theories and practices.
  12. 12. What is Spiritual inquiry?Spiritual inquiry is a culture of positive cum spiritual governance for global good that enhances our capacities to achieve developmental goals and supports to sustain a human friendly society.
  13. 13. Positive thinking Positive Spiritual wisdom emotions Thought Inspirational provoking AI is generative, because it entertains theVisionary characters: Creative Multiplicity of New successes energy Build on New idea best generation moments
  14. 14. AI not only builds our capacities butalso contributes to achieve life and development missions.
  15. 15. Spiral Flow of Positive TransformationCommon good Transfor Appreciati Positive Generati mation,spiritual Positive ve habit ve core Change values
  16. 16. Why Human Holocaust?What helps to prevent it?Role of universal values to save human, humanity, and the mother earth.
  17. 17. Universal Core Values for Global Good:Love, Peace, Truth, Wisdom, Integrity, Justice, Co-existence, Service, Devotion, Contentment
  18. 18. New book onAppreciativeInquiry ingenerative directionis recentlypublished !
  19. 19. Positive- cum- Spiritual Inquiry Action Cycle (Advancing AI) Meditation, Yoga, moral and success story sharing→ Emancipation,pleasure, balance Wisdom andbetween soul and way of life super soul (the Love, Peace, (Vision) power) Integrity, Devotion, Justice Action, contribution, Dialogue, service and learning and common good decision spirituality
  20. 20. Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle Discovery Destiny Dream Design
  21. 21. Before socialism and capitalism…The positive-cum- spiritual inquiry action cycle works better for the overall development of human being. But spiritual injustice and fundamentalism are harmful for any nation. So, we should utilize the human- friendly spiritual core values by pummeling the dark side of it. This is the principal reason to converging development, science, positivity and spiritual wisdom together for sustainable development.
  22. 22. Advancing AIAppreciative Inquiry is advancing towards common good values and interfaith by converging positivity, development, science and spiritualism.This is one of the best ways to converge the East and West.
  23. 23. Convergence of positivity, science, spiritualism and developmentReligion, science and social science are thebranches of the same tree. We cannot detachreligion and spirituality from science anddevelopment. Religion and spiritualism emergedbefore the invention of money, the dawn of capitalismand socialism. It is logical to converge the humanfriendly core of science, religion, positivity,spiritualism, and development for world renewal.
  24. 24. The birth of global good societyat the base of positive-cum-spiritual approach and values The birth of human friendly global society Globalization for common good and societal transformation Global values for common good: Truth Love Positive/spiritual cores: Peace Compassion Wisdom Humanity Courage Positive Approaches: Honesty Appreciative Inquiry, Self-esteem Open Space Technology, Ecstasy Positive Deviance, Positive Psychology, Knowledge Non-Violent Communication, Do No Harm, Ethics ABCD, Spiritual Inquiry for Development, Art of living etc. Appreciation Cooperation Justice Interdependency Wisdom Service Discipline Devotion Contentment
  25. 25. Global Culture and religionGlobal unity, culture and religion serves more the human, humanity and the mother earth. This is possible through the generative advancement of AI
  26. 26. “Lets prevail peace on earth, heaven, space, universe, water, herbs, vegetation, gods and goddesses and on peace itself that combines all the things for global good.” Veda Thank you ~~~~